Start Leadership Training Now: Detailed Guide

Leadership training is a process aimed at improving individuals' capacities and abilities to perform in leadership positions. It trains good leaders able to lead the workforce, projects, etc., efficiently, bring ideas to life, and help businesses achieve their objectives. 

Throughout this article, we will review everything related to leadership training. It will cover aspects such as benefits, market demand, and trainer's responsibilities and provide you with a step-by-step guide on starting your leadership training program. 

So, if you are ready, let's start! 

Benefits of leadership training

Leadership training does not just enjoy good demand on the market for no reason. It equips individuals, organizations, and coaches themselves with a variety of benefits. These benefits essentially are amongst the main reasons why such training enjoys great popularity in today’s market. 

So, let’s review some of the benefits. 

  • Levels up individual’s skills and abilities, affecting overall performance increase 
  • Helps individuals to build up self-esteem and confidence 
  • Allows individuals to develop valuable for today’s market skills. Which that open up new opportunities for leadership and managerial positions in job markets. 
  • Equips organizations with employees that are able to perform well. Thus efficiently managing business processes and increase its profits 
  • Increases employee satisfaction rate among organizations, as good leaders are able to motivate the workforce efficiently 
  • On-demand and scalable training 
  • Continues development for the trainer, which improves skills and abilities to work with different people 

The market of leadership training

Let’s dive into the market overview for leadership training. This section will provide overall insight to current market trends, including demand and overall competition. 

Market demand

The market demand for leadership training is pretty high. For instance, the keyword “online leadership training” has average monthly searches of 100 to 1k. Meanwhile, the keyword “leadership training” gets average monthly searches from 10k to 100k. 

Individuals search for good trainers to level up their skills and get promotions to managerial roles. Organizations look for trainers to improve the performance of their current leaders. So, with a proper SEO strategy, you can aim and rank for these keywords matching your buyer persona’s search intent and increasing your program’s discoverability. 


The competition to rank for keywords mentioned above is medium. Medium competition indicates good demand, alongside good chances for you to rank and get discovered by potential buyers. 

Also, the ad costs for these keywords are in an affordable price range, starting from $0/98 to $17/43. 

Leadership training keywords

Leadership training challenges

Indeed, leadership training enjoys good demand and provides you with high-income potential, but there are certain challenges that you, as a trainer, will face. Being aware of those is quite important, so let’s take a look. 

  • Employee development. Working with different individuals and constantly pushing them toward development is not always easy. As a trainer, you must be well aware of the fact that everyone is different and learns at a different pace. 
  • Inspiring clients to take action. As a trainer, you musta also be equipped with skills and ware of methodologies that will allow you to inspire your trainees to take action as leaders. 
  • Guiding change and managing progress
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the training also can be quite challenging. 

Can leadership training be online?

Online leadership training in our current reality enjoys more popularity and demand on the market. So, yes, it can be held online.

In fact, it is preferable by individuals and organizations due to more flexibility, both time and location-wise. 

Main responsibilities

Well, training is not all fun and games. Take it with a grain of salt, as you are a professional with certain responsibilities. 

  • Identify employee behaviors that need to be changed/improved to contribute to better efficiency. 
  • Work on the self-concept and perception of the clients to build up confidence. 
  • Teach clients up-to-date leadership techniques and concepts & balance theory with practice. 
  • Develop and customize leadership programs for different organizations and teams to make sure they are well-suited for specific scenarios. 
  • Inspire employees to be better leaders and take action. 

7 steps to start an online leadership training

Well, it is time to dive into the practical part of this article. Let’s take a look at the main steps you have to take to create successful online leadership training. 

Step 1 - Set Goals 

Identify the main objective and smaller goals of your program. Identification of goals will help you to clarify the target audience. Besides, it will also help you to create a proper outline. 

Step 2 - Do Market Research

Make sure to conduct proper market research. It will help you to:

  • Understand who is your target market 
  • Segment target market 
  • Analyze the strengths & weaknesses of your competitors
  • Understand the needs & wants as well as the pain points of your customers 
  • Get a better idea of current market trends and demand.

The gathered data can be used to create a proper program that meets clients' needs & expectations and provides solutions to their pain points. 

Step 3 - Create a Training Outline 

An outline is like a syllabus; it includes all the topics, assessments, tests, and everything else that training will include. So, make sure to create one. Also, keep in mind that a good outline must also have sections such as:

  • Training Description
  • Learning Objectives & Outcomes 
  • Additional readings, materials 

Step 4 - Develop Training Materials 

Based on the outline, develop training materials. Make sure your training balances theory and practice. 

