How to Teach Yoga Online and Make a Living

How to Teach Yoga Online and Make a Living

When thinking amount starting an e-teaching business most of us immediately imagine a traditional school teacher. 

However, you don’t have to be a specific language or any school subject teacher to share your knowledge online and have a significant number of followers.  No matter you are a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, or makeup artist, your knowledge and skills is required in the market.

For this time, we are going to find it out how to teach yoga online. Believe me, there is a great number of people who prefer to learning yoga online.

Why did you start practicing yoga? I’m sure not for money but because you love it and feels like doing it. Yet, if you have a desire to earning living with the help of teaching yoga classes then you may make it come true.

Why Teach Yoga Online?


Why #1 High Demand.


It is accepted that people attend yoga classes in special studios. Yet, there are some people who prefer to experience yoga through online channels. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this number increased and today, many people don’t even think about going back to the traditional way. They want to save time, energy, and money. They consider it to be more comfortable and preferable.


Why Teach Yoga Online


Why #2 Wider Market.

Online services don’t recognize any time or distance limitations. People who want to practice yoga exercises are spread all over the world. Online classes make it easier to reach people in any part of the world. 

Accordingly, you reach a wider market, gain more followers, and convert them into loyal customers.


Why #3 Unlimited Features․


When relying on online services you get a wide variety of features to choose from. You may organize timetables, conduct live pieces of training (one-time training or monthly training), create and sell online courses, present webinars, etc. Here you have a wide choice.


Why #4 Potential Revenue.


Online training provides various opportunities for you. Thanks to the great number of interested people you increase your revenue. Besides, online courses will also prompt the sales forward. You create courses once but get revenue as many times as people buy them.


Why #5 More Flexibility.


Once you learn to teach yoga online and start your business in this field you will be really free in making decisions. All the classes are pointed according to your preferences. 

You may discuss the timetable with the users in advance or you present the timetable and people schedule the class according to their preferable time. As for the online courses they are even more flexible.


yoga online course


Once you have created and published the course online, you have nothing to do with it. People may buy it and watch whenever they like. 


Why #6 Increasing Visibility.


Have you ever thought about being found by potential students on the web? Some time ago this may be a joke. However, today this is more than real. 

Imagine that people may search “yoga online course” on Google and reach your yoga courses. This is another advantage to present your services online. 

5 Steps on How to Teach Yoga Online

If you are a good specialist (and I’m sure you are) it will be very easy for you to shift into the digital world and offer online services. Below I’m going to list the steps you should follow to present your classes.


№1 Choose Your Teaching Style


Video is the most effective way of teaching online. You should start with your particular style of teaching. Here you have several options to choose from. For instance, you may conduct live lessons.

You may create a live lesson and invite students to take part in it. During the lesson, you should be attentive to make sure the participants follow along with the instruction. While making instructions, the teacher is on the mat as in traditional yoga classes.


Choose Your Teaching Style


The next option is teaching through video courses. You create plans of courses. Sometimes it is better to create courses according to the background knowledge and experience of the students. In this regard, you may create courses for beginners, for middle stage people, and for advanced level.

If you are not sure which one will work for you better, you may test it, make experiments and understand which is the best way for growing your audience


№2 Prepare the Required Material


Teaching online doesn’t mean you don’t need to do any preparation work. For some people, this is even more important in online teaching. You still need your mat as you give instructions from it as in the case of traditional classes.

Besides, you should have the recorded online courses or the plan of live classes. In this way, you will manage the process smoothly and satisfy the learners. 

Having prepared the material in advance, you optimize your time and act professionally during the teaching process. It evokes trust among the participants towards you as a professional in the field.


№3 Create a Platform


Once you have an idea of your teaching style, you should think about a good platform to make it realize.

First of all, you should imagine what is the ideal platform to present online yoga courses, and make them available for the students. Some specialists prefer to conduct live lessons through Skype or Zoom calls, while they publish and sell courses from other platforms. Let’s agree that this is super unprofessional. 

I’m sure you don’t want to be a master in the field both with the quality of your knowledge and the way you present it. So, you are highly recommended to develop your own website with your dream domain name.

For instance, if you create a platform with Uteach and name it “yogaonline” you will have the website or you may choose any domain you like. It becomes your online brand.

