Ultimate Guide To Create Project Management Courses

Project Management Courses are pre-recorded programs that provide students with essential skills for successful project management. These courses cover various aspects of project management, from scheduling to risk management and strategy execution. 

So, if you are looking for the ultimate guide on how to create successful project management courses, you are at the right place. Let's get started. 

Benefits of project management courses

First of all, let's quickly go through the benefits of project management courses that instructors, students, and even organizations gain. 

  • Learners gain valuable skills that they can implement in their professional or personal life later on. 
  • Learners are able to improve their time-management skills, which allows for better productivity and efficiency. 
  • Learners essentially acquire skills that allow them to set and achieve goals. 
  • Organizations get employees who are able to manage various projects to achieve project & business objectives successfully 
  • As an instructor, you enter a market with yet medium competition but increasing demand. 
  • Allows you to monetize your expertise in the management of projects 
  • Gives you an opportunity to improve your own project management skills, as your current project is the development of a particular course and a whole business 

The market for project management courses

Well, now is just the right time to review the market of project management courses. 

Market demand

Online courses generally enjoy high market demand. As for project management courses, they are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people take such courses to improve their management skills, as the project does not necessarily have to be work-related. These courses provide valuable skillsets almost everyone needs. 

If we take a look at keyword search data on average:

  • Online project management courses have 1k-10k monthly searches. 
  • Project management courses have 10k-100k monthly searches. 


In terms of competition, we can see that it is medium. Thus, demand can be defined as good. However, the market is not very competitive, which will allow you to stand out from competitors with the right strategy. 

Also, from the data presented below, we can see the cost for ads using particular keywords, and the costs are affordable. So, you can also incorporate the right SEO strategies to rank on the first page and make sales. 

Project management course keywords

Project management courses challenges

Even though course creation and sales are a fun process, there are still certain challenges that you will face. So, let's take a look at the main ones.

  • Time investment 
  • You have to learn lots of the latest SEO strategies to rank your project management course. 
  • Requires you to learn the basics of digital marketing and proper targeting 
  • It may not be what students expect, which can drive bad reviews (to avoid this, make the goals of the course clear in the description and outline) 
  • Finding a proper place where you can shoot the videos for the course 
  • Putting together a wholesome project management course that will be efficient for learners 

Can project management courses be online?

Yes, project management courses can be and are essentially online. Most courses are pre-recorded educational programs that are available online, unlike training and coaching that can take place via live meetings online or offline in a classroom setting. 

Main responsibilities

Well, it is the perfect time to review the main responsibilities of the project management course creator. 

  • Create a course that meets goals & outcomes, as mentioned in the outline. 
  • Keep track of students' progress and answer questions from the students. 
  • Make sure to dedicate time to gathering feedback and making improvements to the course content. 
  • Keeping up-to-date with new methodologies related to better project management to update your course.

7 steps to create online project management courses

Finally, it is time for the practical part of this article. Let's take a look at the main steps to creating a project management course. 

Step 1 - Market Research 

To complete this step, answer these questions;

  • Who is my target audience? 
  • What are the segments of my target market?
  • Who are my buyer personas?
  • How am I going to reach each segment (buyer persona)?
  • What do my competitors do? What are their strengths & weaknesses?
  • What is the USP of my product?
  • What are the strengths & weaknesses of my product?

Based on all gathered data, create an appropriate marketing strategy.

Step 2 - Competitor Analysis

Many course creators underestimate the value of competitor analysis. However, a proper analysis will provide you with an immense amount of benefits, including saved time & financial resources. 

Competitive analysis can provide you with valuable insights regarding several aspects. These include:

  • Demographics of your intended audience
  • Marketing channels that are most effective for driving engagement and growth
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the products or services you provide
  • Latest trends in your industry
  • Competitor analysis will help you even to price your product properly. 

To conduct competitor analysis and identify direct and indirect competitors. E.g., direct competitors are project management course creators; indirect ones are general course creators, e.g., marketing, sales, and programming. Then, gather measurable data related to the performance of their products/services. 

You can also keep an eye on marketing tactics and strategies your competitors use and analyze their performance of those. Also, be careful about what mediums they promote their product. 

Step 3 - Establish Course Goals & Outline 

The next step is to create a course outline. In order to create one, you must establish clear goals for the course. 

