How To Start Finance Coaching: 5 Important Steps

Finance coaching is a process through which a coach helps individuals with better money management and achievement of their financial goals. 

Throughout this article, we will cover everything you need to know about finance coaching. We will review the benefits gained, responsibilities and skills finance coaches must have, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to start your finance coaching program’s sales. 

So, if you're ready, let’s start! 

Benefits of finance coaching

First and foremost, let’s review the benefits of finance coaching. We will look at the benefits gained by coaches and individuals who take such type of coaching. 

Finance coaches will benefit from

  • Good market demand, thus unlimited income potential 
  • Flexible schedules and the ability to be their own boss
  • Access to international audiences 
  • The constant development of their own portfolio and skills 
  • Building a potent personal brand that can help you to land the best possible clients with higher payments 

Finance coaching is beneficial for individuals as well because they will gain advantages such as:

  • Helps them identify their finance-related goals, e.g., debt repayment, savings growth, investment portfolio diversifications, etc. 
  • Allows individuals to become better at savings and investments, which allows for further financial freedom 
  • Supports individuals toward their financial journey and throughout the process of obtaining major and smaller goals they have. 

The market for finance coaching

Well, now it is time to review the market of finance coaching. 

Market demand

Finance coaching enjoys good market demand in general. 

If we take a look at specific keyword data, on average, monthly searches for finance coaching  range from 1k to 10k. 

If you are well aware of your target audience and the mediums through which you can reach them, you will definitely be able to rank your website and finance coaching program offered and make sales. So, make sure to dedicate proper time and resources to market research and buyer personas creation. 


The competition on the market is medium, and you can rank your program with paid advertisement at quite reasonable prices. 

You can also rank with a good SEO optimization strategy. When making ads for landing pages, pay attention to targeting and, if needed, consult a marketing specialist. 

Finance coaching market

Finance coaching challenges

Finance coaches will also face certain challenges, so let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  • Lack of financial knowledge & resistance to change is the most common challenges faced. Yes, clients may hire you as a coach but resist changing their financial habits. Make sure to establish clear expectations and hold them accountable to avoid misunderstandings. 
  • The clients’ financial stress can be a huge challenge that stands their way toward achieving their financial goals. As a coach, you must deal with this stress and help them to overcome money anxieties. 
  • Limited resources of clients that won’t allow them to make significant changes. Make a plan to take smaller steps toward more considerable success over time. 
  • Time management. As a growing coach who gets more clients, managing your time and clients can become difficult. Luckily CRM systems are there to help. You also can consider getting or expanding your current team. 

Can finance coaching be online?

Yes, finance coaching can take place online. Online finance coaching will also come in handy with lots of benefits, such as no location barriers, scalability, and flexibility. 

Main responsibilities

Well, let’s also take a look at the main responsibilities of finance coaches. 

  • Assessing clients’ financial health 
  • Establishing and clarifying the goals of the client 
  • Supporting and guiding clients toward the achievement of their finance-related goals 
  • Development of tailored recommendations that will allow clients to overcome difficulties and achieve their objectives 
  • Keeping track of clients’ progress and providing on-time constructive feedback. 

5 steps to start online finance coaching

Let’s dive into the practical part of this article. We will review all the steps you need to take in order to start finance coaching. 

Step 1 - Market Research 

Well, for starters, do proper market research.

Find your direct and indirect competitors. Analyze competitor data to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their products as well as strategies. 

Also, market research will help you to be well aware of current demand and supply levels on the market as well as current trends. It will allow you to find your target market, identify their pain points, and market your program in a way that offers solutions to them. 

Step 2  - Establish the Program’s Goals & Develop materials 

Identify the program’s goals and develop an overall structure. 

Of course, as a coaching program, it must be tailored and customized to an individual’s needs. However, you must still have goals and overall structure prepared. 

So, carefully research and structure a program well suitable for most people, then customize and tailor it. You can structure the program based on your expertise and knowledge and competitor analysis data. Do not forget to include a USP. 

Make sure to include assessments and advice, and have structure for the whole program and an approximate structure and goals for each coaching session that the program includes. 

