Terms of Service


1. Registration


  • Uteach users must be 18 years old or elder, or at least at the age that gives them the right to do business in the territory where they live or where they use this service.
  • To complete the registration process, you must provide a legal/real name, a valid email address, and any other information necessary for the registration process.
  • Users acknowledge that Uteach has the right to use the provided email address as the main means of communication.
  • The users are responsible for keeping their passwords secure. Uteach cannot and is not responsible for losses or damages incurred because of non-compliance with the security of the account and password.
  • The Users are responsible for all actions and content, such as videos, files, data, graphics, photos, and links uploaded to their website ("Course Content").
  • Violation of the terms of use or non-compliance with other terms at the discretion of Uteach will result in the immediate termination of the user's services 


In Short

It is forbidden to use Uteach to carry out illegal activities or transfer malicious files. The service is canceled, in case of violation of any of these points.

Email address is the main means of communication.


2․ Account Activation


1.    The person who subscribes to Uteach becomes the owner of the created website. They will be authorized to make use of all the services we offer in the chosen subscription plan.
2.   If a user has subscribed to Uteach services on behalf of an employer, then the account holder must be the employer. If the user has subscribed to Uteach services on behalf of the employer, then the user represents and guarantees that they have the right to oblige the employer to comply with our terms of use. 


In Short

If the user registers on behalf of the employer, the employer is the account holder and owner and agrees to the present terms of our services.

3. General Conditions


Before registering at Uteach, you must read, agree, and follow all the points covered in the present terms of use. 

1.    Technical support is provided not only on paid accounts but also on free․ It is available via email and live chat.   
2.    It is prohibited to use Uteach service for any illegal or unauthorized purposes, as well as to violate any laws in the territory when using the service (including, but not limited to, copyright laws).
3.   Questions related to the terms of use should be directed to the following email address  [email protected]
4.   The User accepts and agrees that the use of the service, including information transmitted or protected by Uteach, is controlled according to the privacy policy
5.   If a user subscribes to one of the Uteach plans and implements a "secret sale" of content using other tools and techniques, then his account may be frozen after its disclosure. Any attempt to bypass the Uteach payment system may lead to the suspension of the user's account. 


In Short

All Uteach services are authorized. No one has the right to steal, copy or use it for any illegal or questionable purposes.

It is forbidden to bypass our payment system in order to avoid a commission.


4․Uteach Rights

We may, but are not obligated to, delete content and accounts containing content that is defined as illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory, compromising, pornographic, obscene, offensive, or hateful in our terms and conditions. In line with these policies, we reserve the right to take action, including the removal of content or suspension of accounts, for instances such as an unusually high volume of traffic, indicative of a potential Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Verbal or written abuse to any Uteach employee or member by a Uteach user leads to the immediate termination of the account.

Uteach does not conduct a preliminary review of the course content and, at its sole discretion, may refuse or remove the content of any course that is considered to be against our terms.

We reserve the right to provide our services to the user's competitors and do not promise exclusivity in any particular market segment. The users also accept and agree that Uteach employees and other representatives can also be Uteach clients/instructors and that they can compete, although they cannot use the confidential information of other users.

In case of a dispute over the account ownership, we reserve the right to request documents to determine or confirm the account ownership. The documents may include but are not limited to, a scanned copy of your business license, an identification card with a government-issued photo, the last four numbers of the payment card, etc.

Uteach assumes the right to determine, in our sole opinion, the rightful owner of the site and transfer his account. If we cannot fairly determine the rightful owner of the account, Uteach reserves the right to temporarily deactivate the account until a decision is made between the disputable parties. 


In Short

We can change, cancel, or stop services at any time.

In case of a dispute about the website ownership created with Uteach, we can deactivate the account or transfer it to its rightful owner.


