Top 15 Pros and Cons of Virtual Classroom Training

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Published 05 Jan 2023
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Top 15 Pros and Cons of Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classrooms have become increasingly popular due to the flexibility they offer. Generally, eLearning is the top 1 choice of students nowadays. However, is everything that colorful?

Well, in this article, we will find everything out by looking at the TOP 15 Pros and Cons of Virtual Classroom Training. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What is virtual training? 

Before starting with the Pros and Cons, let’s first identify virtual training. 

Virtual training is a training program that incorporates various online tools and is hosted virtually.

Nowadays, virtual training is more on-demand due to flexibility, scalability, and higher convenience. 

Why is it important?

Okay, we are clear on the definitions, but why is it important worldwide? 

People on a virtual call

Virtual classrooms were huge life and education savers throughout the pandemic. They provided millions of students the opportunity to learn outside school and university and expanded the online education market.

What are the 10 benefits of online training?

Now it is time to look at the Top 10 benefits of online training. And they clearly outweigh the cons. 


Remote learning is highly flexible. So virtual classroom learning is one of the most optimal ways for students to study and join from anywhere they want. This includes the comfort of their houses to cafes or parks. As long as they have internet access, they can be located anywhere they want.

Besides location flexibility, classes in a virtual classroom are also timely and flexible, so teachers and students can choose an optimal time for the class. 


When you host classes online in virtual classrooms, you have a wide variety of interaction functionality available to offer to your students. You can do Q&As, quizzes, tests, polls, etc. 

Cost Effective

Money saves on resources, transportation, and even food. Plus, in your case as an instructor, the money saved on renting an offline space and keeping it clean will surely make you happy. 

Good for the Environment 

Virtual classroom saves so many resources spent on energy, equipment, gas & transportation, and powering a whole separate space. An average school will be able to save so much and contribute to a greener planet. Meanwhile, individual educators & tutors will also be able to save some resources alongside the students on gas.

Saves Time

Just imagine how much time you and your students would have to spend on transportation and then on getting the classroom ready for the training. Virtual classrooms eliminate the extra time spent on unproductive and routine tasks, leaving space only for productivity and efficiency. 

Pandemics won’t Stop it

In a virtual classroom setting, no pandemic or illness will stop or interfere with the process. Both the students and educators will be able to work productively and grow. 

Makes Students Independent Learners 

Also, the virtual learning experience is quite beneficial for the learners as they learn how to keep track of everything on their own, create their schedules, and generally become more organized & responsible. 

Measurement of Results becomes easier

Due to all the quizzes, exams & tests being online, automated results measurements are easier. Which also makes the process of tracking students’ progress a lot easier. So you can gain insight into students’ performance and provide detailed feedback much faster than ever. 

Measuring virtual training results

Equips Students with Necessary Tech Skills

Let’s be honest, what besides practice could equip people with the skills? 

The most apparent yet underrated benefit of virtual classroom training is that it equips students with the tech skills they indeed need for the future. Even if they study on-campus, most tasks and group projects will be done using technology and online meetings.

Learn everything 

E-learning does not require students to be in a specific space to learn. They can even purchase and learn through online courses and, most importantly, learn anything they want.  Just imagine the variety of courses you can offer in a virtual classroom setting, starting from design and ending with growth coaching.

The students gain an incredible opportunity to upgrade their skill set or learn completely new things from the comfort of their own houses.

Plus, let’s remember that online learning is much more scalable than offline learning as you gain access to a worldwide student base.

5 cons of virtual learning

It is time to look at the five most common cons instructors worldwide face. 


Online industries are competitive, and getting your first clients may take a lot of work.  However, when you do it within every testimonial, it will become easier. A pro tip for you is to use your certifications as testimonials. 

Engagement can be harder

Maintaining eye contact, being present offline, and generally keeping students’ attention during offline classes can be more accessible. 

However, there are lots of solutions. First of all, you can have classes with smaller groups of students so that you will be able to pay closer attention to each and ensure their engagement. Secondly, you can implement online games and short quizzes. 

Issues with the Technology 

Certain technology issues may disable students’ access to the virtual classroom, webinar, or course. Mostly those can be internet issues. However, such problems rarely occur and are fixed within minutes or a few hours. 

Socialization can be harder

In the online environment, the socialization of the students may be more challenging than in a traditional classroom setting. However, this issue is also resolvable; for example, you can engage students in various activities and group projects. 

Tech accessibility

Even though it is hard to believe that not everyone has all the technology and equipment needed, it is the truth. However, there can be a solution regarding two students joining from one computer, etc.

Girl in a virtual training environment

So, whether you choose online training because it is more scalable & flexible or offline as you prefer the human touch, it is up to your preferences. We have presented the common pros & cons of virtual classroom training.

An optimal solution, by the way, could be a mixed classroom experience. However, many will prefer (according to statistics) an online classroom over the traditional setting. 

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