Building a course has never been so easy

Your knowledge content is the point that prompts you forward.

Share knowledge through online courses and meet your students’ needs.

Create Videos

Create as many sections as you want on your course. Upload recorded videos in every section or add the link of your course published on YouTube, and the system will automatically display it on your online school.

Turn on/off the features of mandatory watching and move forward.

Attach Quizzes

You may attach a quiz to every section and final quiz to your online course and let the learners check the knowledge they acquire when passing the course.

Add Files

Add different formats of downloadable files to your course -
- PDFs, WORDs, Excel, PPTs, etc., or create textual content right on the course page. This is useful in case you need to provide additional material.

Give Certificates

The students who successfully pass the course and attached quiz can get a certificate with your logo and signature.

And you don’t need to create it separately for every student, because the system will generate it automatically for them who buy your course.

And the great thing is that you can decide your own passing score the students must pass in order to get the certificate.

Sell or share as a gift.

  • Set a price
  • Give discounts
  • Use coupons or
  • Just share your course as a gift

As well as limit the Access.

You have an opportunity to limit access to your course. Just set an expiration date (whether it is 1 month or 1 year) you want the course to be available for the students who buy it.

Send notifications

You don’t need to send emails or call your students in case of any changes in your course. It’s just a waste of time, because you can turn on the appropriate button․

Provide SEO Details

You have an opportunity to optimize your course for search engines. It will help the system better read your page content and offer it to the target audience.

Create awesome courses once and sell them for a lifetime.

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