Uteach vs. Learndash | Best LearnDash Alternative

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Article by Nelli Gevorgyan

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Published 05 Jul 2022
11 min read
Uteach vs. Learndash | Best LearnDash Alternative

The E-learning industry continuously evolves, and new opportunities arise along the way. However, in order to succeed, you need to work smart instead of hard.    

The platform on which you will host and base your online course creation business has to be feature-rich, easy to use, and modern.    

Therefore, in this article, we are going to compare two giant platforms in the e-learning industry for course creators Uteach Vs. LearnDash.   

Which one is better. Let’s find out!    

What are Uteach and Learndash?

First things first, let’s understand what both of these platforms are about. 


Uteach is potent automation created by professionals in the e-learning industry. With Uteach, you can create a whole e-learning business, sell digital & physical products, publish courses, webinars, live streams, and host coaching sessions as well. The diversity and Automation functionality Uteach offers are completely new on the market.    

Learndash is a powerful LMS, a learning management system that works great for online coaches, course creators, and others in the e-learning industry. 


So, both platforms are platforms mainly for coaches, course creators, and e-learning business owners who wish to share their knowledge with the world.

Factors you need to consider

Now, here are several factors that you need to take into account in order to choose the platform that will be the best “fit” for your business and success. 

Course builder

Let’s take a look at one of the essential elements of such kind of platform - Course Builder. The course builders soul is easy to use, customizable and offers just enough functionality to create a Selling Course and a website for the business. 

Builder opportunities

Uteach offers lots of builder opportunities, including a full-featured site builder. With Uteach, you can create a full-featured website for your e-learning business in less than 30 minutes. It allows you to easily add pages, change themes, choose from various ready-to-use templates, customize everything, add header and footer menus, etc.   

Basically, Uteach offers every single feature to create a successful website. Under the site builder functionality, you can find:

  • Theme Explorer 
  • Pages 
  • FAQs
  • Menu Builder
  • Images 
  • Email Settings 


Moreover, it is a fully visual drag & drop website builder.    

Also, it is worth mentioning that Uteach is extremely SEO-friendly and allows you to SEO optimize every aspect of your website, starting off with course descriptions and ending with the pages. So, with Uteach, you also gain an automatic higher chance to rank high on SERPs. For E.g., in the “Pages” tab, you can add/edit meta title, meta description, and meta keywords. 


Uteach offers an incredibly large amount of design and customization opportunities. As we have already mentioned, you can literally customize any area of your website and build it with a visual drag & drop builder. Also, you can find ready-to-use themes and templates for various purposes.    

E.g., for better website visual design, Uteach offers a wide variety of images, visual elements, videos, logos, and everything unique to your brand. With Uteach, you will love the design process as it is made:   

  • Simple - it allows you to use pre-made templates that do not overload the site
  • Navigable & Responsive - no matter what you change, Uteach is built in a way that is highly navigable and responsive to all screen sizes.    

LearnDash is compatible with many third-party plugins that will improve the overall design of the LMS platform. For example, it is compatible with Elementor. As Learndash is primarily a WordPress plugin, most significant edits are going to be done in collaboration with other add-ons. However, LearnDash still offers few customizations and design options. 

Digital products & Physical products

What is noticeable and unique about Uteach is that it allows you to sell both Digital & Physical products. Even if it is an offline webinar or printed book instead of an e-book, you can still easily sell it to your customers and ensure safe delivery.    

In terms of digital products, you can sell a whole variety of them, including gated content, e-books, courses, live lessons, webinars, basically, everything education relates that comes to your mind.    

Unlike Uteach, LearnDash does not offer an opportunity or tools to sell physical products. However, you can still easily sell digital products such as courses, webinars, etc. 


Selling digital products


Automation features nowadays are very important, as less time you spend on earning more money than the smarter you are. Routine tasks eat out our time, potentially decreasing return on investment levels. However, not anymore.    

With good automation, you will be able to provide a better remote learning experience for students, save a great deal of your time and improve students’ engagement rates. 

Live lessons

Uteach is the first platform in the industry to offer end-to-end live session opportunities. You can easily host live lessons with Uteach by following simple steps   

Of course, LearnDash also allows you to host live lessons, however only with third-party integrations.


Say no to spending your time on building quizzes from scratch. With Uteach, you can create an incredibly engaging quiz in a matter of minutes. Visit the Quiz tab, add multiple types of questions, and you can even set up whether the quiz will be checked automatically or manually (or both), once again saving time. In the reports tab, you also will be able to check the results.    

At the same time, LearnDash provides quiz-building opportunities as well, making sure to include a wide variety of quiz question types. 


With Uteach, you can also customize the certificate that matches your brand and give students who successfully passed the course with skill verification certificate. Also, you can choose the certificate design from pre-made templates. Uteach provides literally everything to have good branding but at the same time save your time.    

With LearnDash, you also have the opportunity to easily create certificates and assign them to specific courses or quizzes. Those are quite easy to create, so in terms of certification, platforms offer equal conformity. 

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations are extremely vital, as it can be very costly to create a platform that performs just the same from scratch. So, what do these e-learning platforms offer in this aspect?   

Uteach has lots of useful integrations for course creators, such as video apps (Zoom, InSpace), Marketplace Integrations, email software, Zapier, google Products, etc.    

If you want to learn more about integrations, check out the “Integrate Third-party Tools To Your Online Teaching Website” article.    

