Top 9 Tips for Teaching Resume

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 02 Jun 2021
8 min read
Top 9 Tips for Teaching Resume


Today when the number of education providers is increasingly growing, the field becomes relatively more and more competitive. Accordingly, being one of them you need to prepare the best possible approach for teaching resume, in order to stand out in the competition. The following article is related to the most common and easy ways to get a good teaching job, of course, thanks to your educational experience, skills, and knowledge. 


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What do you Need for Teaching Resume?


Keep in mind that no matter how many years of educational experience you have, or how many certificates you have been previously awarded. You still need to apply to jobs just like anyone else. Having a solid resume will help you cut down on a lot of the stress and uncertainty from applying to new positions. Besides just making a list of your previous experience, here are some proven methods that will help you write the best teacher resume possible. Here we are! Let’s discuss the points.


What do you Need for Teaching Resume


#1 Speak with Exact Numbers


People do not care when you say you have years of experience. They need to see the exact number of the years. Or if you need to speak about your previous students, mention the exact number. Add the number of learners who got a job after completing your courses. So, try to express everything with numbers. It works better.


#2 Mention your Certifications


Make sure you have mentioned all the certifications and awards awarded previously. This evokes trust among people towards you and your knowledge. While experience and skills are kings, awards and certifications are the proof that shows excellence and a potentially stand-out teacher.


#3 Emphasize Your Skills Section


First of all, make sure to mention all the relevant skills you have in your resume, but do not overestimate. Take into account that many teachers just list their soft skills or those not particularly useful to the job. Focus on skills that are relevant to the position you apply for. It may be “classroom management” or “clear communication.” Therefore, go further and present more details. Some common and useful skills you may mention as a teacher are:

  • Communication skills
  • Writing and editing skills
  • Patience
  • Nurturing attitude

Obviously, these are unspecific, so when using them make sure to relate them back to exactly what you can do with real-life examples.


#4 List Only the Recent and Related Jobs


Employees care about your previous job experience in the relevant fields and positions. Do not make the mistake of mentioning every single job you have previously done, as many teachers do. Even if you have previously worked in a single school or educational center for several years, you may mention your position changes (if there are) or role and responsibilities. Also, take into consideration that working experience that is earlier than 5 years is not usually relevant and people do not care about it. So, make sure to express the latest 5 years of your working experience.


#4 List Only the Recent and Related Jobs


#5 Show Enthusiasm towards Tech and Skills


As we have already discussed, technology is spread over almost any field of our lives. Even if some people stay traditional avoiding going online this is the future of ours. Tech devices and tools arrive to make our daily lives easier and more effective. Such tools became especially common in the eLearning industry during the COVID19 pandemic when people have to organize their lives without going out of their homes. Since then many educational institutions did not go back to traditional schooling, while others started using the blended learning approach

Using an online teaching platform is highly recommended these days. However, if you do not want to start a personal teaching business, you still have to master some tech skills in order to find a teaching job in any educational institution. The choice is yours.


#6 Use Impressive Speach


As a teacher, you should know that the best piece of writing is the one strong. They say that a strong writing copy is based on powerful action verbs. Regardless of your subject matter, you should be able to use such verbs and words, making clear and impressive sentences. I’ll list several action verbs that make an impression on people:

 Educate            Teach          Share         Prepare            Plan 

 Instruct            Manage            Organize            Create 

 Encourage            Motivate            Showcase            Develop 


#7 Attach a Cover Letter


Some people do not consider this point as of making a resume, however, this is important to include, of course, if you are not asked not to do. Your cover letter should be a maximum of one page but do not less than half of the page. It has to be specific to the chosen position you are applying for. Many people use the same cover letter for different companies or related positions. Do not make the same mistake. Prepare unique content and customize the letter for every single job application. Be specific and detailed.


Attach a Cover Letter


#8 Keep It Short and Simple


Many applicants waste their time, including details in their CVs that do not matter. It is not acceptable to include many details in your resume, especially if it is very obvious. The common size of a resume is two pages. So, keep it simple and short. Keep in mind that people do not spend much time reading every single word in your CV. They scan the overall material and focus on the essential points. Make sure, your resume is short and simple enough to do it easily and immediately.


#9 Manage the Formatting


As I have mentioned, people who check out your CV scan the whole page. The format of your resume should be catchy, clear, and easy to notice the essential points. Do your best to make your resume look as clear and attractive as possible. For instance, make the names of organizations bold or in a bigger text font than the descriptions. And the most essential, your name should have the biggest font size on the page. Make sure to use the same font, even if you change the sizes of the fonts. This makes the texts easier to read. And also, divide the CV into different sections and place lines between them to make the categorization visible.


To Sum Up


Now you are already familiar with the important points to consider while making your CV. It should be short and informative, including exact detail. However, even if your resume may not express the level of knowledge and experience you master, you may go on online with your personal platform. Here you do not have to prove your knowledge with a CV. All you need is a group of potential learners who trust you. This number will grow along with time, increasingly growing your revenue as well. So, start today and let the success come along with the time. Good Luck!



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