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Connect with like-minded people as enthusiastic about marketing as you and stay always motivated.

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How Things Work Within Uteach Community


Set Up Your Community

Add your community description or rules and set it as free or paid.

Add Topics & Control Access

Decide who can join, post, and create Topics in your community.

Keep the Discussion Going

Let your members share updates & posts in different Topics.

Make Your Students Brand Advocates

Turn current students into brand ambassadors to attract new students.

Your Community. Your Rules.

Monetize your community.

Generate a stable income with a one-time community membership fee while allowing your students to connect and interact with like-minded people.

Share updates and sell easily.

Market and promote your online courses and products within the community as your members get active and become hot leads.

Create a free community for everyone

Involve new students with the help of a free community by offering them valuable information and the opportunity to discuss different topics with like-minded people.

Add communities to the courses.

Create a separate community for each of your courses or groups. Լet your students hold discussions, giving them better value for the money they pay.

How Community Helps Your Business Scale?

How Community HelpsHow Community HelpsHow Community Helps

More profitability due to a customer-centric approach in the form of community.


Increase of student base as new learners trust the recommendations of your students within the community


Increase in the students’ satisfaction rates

Efficient Interactions. Supportive Learning.


Manage your community from your mobile app.

Keep track of all activities in the community directly from your app. Share updates, posts and interact with your community members on the go.

Encourage interactions with your online school.

Enable notifications and automated emails for new posts, comments, and replies to keep the discussions flowing on different Topics.

Frequently asked questions

Can I control who joins and posts in my communities?

Yes! You can manage who joins the community by creating groups and having a separate community for each group. Community members can post and create Topics unless you limit these functionalities, so only you can post.

Can I have both paid and free communities?

Yes! You can set your community as free so that the members do not have to pay to join. Or you can set a price for your community and charge for the membership. Thus, you can have both paid and free communities.

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