5․ Limitation of Liability


1.  The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that Uteach is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or other damages, including, but not limited to, losses from profits, ratings, data, or other intangible losses resulting from the inability to use or use the service.
2.   Uteach or our suppliers are never responsible for lost revenue.
3.   All the risks of using the services fall solely under the responsibility of the user.
4.    Uteach does not guarantee that the service will be without flaws. Yet, if there are shortcomings, we undertake to correct them within a reasonable time, if there are no other infringing circumstances or a factor of impossibility. 
5.   Uteach does not guarantee that the results or income received as a result of using the service will be permanent, as it depends on the user's work.
6.   Uteach does not guarantee that the quality of any products, services, information, or other materials purchased or received through the service will meet the user's expectations or that any error of the service will be corrected.


In Short

We are not responsible if the user violates the law, violates this Agreement, or violates the rights of third parties.

We are not responsible in case of falling or loss of income.


6․ Cancelation or A Valid Agreement


Uteach's refusal to comply with any right or provision included in the terms of use does not constitute a cancelation of this right or provision. The Terms of use are an agreement between the User and Uteach, according to which the user's right to use the services is determined, suspending any previously approved agreement between the User and Uteach.


In Short

These Terms of Use are an agreement that applies to users. This means that the previously existing agreements between the User and Uteach do not apply if they contradict these terms.


7.   Intellectual property and user content


We do not get rights for the intellectual property content that the user provides to Uteach. All materials the user uploads retain copyright. 

By uploading the course content, the user agrees that: 

  • other internet users can view the course content
  • Uteach can display and save course content
  • Uteach can review the overall course content submitted by the user at any time and, in case of violation of these conditions, delete it without any notification

The user retains copyright to all course content uploaded on the website created with Uteach. However, making the site publicly available, the user agrees to allow other users to view the course content.

We will not disclose your confidential information to third parties, except in cases where it is required when providing our services. Confidential information includes any materials or information provided to us that are not available. Confidential information does not include information that: (A) was public when it was received; (B) it becomes public not in our fault; (c) we receive it from a third party without violating our or third parties' confidentiality obligations, or (d) we must do it to disclose it by law.


In Short

Any material submitted by the user remains under his responsibility. If desired, the user can delete the content created by him from the site or simply delete the account.


8․ Payment Policy


To start your subscription to Uteach, you must attach a valid bank card. You will be charged only after 14 days free trial period. When subscribing to the Uteach monthly plan, payment is made every month, and in the case of an annual plan, every year.

The amount is charged when the card is connected and provides a monthly/annual active subscription, depending on the type of subscription. The Uteach user will know about the end of the paid period by e-mail. If the subscription is not terminated, the next payment amount will be charged automatically. In case of an insufficient amount on the card, the user receives a warning letter, and the service of the site is terminated.

The Uteach subscription fee does not include state or territorial taxes and payments that are currently in effect or will take effect in the future. The process is regulated in accordance with the laws and regulations in force at the user's registration address.


9․ Subscription Cancelation or Termination


The users can cancel the subscription in their dashboard at any time. 6 months after the cancellation, all the content of the user's website is subject to deletion.

If the user decides to terminate the services in the middle of the month, he receives a final Email about the payment. If the payment is made, the money is no longer charged.

We reserve the right to change or terminate the Uteach services for any reason and at any time without prior notice.

Without limitation of any measure, Uteach may suspend or terminate a user's account if we suspect a user of fraud with the site.


10․ Additional Tools


Uteach provides an opportunity to use additional tools and services that are not included in the payment plan that the user has subscribed to. In order to use additional tools or services, the user pays the amount provided for this tool, which varies depending on the active subscription plan.


11. Refund Policy


Uteach does not provide refunds. If you decide to cancel the subscription after attaching a card, then cancel it before the free trial period. 

If you cancel your subscription and it happens to be in the middle of the month/year when you have already paid for the whole month/year, you will continue using all your features by the end of the month/year. Uteach cannot refund the money you have already paid.

The refund policy of Uteach does not affect the refund policy provided to students by the authors.

If you still have questions, contact our team at [email protected]