Advantages of Custom eLearning for Corporate E-Learning

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 02 Jul 2021
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Advantages of Custom eLearning for Corporate E-Learning

Online learning is beneficial not only for the educational sector but also for the corporate approach. Different teams rely on corporate e-learning solutions and strategies to increase the knowledge quality of their workforce and motivation. Of course, this approach has a positive influence on the overall company performance and engagement. To make the employee training as effective as possible, the responsible teams rely on various devices and solutions.

The corporate approach to eLearning is focused on sharing relevant knowledge and bridging workforce skills gaps. As offline conferences require huge infrastructural costs, companies prefer to adopt affordable eLearning solutions and deliver training anytime and anywhere. This is also preferable for huge companies that have branches in different countries or cities.

Along with the time, the workforce, as well as the company, prefer training in a shorter span and at their convenience, no matter at home or on the go. The primary qualities of corporate eLearning cover the following points.

  • For the corporate sector, online learning is personalized and self-paced as it’s delivered across multiple mobile devices to drive optimal outcomes during a short period of time
  • The digital workforce acquires relevant knowledge and skills through eLearning, at the same time, improving their performance at the workplace.
  • The eLearning approach helps to fill in and link the skills gaps of the modern workforce. This helps to increase the overall ROIs as well as the business impact.


Benefits of Corporate E-Learning


The advantages of corporate e-learning are enough to take it into consideration and rely on. Let’s go on and discuss some of these points that make the idea worthy of consideration. 


#1 Cost-Effectiveness


Current educational systems make it possible to create and transfer online knowledge content that is more comfortable for usage - quick to access and easy to update.




Compared with the traditional ways, online learning is more cost-effective. It helps the learners to use the existing content, reduce (and even avoid) travel and infrastructural costs, and still reach better results thanks to its comfort.


#2 Higher Engagement


E-learning offers a lot of features and opportunities that help the education providers attract the audience in the target market and increase their engagement towards the learning material. Such forms of interactive material may include short infographics, mini-games, video nuggets, and more. By the way, take into consideration that gamification is gradually becoming an essential point in the e-learning market. The process of learning is more interesting and fun through games. Today, some students may prefer accessing textual documents while others may prefer watching a video or playing a game. Depending on the custom learning styles and preferences, short blocks of learning modules help to boost learner engagement as well as knowledge retention.


#3 Measurability


Distance learning is measurable. It is usually done considering the time students spend on a specific course, through gained scores, results, and other similar elements that help to eliminate the progress. Online learning is usually measured with digital tests. There are even tools to automate the test checking process and help you save your precious time.


Custom eLearning for Corporate Training


As many organizations prefer custom eLearning development in the process of their employee training I have decided to put your attention to this way of staff training sessions.


#1 Relevant and Meaningful Content


When you have a specific goal in your organization, you tend to find the most optimal solutions to manage the process and achieve this goal in the best possible option. Most commonly, organization representatives identify top skills to improve among the team in order to reach the business objectives as quickly and easily as possible. Some people prefer to pay for such programs and offer the staff educational material that will help to improve skills. Others, on the other hand, prefer to establish their special customer service training via a custom online teaching platform.




Thanks to the custom e-learning approach, the learners will deal with real-life cases and examples. Accordingly, they work on solving exact problems similar to what they will have to do during the working process. In this way, it will become easier to make the material meaningful and related so that learning can immediately be applied on the job.


#2 Efficient Updating


When you have a custom e-learning solution, you have an opportunity to update the content at any time. This is a great help as you do not have to wait for somebody or to ask for. Everything required is any device (laptop or smartphone) connected to the internet.

Besides, in many cases, you may even create an online course related to specific topics that are much repeated, or every new employee should pass it. These courses will be published on the platform and you do not have to organize training every time. Instead, you just need to send the video course so that different individuals may take part and acquire knowledge or skills. Besides, you may check their level of knowledge after the course with tests and let the system automatically check the results.


#3 Brand Image and Values


Your custom e-learning design becomes something like a brand. It is your “training center” where all the e-learning activities and employee training are implemented. This somehow becomes a brand value as you use your logo, colors, style, etc. to share your company culture and preferences. So, any piece of content is created in a way to present the corporate values, aiming at strengthening engagement and motivation to implement them.


#4 Improved Motivation and Engagement


Whether or not the learners will be motivated and engaged in the presented content, depends on various reasons and many aspects may influence it. Your custom e-learning platform will become a great source in this regard. You will have an opportunity to present the content you like and find appropriate. There may be many tech tools that will help you present the material in an attractive way.




Here you can present various formats of content like textual blog articles or attached files (pdf, word, etc.),video courses, live meetings, interactive tests, certification, and so on. Custom e-learning allows you to manage and control all these processes. Accordingly, you may make required changes and updates whenever you like. You may even test the process and identify, for instance, what kind of content is more preferred. If learners like to learn with visuals, you should rely on them whenever possible. The final goal, after all, is to satisfy the end-users.


#5 Innovation and Support


These days technological devices and trends tend to take us to the future. This is what will accompany us in the e-learning industry. To go along with the current trends, we need to follow them and offer modern as well as innovative approaches to the process. Sometimes you may need tech support and improvements on your platform. In this regard, your e-learning platform may get an opportunity to have support or you will have to pay an additional fee for more features or changes.

However, if you choose to create your platform through a website builder you will get free support at any time. All the tech issues will be solved without any charge. So, you will not be responsible for the tech problems. Just let the builder company support team know about the inconvenience and they will immediately fix the issue.

In the end, I would like to let you know that Uteach is such an educational website builder. You may create a personal platform today and start your custom e-learning.

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