How To Create An Excellent Team Coaching Program in 2023

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Published 11 Aug 2022
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How To Create An Excellent Team Coaching Program in 2023

Coaching becomes increasingly popular as through efficient coaching programs, companies transform and improve the productivity of their teams, individuals grow and reach their full potential, and coaches make money doing what they love.    

In this article, we will take a look at team coaching, starting off with the definition and ending with the 10 steps guide on how to become an effective team coach.   

So, if you are ready, let’s start!    

Definition and role

Team coaching is a coaching process aimed at unifying the team around one purpose in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Team coaching is designed to create an environment that will contribute to further success and excellence.    

Team Coaching is also one of the varieties of leadership coaching and often is held for managers and executives of various companies. 

The importance of team coaching

Team coaching is extremely important because it helps companies to maintain the motivation levels of employees and implement further development programs. It will strengthen the team in terms of efficiency, communication, peer support, etc. 

Employees that perform well will give good results, which will lead to business success, therefore is vital to make sure that they are engaged and united around the same mission statement of the business. Team coaching sessions are of great importance here. 

Benefits and value

Now, I suggest that we take a look at the main benefits that come in handy with team coaching. First of all, let’s review the benefits from companies’ and employees’ perspectives.    

  • Empowerment of individuals. Even though team coaching is associated with teamwork and strengthening interpersonal skills, it also transforms and empowers individuals within the team.
  • Improved employee engagement levels. Team coaching will greatly increase employee engagement rates, as everyone will feel a sense of purpose and internal motivation to move forward. All of this will lead to better engagement in everyday and team activities. 
  • Committed employees. When employees are motivated to work, know what they are working for, and get opportunities to advance their skills, it increases their sense of commitment to the company.
  • It contributes to the improvement of individual performance. By organizing team coaching sessions, companies aim not only to unite individuals for a common goal but also to work on the improvement of their individual performances.    

Now, it is time to review the benefits from the team coach’s perspective:   

  • High-demand. Many companies hire offline or online team coaches as they realize the vitality of coaching sessions for employee motivation and individual strengthening. 
  • Make money from what you love. If you want to become a coach, no matter career, dating, team coach, or another kind, suppose you naturally love the process of guiding others towards results. Therefore, just invest some time to gain more professional knowledge and monetize it. 
  • Motivating. Coach is one of the most motivating professions; coaches, companies, and everyone you have ever worked with and assisted in growth will be forever grateful. This profession brings value and a sense of purpose. 

Best qualities of a great team coach

However, in order to team coaching to bring all of the benefits mentioned above, the team coach has to be a great and skilled professional. So, let’s take a look at the number of qualities that a great team coach has.    

  • Optimistic mindset. No matter what kind of a coach you are, a positive mindset is one of the keys to efficiency. You are there to transform people’s lives and guide them towards success, and motivation, which is impossible to do if you are pessimistic.
  • Enthusiastic and Supportive. While working with the clients, show interstate, ask questions, engage in discussions, and most importantly, simply be supportive. 
  • Goal-orientated. A great team coach is also a person who is extremely goal orientated. Make sure to set clear goals and implement all the necessary tactics and practices to achieve them. 
  • Observant & attentive. The deal is that you should ghetto know your coachees better as individuals to find the most effective techniques for working with them. 
  • Asking the right questions to guide your clients is also a vital skill that any kind of coach needs. 
  • Constructive feedback. Of course, you have to be supportive; however, giving clients constructive feedback in a manner that will push them forward yet remain optimistic is also vital.
  • Ability to work with the team. Yes, in any coaching, focus on the individuals is necessary. However, as a team coach, you need to be able to focus on the whole group as well.    

Some other skill that great team coaches have is systematic thinking. That allows them to analyze and understand the working processes of the company. So, that further, they can train coachees in the best and most beneficial for the company and individuals manner.    

Young team coach checking skill checkbox

Team coaching objectives

This section of the article will help you to understand the concept of team coaching even better. Also, it will assist you in understanding whether or not you are interested in becoming a team coach.    

So, the main objectives of team coaching are:   

  • Facilitate team learning as a whole. The team consists of individuals hoover you have to see the whole picture and guide them at the same pace. 
  • Provide a team with a clear direction to achieve the goal
  • Develop leadership skills of the team members
  • Improve peer-to-peer relationships and build trust among team members
  • Measure the performance and what the team has “now” to build an effective development strategy 
  • Measure the progress    

Also, keep in mind that you work with a team that already has an experience and understanding of several methods that contribute to better efficiency. You are there to guide them and improve the overall performance and unity, so do not underestimate your coachees. Be the one who guides them towards excellence, growth, and positivity. 