Usually, leadership training must include the following:

  • Theoretical topics (e.g., best leadership practices)
  • Collaborative learning activities (e.g., simulated real-life scenarios where students must find solutions) 
  • Additional readings, audio, and other materials 
  • Quizzes & tests to measure progress 
  • Presentations, infographics, and other visual materials

Step 5 - Create a Marketing Plan 

Create a marketing plan. Your product can be great, but no one will make a purchase unless it is presented properly. 

So, make sure that you create and follow the best marketing strategies that will drive sales and establish brand authority. 

You must have strategies both for organic and paid marketing. To establish authority, you can provide educational content on social media and website blogs. If you properly SEO-optimize that content, you will not only provide value to your audience but also increase your chances of ranking higher, thus having increased website traffic. 

As for paid strategies, create paid social media ads and landing pages. 

Step 6 - Choose the Platform & Build a Website 

The next step to creating a leadership training program is to choose a platform. An online training platform is software that allows you to publish and sell training programs. A good platform offers lots of customization options, building features, and marketing opportunities. 

For instance, you can consider Uteach to build a full-features training business and further expand it. Uteach comes in handy with the following:

  • Website Builder
  • Course Builder 
  • Integrations 
  • Live functionality 
  • Local payment gateway 
  • Marketing Features 

And many more. 

Step 7 - Start Sales 

Well, it is finally time to start sales. When you are all set with marketing strategy, platform, and product, it is time to apply everything into practice. With proper targeting and goals, you will soon enough get your first clients and build a good reputation in the market. 

Needed skills for leadership training

As a leadership trainer, you also must have certain skills. Let’s take a look at some. 

Hard Skills

  • Deep understanding of leadership
  • Up-to-date knowledge of best leadership practices 
  • Data analysis and interpretation skills to assess the efficiency of the training and gather measurable data based on which you can develop a further plan of action
  • Instructional design methodologies
  • Ability to design and facilitate effective training 
  • Communication skills 

Soft Skills 

  • Empathy and high emotional intelligence 
  • Active listening 
  • Flexibility 
  • Leadership and motivational skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Attention to detail 

FAQ about leadership training

This section will answer the most frequently asked questions related to leadership training programs. So, if you are ready, let’s dive into it. 

Can I start the leadership training with minimum investments?

It is possible to start leadership training with minimum investments. For instance, if you choose to start online leadership training, you will need to make investments only in key aspects such as marketing, platform, and microphone. Maybe, also a few additional software for design and editing. 

Do I need certification for creating leadership training?

No, you do not need a certification to start leadership training. What you do need, though, is expertise in the area and being a good leader yourself. You must be well aware of recent trends, methodologies, and any updates. Also, it is good if you are well aware of human psychology. 

Even though you do not need a certification, you can consider taking a “training for trainers” type of program. These programs are aimed at teaching you specific knowledge and skills that trainers need to host successful and efficient training. 

How much does it cost to create leadership training?

Costs of creating leadership training vary, and most of the costs are recurring on a monthly basis. The main investment areas are platform ($39-$250),design software (e.g., Canva $12),collaborative learning tools ($20-$60),microphone $30 (assuming you have a web camera or your laptop/phone camera are good) and marketing budget ($100-$150). 

So, the approximate cost to start is around $200-$500. 

How much can I earn with selling leadership training?

Earning potential depends on our demand as a trainer, expertise, and in a sense, popularity. People and organizations choose trusted trainers. So, as a beginner, you must work on building good authority in the market and make sure that your clients are satisfied to get positive reviews. 

However, the approximate price for a live online leadership training program (around two months) in today’s market is around $800-$1500 per individual. If you train a team price ranges from $1500 up to $7000. Thus, if you price the training $1000 and get the first ten clients during the first two months, you will earn $10,000. 

How to measure leadership training effectiveness?

There are multiple ways to measure leadership training effectiveness. So, let’s take a look at the main ones:

  • Get feedback from the team (if B2B collaboration) and from clients (if B2C collaboration)
  • Measure the company’s profitability, ROI rate, and other measurable data to see improvements and effects of the training in real-time results. 
  • Evaluate achievement of objectives and long and short-term goals. 
  • Keep track of the client’s progress in terms of confidence, performance, and taking action. 

How long does it take to create leadership training?

Creating leadership training program can take anywhere near 1 to 2 months. Divide teh process into multiple stages. E.g., 

  • Stage 1: Market research & Outline Creation 
  • Stage 2: Platform & Website 
  • Stage 3: Marketing Strategy and Lead Nurturing Plan 
  • Stage 4: Content & Social Media 
  • Stage 5: Promotion & Sales 

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