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Features Uniquely Designed for Your Needs

Create and sell video courses

Turn your knowledge into income with online courses and offer additional products on the side such as e-books, workshops, etc.

Automate Your Teaching Process

Create live training sessions of any length. Rest assured that your automated website on Uteach will save you time by completing follow-ups, checking quizzes, sending out e-mails, and more!

Create knowledge checking quiz, award certificate

No need to waste any time on checking quizzes manually and creating certificates-we’ve got it all covered by automating everything for you.

Organize hybrid online and offline learning experiences

The most popular teaching method in the world. Meet your students offline using automated tools of live lessons.

Create professional-looking website that covers all your needs for your teaching business

Use professionally designed templates, then customize them to meet your unique needs, and add as many pages as you need.

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Personal growth

Personal growth







Interior design

Interior design



Have a Mobile App and let your students learn on the go

No technical skills are needed!

Create your professional teaching website and start monetizing your experience and skills

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Features to grow your audience and market your business

Can’t let go of your favorite tools? Just integrate them.

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Get paid immediately and keep 100% of your revenue

Attach your PayPal or Stripe account and enjoy fast and easy payments.


We care about your success

Our team is here 24/7 to provide support at any stage

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What People Say
About Us

If you are looking for a great platform to launch your course then Uteach will meet all your needs. It comes with great templates that are highly customizable. Everything is laid out logically and the white-label is truly white-label. The advanced SEO capability is a major plus.I cannot say enough good things about the Uteach platform and how happy I am that I made the change.


Angel Rodriguez CPP

Owner - Alliance Training & Testing

Thank you Uteach, for creating a platform that motivated me to set up a new webpage for my new businesses. I love how everything is included, that I can offer live sessions and also have a way to sell my workbooks. I will be launching my new website soon! The best part about working with Uteach is that they get back to me within a day with exactly what I need to know anytime I have a question.


Bekah Bottone

English Coach/Motivator

Uteach, is intuitive, and easy to use. I've been asking Uteach support a ton of detailed questions. I've got perfect, easy to understand / implement answers to all my questions.


Ivan Bayross

Sales Funnel Creation Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategy Specialist

UTeach is absolutely insane. Everything about this tool is right down to the smallest detail. Whit labeling is all available and can be set up completely within a few minutes. I am an absolute FAN of Uteach.


Luca Madonia


Finally found the perfect LMS 💎 I have tried a bunch of LMS and so far this is the best. What I love about Uteach is their templates, I am not stuck with just the standard look for my site and I can customize it easily. Also having unlimited students and no commission fee is great. They have very good support that answers quickly. So far im loving it, easy.


Mark Dickenson


After 15 years of coaching and mentoring people, we've tried a lot of similar apps and platforms, but this one is truly made for creators. Everything is intuitive, simple and beautiful at the same time.


Miroslav Sázovský

Author, lecturer and coach

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