The security of your data is of the utmost importance

At Uteach we take care of your data

We are committed with data protection

At Uteach we are committed to the protection and security of your data.


The European Union (EU) has updated its regulation on data protection. This new law is known as the General Data Protection Regulation (henceforth, GDPR), and is applied to all types of entities, from public authorities to SMEs, without differentiating whether the processing takes place within the EU or outside, as long as it affects European citizens.

Here you'll find all about Uteach infrastructure and how it protects your data in this page.

You may find it on this page.

We use AWS servers which give an opportunity to keep the data safe and use different servers located in different areas which allow us to use data more quickly. 

Uteach acts as a Data Processor when processing personal data necessary for sending emails from our customers. 

You may access our agreement’s on this page.

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