Check Your Students’ Knowledge with Quizzes and Give Certificates for Good Results

Do it with automated checking without wasting valuable time by doing it manually.

Quizzes for different cases

  • Create quizzes and display them on your website. So, students can pass these quizzes and learn the level of knowledge they have acquired. This is also an excellent opportunity to collect your users’ data.
  • Add a quiz in every section of video courses and let your students check their knowledge after completing each section.
  • Attach a passing quiz to video courses and give certificates
  • Add a quiz to your live sessions as homework

Get automated answers/do manual checking.

Choose whether or not you want the system to check the quizzes students pass automatically.

Automate checking excludes questions with short and long text answers․

As for manual checking, you get notifications and check yourself, comment on the answer and send the results back to the student.

Play with switching buttons

Pay attention to the switching buttons that help to manage a lot of actions related to the quiz you create:

  • Choose the activity status.
  • Decide on the quiz-style.
  • Set the quiz duration.
  • Add different answers formats: multiple choice, one correct answer, dropdown, picture choice, long text, short text.

Some important details

Manage a lot of actions related to the quiz you create

  • Duplicate the quiz in one click if you only need to make a few changes
  • Change the sequence of questions with drag and down function
  • Give access with the private link in case you don’t want to publish it for everyone

Create and Award Certificates

Create different certificates for every course.

Upload your logo and signature

The rest of the information such as date, the student name, will be generated automatically.

There is no need to create a certificate manually for every student.

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