11 Best Practices Of VILT To Deliver Professional Training

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Published 31 Dec 2022
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11 Best Practices Of VILT To Deliver Professional Training

Designing professional VILT training takes effort. Yet, it is crucial for the delivery of results clients & participants expect. 

Therefore, throughout this article, we will review everything concerning VILT. We will start with the concept and end with 11 Best Practices you can practically implement to deliver professional training. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What is a virtual instructor-led training 

First of all, let’s dive into the concept. 

Virtual Instructor Led training is instructor-led training hosted in a virtual environment. The trainer plays a key role in this type of training as a guide. Trainers should analyze & evaluate students’ progress, depth of understanding of the material, and results. 

The main Pillars of Successful VILT include technology, Content, and Delivery. 

Technology refers to the tools and platforms you utilize to deliver the best user experience for the participants. Plus, your overall technical skills to host smooth sessions. 

Content refers to the materials you offer throughout the training, structure, and how they correlate to one another, helping learners to achieve the promised learning objectives. 

Of course, delivery refers to how you can deliver the content with appropriate technology to improve learning efficiency. 

Primary Types of VILT

Before we move on to the maximization of the performance of the VILT program, let’s also look through the main types. 


A webinar is a VILT format that gained wide popularity during pandemics. Essentially there is one facilitator in the webinar and multiple participants. The primary tool of the webinar is the utilization of video conferencing platforms & presentations.

Even though Webinars are considered part of VILT, they are not a wholesome program. They usually cover broader and more generic topics. 

1:1 Virtual Training 

These are individual training programs where the only participants are the learner and the instructor. These programs are highly beneficial for students who aim for more in-depth learning. 

Man leading a classroom training

However, the main drawback of such kind of program is that it is quite time-consuming. You can spend the same amount of time on group training and earn more money. 

Group Training 

Throughout group training, there is one facilitator and 3-5 participants. Small groups allow for efficient learning. Plus, they cost 30% less than individual sessions, which motivates people to purchase those. Yet, group training will make you more money and save time. 

However, before you move on to Group VILT, you should build a reputation and a working methodology. It is way easier to work with an individual. 

How to maximize your VILT  

The day’s question is how to maximize the performance & efficiency of the VILT program. 

You should pay attention to certain aspects, including platform, structure, learning objectives, and equipment. The list depends on what you need before, during, and after training. So, let’s review everything in order. 

Before starting your training 

First of all, run through these checkpoints before you even get started with your training. 

Choose all-in-one platform 

Choosing a platform that offers enough features is vital. 

Online automation is all about making your life easier in every possible way. The platform must ease up management & tracking and offer good analytics for further marketing strategy improvement. 

So, if you are looking to make VILT your main steam of income, the platform of your choice must offer features such as:

  • Website Builder in order to allow you to build & fully customize your white-labeled website without knowledge of coding
  • Course Builder will provide all the necessary features to design and organize training programs properly 
  • End-to-end live, as in most cases, VILT sessions are held live via video conferencing tools 
  • Automation of routine tasks 
  • A potent analytics tool to keep track of student’s progress and payments and analyze data for further strategy building 

These are essentials that the platform must offer if you are seriously considering VILT business. 

Structure your plan according to learners’ needs 

The next step before starting the training is structuring. Know your audience to structure the training material according to learners’ needs properly. 

Test the equipment 

Before training, remember to run through the equipment. Check whether the camera, microphone, and other tools you plan to use, both physical and digital, are working. 

After you have tested everything and are sure, you are all set, move to the next checkpoint. 

Provide learners with a training outline 

When learners know what to expect from the overall program and individual sessions, they are most likely to stay attentive throughout. 

During training 

Let’s say you are all set with “before the training” checkpoints. Now, it is time to dig deeper into the checkpoints you must set to have successful training. 

Encourage participation 

In order to boost interest in learning, you must encourage participation. 

Engagement and participation in debates, discussions, and Q&A sessions will significantly improve the overall learning experience. Students will better acquire the material in training. 

Here are some practical tips & ways that will help you to improve participation:

  • Create a healthy learning atmosphere where students feel safe enough to share 
  • Call upon participants by name and ask them specific questions to reply. Simply put, invite them to speak. 
  • Ask questions throughout the training & presentations
  • Implement icebreakers to create a more relaxed learning atmosphere where participants will feel free to talk 
  • Use various assessments & tests 

Use various formats of training materials

Implement various training materials & formats to enrich the overall learning experience.

For instance, to ensure that your training is effective, make sure to provide the following:

  • E-books & Audio materials created by you or from third-party sources that you are licensed to use to enrich the knowledge base of participants 
  • Incorporate additional resources & readings for more in-depth learning 
  • Create engaging & interactive visuals such as presentations and games
  • Incorporate games & activities throughout the training sessions 

Keep in mind that training is not lecturing. So, you are free to engage in discussions & create a good learning environment. Creating an environment that will contribute to better & more in-depth learning is vital. 

