Automate your training center’s tasks and increase revenue

Enjoy the flexibility of managing the student registration, course enrollments, attendance check, assignment submissions, and other important tasks from one dashboard.

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Automate your training center’s tasks and increase revenue
Establishing Trust and Credibility With Your Website

Establishing Trust and Credibility With Your Website

  • Get a customizable branded website to create a unique and recognizable online presence.

  • Make the official website the central information hub where your training services become easily discoverable by potential students.

  • Ensure students and parents have confidence in your services by displaying testimonials on the website and allowing course reviews.

Managing Your Training Materials And Making Them Accessible

  • Present your educational content in the best light by organizing and adding them into categories without using any additional tools.

  • Upload your educational materials in various formats, including video, audio, texts, files, tests, forms, making the learning process interesting and accessible to everyone.

  • Schedule the release of the training and modules, ensuring a structured learning experience for the students based on

    • the enrollment date
    • the date you schedule for
    • custom days
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Managing Your Training Materials And Making Them Accessible
Minimizing the Administrative Overload

Minimizing the Administrative Overload

Manage the students’ enrollments and payments and do not waste time on calls and other tasks. The platform handles all the processes automatically.

  • Automated attendance tracking and assignment checking.

  • Instant email notifications to streamline communication.

  • Efficient payment processing through payment gateways.

Increase Your Sales with Uteach’s Best Marketing Tools

Promote the training and courses through various marketing channels.Start making offers more appealing and gain deeper insights by:

  • Offering memberships and bundles
  • Appling promo codes and discounts
  • Integrating with marketing tools
  • Awarding branded completion certificates
  • Sending marketing emails
  • Optimizing for search engines

Your Training in Students Pockets with Uteach Mobile

Provide a better and on-the-go learning experience for your students with a mobile app. Get a branded mobile app for your training academy without any technical skills.

  • All courses and training accessible in one click.

  • Push notifications regarding class schedules, important announcements, and deadlines.

  • Enrollments and purchases directly from the app.

Your Training in Students Pockets with Uteach Mobile

Analyze Business results With Simple Graphs

  • Track the students’ progress
  • Check their involvement in courses
  • Track your sales and revenue
  • See course enrollments and certified students

3000+ training centers and academies around the world have joined Uteach to reach their goals

training centers and academies around the world have joined Uteach to reach their goals
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Huge Savings, Wider Reach

Huge Savings, Wider Reach

  • Reduce the maintenance costs of physical assets by 90%․

  • Meet the needs of the 69% of students preferring ONLINE training experiences.

  • Increase student retention by 75% the right content.

  • Provide 24/7 accessibility and attract students with varying schedules․

Why Choose Uteach As Your Best Partner

Reducing costs with process automation

Automate administrative tasks carried out by your employees and reduce costs.

Personalized White-Label Solution

Get a fully customizable branded website and a mobile app, allowing you to establish a strong brand identity.

Enhanced Student Engagement

Offer varied content in different formats. Motivate your learners with branded certificates.

Centralized Payment Processing

Simplify payment processes by accepting and managing payments through a payment method of your choice without any transaction fees.

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Uteach is hands down the best platform…

Uteach has everything you need in one place and the layout is so intuitive and easy to navigate. It offers many features but they are not overwhelming and not complicated to get them working.


I am very happy

Everything is very user-friendly, simple and looks professional at the same time. Uteach has mobile app,CRM, affiliate system


Great lms!

It took just a few minutes to get everything set up, and Uteach made it convenient for users too with step-by-step instructions on how to connect a domain.


Way out performs Kajabi

I own a bunch of platforms for creating online courses- Kajabi seems to be the one I kept coming back to- until I found Uteach.


Fantastic tool for elearning builders.

I have been using it for more than 8 months. I can notice that the new elements or features are adding one by one to make it more powerful tool


With Uteach my courses are in good hands

I have tested many LMS and Uteach offers me many features. You can take your time to design all your courses and delivers them to your students with ease.


The Software I've Been Looking For

I wanted a course software that had all the essential features for video courses at a reasonable price. Uteach provided that and more.


A one-stop-shop LMS. Brilliant!

Building a course is easy, peazy, lemon squeezy, and delivers to students in a coherent fashion.

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