The differences between

Now, in order to avoid confusion, I believe that it is time to review the main differences between team coaching and group coaching, as well as between team coaching and individual coaching. Ready so far? Let’s start!

Team coaching and Group Coaching

Group coaching is more like individual coaching but is held in groups. It aims to change people’s mindsets and motivate them toward the achievement of personal and professional goals. Meanwhile, team coaching is designed to provide the team with the tools and means of better communication and efficiency and equip participants with leadership skills. 

Team coaching and Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is highly customer-centric, and it aims to guide individuals toward the achievement of personal and professional goals; unlike group coaching, individual coaching re one-on-one sessions where the only participants are the coach and the coachee. Individual coaching can be about anything; it can aim to transform the client, improve their dating life or career, etc.    

Team coaching, as David Clutterbuck defines in his book “Complete Handbook of Caching,” is a process that is dedicated to increasing the performance of the team in a professional setting as a whole.    

If we consider similarities between any type of coaching, they simply include implementation of various tactics, styles, measurement of results, and guidance towards the achievement of the goal. 

Why choose online team coaching?

Let’s consider the main reasons why you would want to choose online team coaching over offline one

Offline Team Coaching: Drawbacks

Drawbacks of Offline Team Coaching include:

  • High costs. Offline team coaching can be quite pricey, as you need to spend money on transportation and most likely rent a designated coaching space.
  • Time-consuming. Let’s be real. It can be quite time-consuming in big cities to get from point A to B. So, it would be better to host one more online session of coaching, making more money rather than spend that time on transportation. 
  • Limited audience. As an offline coach, your market is limited to your city or a few areas of your city (if it is quite big). 

Online Team Coaching: Benefits

Considering all the drawbacks of offline team coaching, let’s take a look at the benefits of online team coaching.    

  • Time-saving. Simply host your session from the comfort of your own home, and at the end of the day, have more time available for yourself instead of wasting it on the roads.
  • Access to an international audience. No matter what country you are in, you can coach various teams from all over the world. 
  • Saves resources. Instead of renting a place, you can simply create a small corner in your house with minimal distractions and host your sessions from there. 
  • Higher profit margins. As far as you get access to the international market and all the digital marketing opportunities, you will definitely find your clients. Thus, increasing profit margins in quite a short period of time. Plus, consider the fact that team coaching enjoys high demand on the market nowadays. 
  • Making a change & having an impact. One of the best things about being a coach is having an impact. When you coach teams to make them more efficient, and in a period of time, you see them & companies succeed, you realize that you had lots of impact on it, and it simply is satisfactory.
  • You do not need high starting capital for hosting online team coaching sessions. What you need is to invest in your knowledge, get an internationally accredited certification & spend a bit on the platform where you will host your coaching business. 


Young female team coach finds online coaching better

5 steps to becoming an effective team coach

No one said that being a team coach nowadays will be easy. To become a professional, you will definitely need some patience and lots of skills, some of which we have listed in the paragraphs above. However, if coaching is something that you truly love and team coaching is the area you want to pursue, then definitely go for it.    

The market is competitive, but there is also huge demand. If you offer quality and USP, you will find your clients. So, now I suggest that we take a look at the 5 Steps on How to Become an Effective Team Coach.

Step 1 - Develop Your Skills

The first step towards success in the coaching industry is developing your skills. The market is competitive, and people want to see results. Therefore, your expertise is vital. You can take multiple courses aimed at developing your coaching skills. Also, you can invest a bit more time and money to get internationally accredited coaching certifications that will equip you with expertise and build trust around you. 

Step 2 - Find your Target Audience 

Assume you already are a professional and have the skills needed to help teams succeed. Now, it is time to find your target audience. Consider that there are various companies operating in different industries; choose the ones you surely can help teams to make progress. Also, identify companies you want to target. 

Tip to Find a Target Audience 

  • Stud competitors. Be aware of other team coaches, build up your network, ask questions and study their target audiences & methodologies. 
  • Choose a few industries that you would love to work with.
  • Search forums, conduct surveys, and interviews. 

Step 3 - Collect past client Testimonials & Certifications 

If you want to build trust around your business, remember that testimonials help greatly. Collect reviews and testimonials from your previous clients so that new ones will get a potential insight into what they can expect. Plus, it is easier to trust experts than beginners. However, if you are a complete beginner, you can showcase certifications as testimonials and still be able to build trust. 

Step 4 - Choose the Platform 

The fourth step is choosing the platform to host your business. Choosing the right platform with a good UI is vital not to waste your time. Also, your platform of choice should be affordable, especially at the beginning. Yet, make sure that it offers enough functionality. 

Why is it Vital to Choose the Right Platform?

