Uteach is here to level up the quality, opportunities,
and role of education in the Armenian reality.

The demand for online teaching is increasingly growing day by day. The reasons are various. First of all, people save time. Nowadays, people are too busy to hurry up for training after a tiring working day. Some do it, others don’t manage. Yet, it is relatively more expensive. Instead, they rely on online training and courses that are as effective as regular ones. Uteach was founded, taking into consideration the great demand and fastly growing rates.

The role of Uteach

Uteach is the first platform in Armenia that allows sharing your knowledge with the online audience, earning revenue in turn.
Thanks to this platform, everybody gets a chance to create their own education portal with a few simple steps.

In order to take the advantage of the services provided by Uteach, you need to sign up on the platform, think about your dream website domain, choose one of the attractive and responsible designs we offer, fill in all your information data in our bilingual management system, install the initially shot video courses, fix a price, and that’s all. Your website is ready!

And yet, the given opportunities are going on. You may have a blog thanks to which you will make your information more clear and optimize it for search engines. You’ll get a chance to upload files, establish a conversation with your students in the comments section, and many more features.
If you are still confused about the final decision, then take into consideration that you don’t have much time. Everybody is already busy with creating video content.

Give Uteach a chance to give a start on your successful future!

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