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Who is Uteach for?

Uteach perfect for teachers, tutors, trainers, coaches, and any kind of education providers. This is for everybody who wants to have a personal e-teaching portal, regardless of their professional orientation.

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With the Help of Uteach
You can also

Sell Online Courses and Webinars, Conduct Live Lessons

Thanks to the online payment system, potential students may easily buy the educational video courses you present, and get access to webinars. As for the Live lessons, you get advanced functionality to provide the overall material students need: files, texts, tests, and much more.


Get Automated Test Results, Award Certificates

The time you waste on manual test checking may be spent more effectively. You’ll get the result automatically provided by the system.
You may also organize an exam through quizzes. The system will generate an online certificate for the students who pass the test and provide good results․

Form a Digital Timetable

You don’t need to make notes anymore. Instead, you’ll have a timetable right on your website. Here you won’t miss any piece of information. This timetable is available on the students’ profile as well. This will minimalize the chance of missing classes

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Build a Huge Audience

You get a chance to gather all the information about your potential students in one place. This becomes a huge base you may use to form different learning groups and organize separate classes for each one.

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