  • The right platform will provide you with all the necessary features to manage your business from one place at an affordable price.
  • A good platform will also provide you with blogging and landing page creation options to reach more people and generate more leads. 
  • The right platform will save your time & resources by offering up-to-date automation.

Step 5 - Get Started & Market Yourself 

Finally, when you are done setting up, it is your time to shine. However, remembers the vitality of good marketing nowadays. Let’s take a look at a few tips & tricks that will help you market yourself as a great team coach. 

Tips on How to Market Yourself?

  • Know your audience and know where you can reach them. When you are aware of what platforms your audience members “hang out” most, you can reach them easier. For example, as a team coach, you aim for companies, and LinkedIn is the right social media platform for you. 
  • Provide free sessions. You can offer pre-recorded free sessions of a course or a free webinar. However, the most efficient way would be to host one free session with the team and ensure that they will give positive feedback about you. Afterward, hiring is almost guaranteed.
  • Ensure you set the right prices. The price of your coaching program depends on your expertise and experience. Consider those two factors plus the prices on the market nowadays to come up with optimal pricing. 
  • Establish social media presence. Even though your focus for sales can be LinkedIn, you can establish your presence on other platforms. For example, many people follow others on Instagram and TikTok for educational purposes. Do not be afraid to try various platforms. Also, YouTube would be an amazing tool for promotion, as it is the largest video search engine in the world. 
  • Have good branding. Make sure you offer your unique selling point and stand out from the rest. 


Team coach is finding ways to market herself

Top 5 Tips on Becoming an Effective Team coach 

Now, let’s quickly take a look at a few effective tips that will boost your efficiency as a team coach. 

Tip 1 - Have a Plan

Always study the people/team you are going to work with ahead of time. Make sure to have a specific development plan in mind after consultations with the one who hired you for the team as well. Of course, you can and will make some adjustments after the first session when you get to know coaches better, but the core work should be done before. 

Tip 2 - Know the Final Destination 

Be aware of what people expect from you and where the team needs to be by the end of the coaching sessions. Because only after being aware of that can you design a successful program that will bring results. 

Tip 3 - Flexibility 

Remember that you are working with the team and that everyone is different. Therefore, the best strategy and tip to save some nerves is simply to be flexible and adjust the plan to get good results. 

Tip 4 - Be Clear 

Whatever aspects you are going to work on, what is the final destination, etc., make sure to communicate everything clearly. Good communication is the base of success. 

Tip 5 - Engagement 

Also, make sure that the participants are engaged. Keep in mind that coaching is not and will not ever be lecturing. Ensure to implement various dynamic activities & encourage discussions throughout the sessions. 


Team coach does engaging coaching session

Best online team coaching software

There are lots of software available out there on the net with which you can create your full-featured e-learning business. However, to save time on research and testing, we are ready to present the Top 3 Best Ones on the Market. 


Uteach is one of the best platforms you can choose to create a full-featured team coaching business on. Uteach will provide you with all the necessary tools to build and expand your business in a short period of time. Plus, it is worth mentioning that pricing plans are extremely flexible and affordable. 

Main Features

Now, I suggest that we take a look at the main features of Uteach:   

  • Uteach is an optimal solution for coaches, course creators, and educators
  • Course Builder with SEO-optimization tools
  • Website Builder that provides visual drag & drop editor 
  • Pre-made themes and templates
  • Good UI
  • Live Automation 
  • Integrations 
  • White labeling 
  • Blog creation 
  • Quizzes, Assessments & Certifications 


Another platform that you can consider for building your online coaching business is Thinkific. Thinkific is also quite a popular and good platform for course creators that offers sufficient functionality for e-learning business hosting and expansion. 

Main Features

It is time to explore the main features of Thinkific:

  • Course Builder
  • Certifications
  • Membership Site Builder   

Check Top 57 Thinkific Alternatives.


Kajabi is an online course creation platform that is perfect for course creators worldwide. You can also use it as an online team coach. 

Main Features

Let’s look at the primary features of Kajabi:

  • Custom domains
  • Website Builder
  • Membership features 
  • SEO-optimization    

Check Uteach vs Kajabi.


Female coach chooses online team coaching platform

Create your team coaching program now!

Finally, it is time for you to create your team coaching program. With Uteach, you will be able  to:   

  • Create a website in less than two minutes
  • Build & Customize your online team coaching business website with a visual Drag & Drop page builder
  • Choose from pre-made templates and themes, saving your time
  • Publish ready courses from Course Builder
  • Have a blog and generate organic traffic alongside more leads 
  • Sell both digital & physical products
  • Host end-to-end live sessions for team coaching sessions   

Uteach makes everything extremely easy for you because it acknowledges the vitality of saving your time. Stop wasting it, and start right now; it is your time to sparkle!   

Uteach is with you all the way towards success. 


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