Create a Platform


Such a platform helps to grow your community and reach a wider market, providing them flexibility. This means more people will have a chance to buy courses and practice them whenever they like, or schedule class on their preferable hours and save the road time staying at home.

Many people organize the teaching process through Zoom or Skype. Yet, this is super unprofessional and sometimes causes inconvenience. Creating your online yoga studio, you will see the difference and increasing engagement through the digital platforms.


№4 Make Your Services Available


This is a critical point because you need to do it very carefully and right. In this stage, you should create engaging video courses and publish them so that the learners get a chance to buy them. 

If you want to organize live lessons or continual courses through live lessons, then create these lessons, provide all the details about them and invite the participants. Accordingly, they get informing emails.

When publishing educational content, be attentive to the price. Analyze the market and offer a logical cost for your courses or classes. Take into consideration the amount your colleagues and other yoga teachers charge for similar services. 

If you cannot still decide on an exact price, you may test. Change the price throughout the time and learn what was the best price that provides the maximum amount of users and which is also profitable for your business and cover all the external costs.


№5 Invest in Marketing


No business may be fully successful without marketing. This is the way that helps business owners make their services and products visible to the audience. Especially in the online platforms, it is more than important to go for.

Create social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever channel you think your potential students may be found.

Invest in Marketing yoga


The next step is to create engaging content, publish attractive posts, and make people learn about your services. In the beginning, you may even run ads and reach as many people as possible by targeting the right people.

If you think it will be more effective to reach people through search engines then you should work on your website SEO or run ads on search engines. Imagine that people search for an expression like “best online yoga teachers” and reach your website. There is a great chance these people will buy your courses and take part in your classes.

Digital marketing provides more effective solutions in this regard. There are wider choices to reach the maximum number of potential learners.

Critical Points to Consider While Teaching Yoga Online

If you have already created your personal platform to teach yoga online, you may try to make use of some additional resources, to make your business grow and offer something more and interesting. Accordingly, your brand (yoga business) will differ from the competitors or at least don’t stay behind the competition. Let’s check out what else you may do to increase brand awareness and reach success.


1. Create a YouTube Channel


Having a YouTube channel along with your yoga teaching website may be a great support to your small but profitable business. Here you may publish engaging content and build a reputation as a professional yoga instructor among the community.

Once you manage to get a significant number of subscribers, you may even advertise your courses here, or create a video of tips leading the viewers to your online course to learn more.


2. Build a Community


Every business is successful by the satisfied end-users. The interested community of your target market is a great prompt for your growing business. You should create groups on different social media channels, organize discussions, open forums, and engage people.


Build a yoga Community


Also, be active in similar platforms where your community is active, present their concerns, and need questions. Be connected with them, provide support and let them know you care. Accordingly, you’ll be aware of the market requirement.


3. Stay Up to Date


The educational industry is always in change. Teachers, tutors, coaches are always in search of new ways to facilitate the process. As a good yoga trainer, you should know what your target market wants. You should clearly imagine the problems and inconveniences in the market and try to offer solutions.

Once you bring a new technique or a good solution for any issue you’ll be considered as a teacher who changes the culture. So, you will put a start on something new. 

To be such a trainer you need to never stop learning. Be a specialist who follows all the trends, concerns, and nuances. Be the first to offer new features and services to your community.


Teach Yoga Online through Uteach


You may start your online yoga services with the help of Uteach. Here you may create an attractive platform that will work fully functional for your learners. Thanks to this platform, you get a chance to

  • create live lessons
  • sell online courses
  • operate a Yoga blog 

Everything is done very easily. You only need to complete several actions:

1. Register on Uteach  
2. Create your site within minutes  
3. Choose a design  
4. Add some visual elements  
5. Fill in textual content  
6. Create necessary pages  
7. Organize live lessons  
8. Publish video courses  
9. Write and publish articles (in case you want to have a blog)

Once you do all the actions required for your style of teaching yoga you may already start earning money. This is very easy and the greatest thing is that Uteach support team is always there to help you reach the best possible success.

If you haven’t registered on Uteach yet, I offer to schedule a free demo and fully understand the functionality and features provided by this platform.

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Published 22 Jan 2021
Updated at 29 Feb 2024
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