Top 9 Professions to Teach Online

Top 9 Professions to Teach Online

These days when the e-learning industry is growing faster than ever, many specialists focus on sharing their knowledge and experience online. Why they should miss the opportunity to earn a living income or an additional amount of money when the world is going digital and learners look for online sources to get a modern and on-demand specialty. Online teaching is not just about traditional school teachers or private tutors. Any kind of specialist, regardless of the industry of their experience, can share knowledge and skills online. And, at this time, I am going to discuss the most required professions that are taught online. But before, let’s define the advantages and find the “Why?” for teaching online.

- Teaching online is flexible

Choose the most comfortable place, set the most appropriate time, and organize the process. You don’t have to be in a specific place at the chosen time.

- Time is money, save it

When teaching online, you save a lot of time that is spent for instance, on the way to the place where the teaching is held. 

Time is money, save it

- Save real money as well

Besides time, you save real money as well. For example, the amount you spend on transportation, printed educational material, and so on. While in the case of online teaching, you just need a computer and internet connection.

- Reach a wider market

As the teaching process is implemented online, more learners may take part in it as there is no kind of location or time limitations. Accordingly, more people get an opportunity to join the classes.

Reach a wider market

- Increase the availability

When teaching online your educational content is presented on the world wide web and everybody may reach it by just searching for it on the net. In this way, the availability of your online courses, lessons, and whatever content you present, increases.

- Break the rules

Make the process of teaching attractive and engaging. Break the traditional methodology, come up with new ways and methods of increasing engagement and offer a new approach to the teaching process.

Now when you have already familiar with the advantages of e-learning, I would like to go on and discuss the most common professions that are required and it will be great to teach online.

#1 English Language Teaching

ELT (English Language Teaching) is one of the most required fields in the online teaching industry. People of various specializations tend to learn English cause it always serves as additional support while implementing different tasks, especially when working with the international market.

English Language Teaching

There are various aspects of English as a subject of training, such as ESP (English for Specific Purposes). ESP is a wide scope that is divided into branches, including EBP (English for Business Purposes), EAP (English for Academic Purposes), EOP (English for Occupational Purposes), etc. If you are an English language master specialized in one (or maybe more) of these aspects of the English language, then you are highly recommended to start teaching English online, it’s beneficial

#2 Programming Training

Today programming is one of the highly growing specialties. No matter you are a web (back-end, front-end, full-stack developer) or an app developer, you may share your knowledge through online pieces of training or video courses and earn a specific amount of income with the help of a digital presence.

You may start by creating courses about different programming languages you are experienced in. Choose topics that are required in the market. You may also classify the educational material depending on the levels. Being a programmer may provide you enough income but additional income is never unnecessary. Create engaging online video courses once and sell them on your personal platform; let the income come along with the time.

#3 Design Training

Like programming, design is also a highly growing industry. They are somehow interrelated. You may be a web designer, UI or UX, or maybe a graphic designer, it does not matter. What is important is that you may teach online and reach a wider market of learners who require your quality knowledge.

Design Training

Design courses are one of the most in-demand educational materials in the market. The generation tends to be creative, so they are very likely to go for their desires, learn, and get a specialty in design.

#4 Drawing Lessons

Along with the design, many people are interested in learning how to draw. Expanding your offerings to teach online drawing or any other art classes is one of the best ways to grow and diversify your student base. Working from home provides you with increased flexibility, an expanded customer base and encourages students to embrace a new model of collaboration and creativity. Additionally, technology is on your side; making online teaching easier than ever. Whether you’re just learning how to start teaching art classes or hoping to diversify your studio’s services, you may just start and let the results be successful.

First of all, decide on your teaching format, then get the right equipment and tools. Prepare the required content and educational material, then start the teaching process. Record video courses or conduct live lessons and sell them on your platform. 

#5 Fitness Training

Probably, a few years ago nobody thought it will be possible to manage fitness training online. But today this is the reality and many people are fond of this form of training, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic. People get used to managing their daily routine from home. And a great number of people do not like to go back to the traditional ways of doing things even later.

Fitness Training

Fitness is one of these aspects of life. Many trainers do it as a part-time job along with real-time fitness training in the gym, others make a whole living income with online video courses, live lessons, and so on. Whatever aspect you choose, teach future trainers or train groups of people, you may become a successful online fitness trainer.

#6 Yoga Training

Like fitness, many people are fond of yoga training. This is something spiritual not everybody realizes. Therefore, this is also considered to be an in-demand profession to teach online. Initially, some trainers considered it to be impossible to manage through online courses and live lessons, but times shows it is not.

Many yoga studios, as well as individual teachers, are already included in online yoga instructor training programs that are in no way less important than in-person courses. Most of them include tests and exams to ensure that students are ready to actually teach a yoga class. Frankly, getting certified as a yoga teacher online has never been easier than now.

It is also beneficial to organize yoga training for people who are fond of this type of lesson. People buy yoga courses; they prepare the mats and create an atmosphere to make the process work from home as it is in studios.

#7 Life Coaching

If you enjoy working with people and helping them to reach their goals and use the whole potential, then a home-based coaching business might be the best fit for you. Today one of the great advantages of coaching is that technology has expanded your ability to provide coaching services. You are no longer limited to having an office where you meet people in person or a phone where you might miss subtle visual cues when helping others.

Life Coaching

These days video conferencing and online meetings make face-to-face coaching possible with customers all over the world. This may be one of the reasons the coaching profession has exploded over the last few years. If you have the ability to connect with people and help them, then coaching might be a great home business opportunity for you.

#8 Digital Marketing Training

Today different aspects of digital marketing are growing very quickly and effectively. As people are easier to reach through digital platforms, businesses tend to use digital marketing features to reach their target market. Accordingly, the profession of DMS (Digital Marketing Specialist) is in demand in the market.

Many learners are interested in joining marketing courses or taking part in pieces of training especially related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing). These two aspects of digital marketing are probably the most required in the market, however, the courses about copywriting, content marketing, and any form of digital advertising are always welcome and required by the learners. If you are experienced and interested in this market, then read one of my previous articles which may become your guide on becoming a marketing consultant.

#9 Business Coaching

Along with technological development and innovations, more people tend to start businesses. However, not everybody can manage the process and make the business grow successfully. Accordingly, a new profession arose - business development specialist. If you are also one who has the features of managing the business development process and may help business owners achieve their dread success, then you may start online business coaching.

Business Coaching

Choose your specific niche, acquire the essential skills and qualifications, define your target audience, and start preparing training material that meets their needs. Become an online business coach and help people grow, having your efforts in making the world stronger.

In the End

Hopefully, you find the profession you can and would like to teach in the digital world. Share your knowledge and be appreciated for what you do. In the end, if you think about a good platform to organize and manage the process, I would like to offer you to try Uteach. Here you may create a personal educational website and effectively organize the process, automating some part of the process and saving your time, energy, and budget. 

Sounds interesting? 

Vera Mirzoyan

Article by Vera Mirzoyan

SEO Specialist and Blogger

Published April 16, 2021