Automate the live sessions creation process and save up to 70 % of your time

Create online and offline live sessions in a few clicks. Let the system help you with scheduling, sending notifications, and more.

Plan your scheduling ahead

We have a handy tool that lets you schedule lessons months or years in advance․
Just choose your dates and hours and view your calendar schedule.

Provide learning materials and make learning fun

Attach homework and learning materials ahead-texts, videos, downloadable files, etc.

Engage your students in testing their knowledge with quizzes, leave comments on their answers and send them back. Get in touch with them regardless of location and time.

Choose your lovely video call app

Just log in to your preferred app-InSpace, Zoom, Jitsy, and join the lessons. Or attach the meeting link from another app.

Don’t let your students miss the lessons

You don’t need to call or send a message to your students for reminding. Our system will automatically send a notification twice: a day before and also 30 minutes before the lesson starts.

Provide SEO details

Fill SEO detail fields. It will help your course be visible to search engines and help the AI understand your page content better and offer it to your target.

Get the most from our features:

  • Automate attendance checking of your students.
  • Choose a knowledge level.
  • Set a limit for participants
  • Enable a toggle to record and save your lessons automatically

Create awesome courses once and sell them for a lifetime.

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