Step 3 - Marketing Strategy Creation 

The next step is to create a proper marketing strategy. 

You must have tactics both for organic and paid marketing in order to create a truly efficient strategy. Make sure to SEO optimize the content on your website to rank higher in SERPs. 

A good marketing strategy must include

  • Marketing mix
  • USP
  • Branding strategies 
  • Marketing channels
  • Budget 

Step 4 - Choose a Platform 

Choose a good coaching platform that will help you out throughout your journey. 

A good coaching platform must offer features such as:

  • Website builder & Course builder 
  • Live functionality 
  • Marketing & Automation features to save your time and automate repetitive tasks 
  • Mobile App.

All of these and many more features are offered by Uteach. You can create quizzes and certificates and take advantage of various CRM features. 

Step 5 - Build a Website & Start Sales 

Finally, it is time to build a website and start sales. 

Make sure your website has proper branding, e.g., 3-5 colors, white spaces, and solid fonts that contribute to its readability. 

Also, ensure that your website's speed is optimized properly to provide the best possible user experience. For speed optimization, you can compress visual materials. 

When the website with all its content is also ready, you can hit that publish button and start sales of your finance coaching program. Implement all the marketing tactics accordingly to your marketing plan, generate leads, nurture them, and get your real-time coaching clients. 

Needed skills for finance coaching

Every finance coach must have a certain set of hard and soft skills in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the coaching program. 

Hard Skills

The top hard skills any finance coach must have include:

  • Industry-specific knowledge & skills, such as financial planning and analytics
  • Investment management and awareness of the current stock market value, etc.
  • Tax planning skills
  • Debt management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills 

Soft Skills

To level up the online finance coaching program even further, you must also have these soft skills, such as

  • Active Listening skills
  • Effective communication to set clear goals, and expectations 
  • Patience and empathy (EI)

FAQ about finance coaching

This section of the article will answer all the most common questions related to finance coaching. 

Can I start finance coaching with minimum investments?

Yes, you can start finance coaching with minimum investments. 

In order to start a financial coaching program, you need to make investments in areas such as coaching platforms, collaborative learning/design tools, and certain equipment such as (microphones). 

Do I need certification for creating finance coaching?

Technically you do not need a certification; however, it is better to have one. 

You need strong industry knowledge. If you have a certification or degree in finance/business that backs it up is better. It will help you to appear more trustworthy to your target audience. 

So, let’s say you have a degree in business, economics, or other finance-related studies, plus expertise. Well, you won’t need a certification, but keep in mind that coaching programs are aimed at training and preparing you to become an efficient coach. 

Not every industry expert is a good coach. Thus, you may consider getting training for coaches to learn various methodologies and techniques to make sure your programs are effective for the participants. 

How much does it cost to create finance coaching?

The cost of creating a financial coaching program varies. Keep in mind that most of the costs besides physical equipment, such as a camera or microphone, are recurring on a monthly basis. 

So, here are the key areas of investments with approximate numbers:

  • Coaching platform ($30 to $250/mo)
  • Design Tools (e.g., Canva) & Other software that can help you ($30)
  • Microphone ($30) 
  • Marketing budget ($100 to get started) 

You will need from $200 up to $500. 

How much can I earn by selling finance coaching?

The income potential is unlimited as long as you do proper targeting for your ads and find high-quality leads. 

The average market prices for online finance coaching per hour range from $100 to $300. You can price the program according to the hours spent. For instance, a monthly package with 4-6 meetings can cost around $600-$800 (beginner coaches). 

Thus, if you find your first ten clients during the first month and sell the program for $700, you will make $7000. 

How to measure finance coaching effectiveness?

There are multiple ways that you can measure the effectiveness of finance coaching. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Ask for clients’ feedback 
  • Keep track of participants’ progress over time 
  • Measure in terms of achieved goals and the speed of obtaining particulate financial goals 
  • Financial metrics 
  • Clients’ satisfaction rate 

How long does it take to create finance coaching?

If you focus on the creation of the program and dedicate some time and effort, you can develop a program and start sales in a month or two. 

Break down the whole process into smaller steps and stages to ensure you are building a quality program that will provide coachees with results and help them achieve their goals.

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