Brush up your delivery 

Delivery is one of the most vital aspects. You can have the best outline in the world, and your training can give students what others can’t, but if you deliver it in a boring manner, students won’t be motivated to keep up with the sessions. 

Teammates structuring online training

So, brushing up on the “delivery” is vital for success. 

You must learn several body language & voice control techniques in order to ensure that the way you deliver the material is interesting. Besides body language and right voice intonation, they also incorporate questions and icebreakers and occasionally make jokes throughout training sessions. 

Nail the timing 

The next point that you must pay attention to is timing. As a virtual trainer, delivering the material as planned is vital. There is no need to go on and on about unnecessary topics. If you do, you will lose the overall focus of the training, which will decrease its efficiency. 

In order to nail the timing properly, have the outline of not just the program but also each session. You can also have approximate scripts and timings to follow. 

After training  

Finally, after you are done with the training, make sure to run through these checkpoints. 

Ask for and give feedback 

Asking for and giving feedback is the vital force that moves training programs toward success. 

For instance, when asking for feedback, you can give participants one questionary with multiple-choice answers. Make sure one of the questions has a free text box where participants can write their overall opinion of the session or program. 

When you want to give feedback, you must ensure to keep track of the student’s progress to be able to give constructive feedback.

Analyze how the training session went 

After each session, you should analyze its overall performance. For instance, you should check the outline and see whether or not you discussed everything planned. Also, you can measure the performance in approximate timings, whether they met or not. 

Use student feedback to evaluate the overall performance of the session as well.

Practice, practice, practice 

At the end of the day, to perfect anything, you must keep practicing. Expertise & Mastery comes through practice. 

So, follow all the checkpoints before, during & after sessions, and keep going until you master being a virtual trainer. However, keep in mind that there is always a place to grow. 

In this dynamic industry, you must keep learning & growing to be successful. New coaching & training frameworks come out almost daily, so keep up with the latest updates. 

Pros & Cons of VILT 

As in every industry, VILT comes in handy with its benefits and drawback. So, let’s take a look at some of them. 


  • Time flexibility & freedom of location. The beauty of virtual learning is that you are not tied to a specific location. You are free to host training sessions from anywhere you want. Plus, with VILT, you are in charge of your own schedules. 
  • Cost-effective. VILT saves you not only time but also resources. With virtual training, you can save money on renting a space and buying appropriate equipment, including projectors, whiteboards, etc. 
  • Convenience. VILT is much preferred nowadays due to the more convenience it offers. Learners can access the courses from anywhere they want. 
  • Access to International Market. One of the key advantages of virtual training is that it gives you access to the international market. 


  • Distractions. In this era of technology, it is so easy to get distracted. Your learners may need to be more attentive throughout offline sessions. 
  • Non-verbal cues should be noticed, yet frequently those are missed during online sessions.

Dos and don'ts of VILT  

Also, before wrapping up this guiding article, let’s take a look at the Dos and don’ts of VILT.

Girl trying to make a decision


We should start with what you should NOT do. If you want to host efficient sessions that participants will gain the most out of, then avoid the following:

  • No generalized content and industry tips anyone can access on the world wide web. You must offer value if you want to make sales. Of course, covering general concepts is important if it is a beginner course. However, ensure to provide industry-specific content that shows your level of expertise. 
  • Off-the-shelve courses are not part of VILT. Forget about pre-recorded classes being part of VILT because they are not. VILT’s key role is played by the instructor, who guides the participants and explains the material in real-time. 
  • Stop stuffing the training with unnecessary content. It is better to offer short, sweet, to-the-point & valuable sessions. 


Let’s move to what you should indeed do to ensure your VILT’s success.

  • Create a course outline. Moreover, share the outline with the learners so that they know what to expect. 
  • Share learning objectives with the students and encourage feedback to improve the training furtherly. 
  • Offer certifications of completion at the end of the program. You cannot imagine how powerful motivators these are. 
  • Measure outcomes, performance, and overall student progress. 

Getting virtual together 

So, it is time to wrap up with the 11 best practices to level up your VILT. If you truly want to deliver off-the-roof content, then make sure you check out every checkpoint mentioned in this article. 

Finally, it is your time to put the VILT together. 

VILT is a popular format of training that keeps gaining more demand. It is a lot cheaper to host for the instructors, affordable for clients & saves lots of time & resources in general. 

This is your sign if you feel like this is the industry you want to dive into. 

With Uteach, you can easily start your online VILT business and expand further. It offers all the necessary features for growth, including a website builder, live sessions, integrations, and automation. 

Plus, it is worth mentioning that Uteach offers an incredibly user-friendly interface.

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