Teach Like A Champion

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 19 May 2021
6 min read
Teach Like A Champion

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids to work together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

Bill Gates

Do you want to enrich your knowledge and find better teaching options?

In every situation when you do not know what to do but want to learn something special, just read a book. Choose a book connected with that sphere based on recommendations, look through the pages to make the reading process more interesting, and just start.

But wait a minute, you don’t need to think about what to read as we have a unique book chosen especially for you.

A book that Changes Lives

The book I will recommend is “Teach Like A Champion” by Doug Lemov. Do you want to have practical knowledge and get familiar with many tools that will help to create a positive and long-lasting impact on student learning?

For some people, it’s imperative to find a book that will be straightforward and easy to read. This book lists techniques to use in your classroom. It provides the methodology and all the factors behind as well as the reasons that will make you think why you would use them. The author is a person with great experience in the field. He made detailed research to provide us with efficient information to help educators to achieve the results they desire. 




If you are an educator, that means one of the crucial things for you is to hold your students accountable for their studies and also CARE about what they are learning and be responsible for their studies no matter they pay for it or not. 

If you're reading this and want to develop your skills as an educator, then let me tell you something that will help to be ready for the future of education. The main goal of this book is to provide you with the resources required to become one of those teachers who will activate the hidden creativity, talent, and potential in their students. These points will help to motivate the learners, no matter they previously failed because of an unsuccessful teaching method of their previous teachers.

There are so many variants quoted in this book that for sure you cannot realize all together at once. But if you listen to me, you can practice every time doing some of the methods. Every strategy in this textbook has proven to be highly successful in achieving the optimal outcomes for your students. So, if you want to achieve better results as a teacher, just read this book! 

Teach Like A Champion: Main Points

In this book, the author covers 62 techniques to use in the elearning environment. Having implemented many of these techniques in your classroom, you will increase your students’ productivity and lesson qualities. 

Let’s LIST some of the insights that the author mentioned in the book. I hope this will make your reading process more exciting.


#1 The Hook


This is a catchy beginning that arouses people’s interest. Where required, use a brief, entertaining introduction to pique students' interest in learning.


#2 Name the Steps


Wherever it is appropriate, provide students with techniques, methods, and tools for working on or solving challenges. 


#3 Board = Paper


Show students how to keep track of the things they need to remember from your classes. Offer easy and interesting methods.




#4 Circulate


Move through the classroom to motivate students and keep them accountable.


#5 Plan


It is just as helpful to prepare for what your students will do during your classtime as it is to plan for what you will do and say.


#6 Repetition is essential


Students must learn over and over again. Others master the technique for good the third time they perform it correctly, and others learn it the tenth time. None of them learn quickly as on the first or second try.


#7 Call and response


To create a community of enthusiastic, constructive participation, use team choral response. That is — you ask, and they respond in unison.


#8 Everybody writes


Set the students up for constructive engagement by allowing them to think in writing before sharing. ‘‘I write to know what I think," author Joan Didion says.


#9 Do it again


Doing it again and doing it correctly or well is always the best solution...

While reading the book, you realize how difficult it is to be a teacher as firstly you need to be a good psychologist too. For example, it does not sound professional and effective to respond to your student by saying ‘‘almost right’’. You need to use other options for encouraging them and making them think to get better results.




Here are some examples from the book:

•  ‘‘I like what you’ve done. Can you get us the rest of the way?’’ 
•  ‘‘We’re almost there. Can you find the last piece?’’ 
•  ‘‘I like most of that.’’ 56 Teach Like a Champion 
•  ‘‘Can you develop that further?’’
•  ‘‘Okay, but there’s a bit more to it than that.’’ 
•  ‘‘Satish just knocked a base hit. Who can bring him home?’’

To sum up

These techniques will become your own if only you try, apply, adapt, and improve them for yourself based on your own experience.

Thanks for your attention. I hope this article will be beneficial for your future career.
This book has great strategies for teachers and newly graduated students who imagine their further career growth in this field. 

Inside the book, you will find such strategies that will help you hold your student accountable. No more accepting "I don't know" as an answer. Anyone can take these easy-to-use suggestions and make their teaching style better.

Not all teachers have the opportunity to really understand what they are responsible for.
As a result, not all teachers are as effective as they should be in imparting mastery of the skills and information that their students need the most.  Many of the strategies (the author likes to mention as techniques) described in this book can seem ordinary, inconspicuous, or even frustrating at first. But I am sure after finishing the book it will become your go-to source for the latest innovative ideas from the most knowledgeable and well-respected experts in the industry.



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