LearnDash has a big community base and add-ons you can integrate with. Some of those are Certificate Builder, WooCommerce integration, Stripe, Classrooms, 2Checkout, etc.    

More integrations LearnDash offers you can check out on this page. 




Company branding is the process of making your company unique, identifying and presenting to the audience string suits and USPs. Basically, the whole branding process focuses on one idea: what makes my company different from others, and why is it better? Branding includes visual parts like logo and colors and your company’s values, goals, and reputation. Branding helps to distinguish you from other companies, which, on the other hand, benefits you by making your company more recognizable.

White Labeling

White labeling allows you to use a platform that provides you with hosting without its name being visible.   


On Uteach, you have a full white-labeled website with Pro or Business subscription plans. The landing page, the login and registration pages, and the email will have no mentions of Uteach, only your brand name. Other things like assessments, including certificates and quizzes, won’t have the name “Uteach” on them either.   


LearnDash does not provide you with white labeling, but using third-party integrations like BuddyBoss theme, you can white label it to a certain extent.

Custom domain


Uteach allows you to have a personal custom domain for all types of paid subscriptions, including the cheapest plan. But you have to prepare and buy the domain name you want.   


LearnDash has no feature of customizing a domain name. You can do it using the Rebrand Learndash Pro plugin.

Marketing opportunities

If you have a course or other educational product, it is vital to have a promotional strategy. In this competitive industry, without marketing, even the best product won’t gain awareness and sales. And now, I suggest that we take a look at the main marketing opportunities that these platforms provide. 


With Uteach, you can add a blog and SEO optimize it in the best possible way to rank higher and gain lots of organic traffic. 


LearnDash is not a website builder as separate. However, it works perfectly fine with many website builders compatible with WordPress. So, if you want to have a blog on your website, you can, but the WordPress panel will control it. 


Checking different ideas


E-learning is a competitive industry. Therefore, you need good search engine optimization in order to gain visibility and increase sales. Good SEO will be a cost-effective strategy to gain more organic traffic. But what do those two platforms offer in the SEO sphere?    

Uteach is extremely SEO-friendly and offers lots of features to SEO optimize any area of your website. Above I have already mentioned what SEO features it has for the pages; now, let’s take a look at some others. E.g., for courses, Uteach offers SEO titles, SEO Description, and Course Keywords to rank for boxes.    

Also, Uteach has an SEO integration tool. With this new feature, you can now integrate various SEO tools to your website through Settings > General Settings and then put the script in the header or footer scripts.    

Meanwhile, LearDash, no matter how powerful, is a WordPress plugin. So, you can SEO optimize your content and everything from additional plugins in WordPress, but not with the platform itself. 

Student coupons

Both platforms offer coupon creation functionality.


Uteach has multiple features aimed at growing your audience and business. That is why it also allows you to easily create and add student coupons and discounts to promote and motivate the sales of the courses or other products you offer.    

To create a coupon with Learndash, go to WordPress > LearnDash LMS > Coupons. Afterward, click on “Add new coupon.” That is basically it; you can add Title and edit other settings for the coupon as well. 


In the pricing aspect, we declare Uteach a winner right away. Why? Just take a look at the differences down below. 



Uteach pricing



LearnDash alternative

So, basically Uteach offers more features and opportunities and, at the same time, costs multiple times less than LearnDash. 

Use cases


I believe that we cannot stress enough the wide variety of use cases for Uteach. However, let’s take a look at a few examples:   

  • So you want an e-learning website? 
  • Or maybe you want an educational blog with monetization options
  • Do you plan to sell both digital and physical products there?
  • Are you an online course creator?
  • Are you a professional coach?
  • Do you want to have a full-featured e-learning business?
  • Maybe you want powerful automation.   

For everything listed above and even more, Uteach is there for you. With Uteach, you will be able to create and customize a fully ready-to-use business website in less than 30 minutes with the drag & drop builder. Also, with the SEO optimization features, your site will have high ranking chances from the very beginning. 


Learndash is best for the very beginners or people who do not aim to create an ever-growing business around their educational content. It is quite a powerful LMS platform, however, does not offer as many growth opportunities as Uteach does. It is a good platform for creating a few courses, plus it works only with WordPress.    

You can use Learndash to power online educational content within your educational institution, such as school or college. Since you do not have to market it and already have an audience, you can use Learndash’s simple course builder to create your course quickly. With features such as membership websites, course bundles, bulk access, course subscriptions, and a shopping cart that you can embed into your website, you can boost your sails.   

If you use WordPress as a base for your website, you can get LearnDash as a WP plugin. It allows for quick site building, customization, and flexibility.

Uteach: The best online course platform for you

Uteach at the end of the day is the best choice for you. First of all, Uteach is more affordable. Meanwhile, Learndash is expensive itself, plus you can use it only with WordPress to optimize, which you will need many other expenses as well. In terms of affordability Uteach Wins. 


Uteach is a full-featured website builder, and you do not need additional resources or platforms to create your website with the visual drag & drop builder. So, in terms of saved time, Uteach also wins.    

Uteach is powerful all-in-one automation with which you can sell various education-related products, publish courses, host webinars & coaching sessions, and life lessons; SEO optimizes each aspect and even control the marketing element from it. Once again, Uteach wins in that aspect as well.   

Basically, Uteach will help you to save time & resources and bring the highest return on investment.    

Uteach is with you all the way towards success. Stop wasting any more time, and start right away!


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