Then, based on these goals, you can develop a wholesome outline that includes the following:

  • Games & assessments 
  • Tests & Quizzes 
  • Pre-recorded lectures and Interactive Presentations. 

Make sure that every activity incorporated into the course contributes to the learner's knowledge of project management. Also, try to balance theory with practice. 

Step 4 - Develop Course Materials 

After the outline is clear, it is time to develop materials accordingly. You can start with the development of quizzes, tests & assessments as well as presentations. Afterward, write scripts for videos and shoot these. 

Put your course together when everything is ready, revised, and edited. Well, but where? Good question; we will answer it during the next step. 

Step 5 - Choose a Platform & Create a Website

It is your turn to pick a platform. 

There are a variety of online course creation and management platforms available. However, good ones have key features such as:

  • Customization options 
  • Website & course builder 
  • Marketing Features 
  • Good UI 
  • Integrations 
  • Live functionality 
  • Many more 

If you want to get all of these features, we will save you time and recommend you to look through Uteach & Thinkific. 

When you choose the platform, develop a website sticking to branding rules. 

Step 6 - Publish the Course & Start Promoting 

Finally, publish the course on the website you developed. Make sure the Content on your website is well SEO-optimized to drive organic traffic. After publishing, you can create a separate landing page for that particular course and turn on Google Ads with proper targeting to generate quality leads. 

Step 7 - Create More Courses 

If you want to make selling project management courses a full-time income, then one course won't be enough. You should constantly develop and publish more and more courses. Each time make necessary improvements and updates. 

Needed skills for project management courses

Also, as an instructor, you must be equipped with certain skills to make your courses more efficient. 

Hard Skills

  • Excellent time management skills to create and publish promised courses on time 
  • Oral and written communication skills to make videos interesting, position yourself properly, and sound clear 
  • Technical skills 

Soft Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • High Emotional Intelligence as you are going to be dealing with different clients 

FAQ about project management courses

This section will answer the most common questions related to project management courses. 

Can I create project management courses with minimum investments?

Yes, you can create project management courses with minimum investments. 

The key areas of investment are equipment (such as camera & microphone),platform, and software for design & video editing. 

Do I need certification for creating project management courses?

No, you do not need a certification to create project management courses. Your skillset is enough. However, you must be experienced in order to provide value. 

How much does it cost to create project management courses?

Well, the numbers fluctuate, but here is the general picture. 

If you already have a good camera, then your costs are

  • Microphone $20-$50 
  • Course creation platform $30-$250
  • The design tool, e.g., Canva, is around $12 
  • Video editing software (plenty of free ones available, yet you can get paid one around $30/mo)

So, start-up costs are around $90-$400. Meanwhile, the monthly recurring costs of the software you use (if you did not purchase a lifetime version) will be $72-$300. 

How much can I earn by selling project management courses?

Your income potential depends fully on you. On average, course creators who rely on passive income from multiple courses earn anywhere near 1k-10k/mo. 

As for project management courses, if you price it around $100 and generate just 20 clients a month, you will get $2000 just from that single course. 

If you also start offering training and coaching programs, you may double, if not triple, your income potential. 

How to measure project management course effectiveness?

In order to measure the effectiveness of the project management courses:

  • Gather feedback from students 
  • Measure results of quizzes and tests to track performance improvements over time 
  • Utilize platforms that offer built-in analytics features. 

All the points above will help you measure the course's effectiveness for clients. As for yourself and your business, pay attention to

  • ROI rate (e.g., how much have you spent on ad and how many paying clients you were able to generate) 
  • Customer Acquisition Cost 
  • Number of returning customers 
  • Increase in course sales over time

How long does it take to create project management courses?

Creation of project management courses can take anywhere from 3 weeks up to 2 months. It depends on your ability to manage time to meet the deadline of your own project. Thus, practice the skills yourself and set goals & deadlines to create the course and start sales. 

We recommend breaking the process down into a few stages and dedicating around a week to each stage. For instance, the model below:

  • Stage 1: Market Research, ICP & Creation of Value Proposition Canvas
  • Stage 2: Creation of Marketing Strategy, then Buyer Personas and tactics to reach each segment of your target audience
  • Stage 3: Development of course goals, outcomes, and outline of the program 
  • Stage 4: Development of course materials 
  • Stage 5: Website Creation & Filling it with Content 
  • Stage 6: Publishing Course & Promotion

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