Get All Your Question Answers About Starting Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a process through which a coach works with teams. The aim of team coaching is to improve the collaboration and performance of various teams allowing them to work on the achievement of common goals more efficiently. 

Throughout this article, we will review everything related to team coaching starting from benefits and ending with a practical step-by-step guide on how to start your coaching program/business. 

So, if you are ready to learn more, let's begin! 

Benefits of team coaching

First of all, let's review the main benefits of team coaching. We will review the benefits gained by coaches, teams, and, of course, organizations. 

  • Helps teams to work toward a common objective, thus being more efficient. 
  • Decreases risks of conflicts and misunderstandings 
  • Helps employees to develop their skills on a continuous basis
  • Allows organizations to achieve results faster due to efficient teams 
  • Constant personal growth journey for the coach due to working with various teams and different individuals 
  • More scalable and enjoy higher demand on the market 
  • Saves more time than individual coaching 
  • Easier to engage participants and encourage collaborative learning activities 

The market for team coaching

Before you actually dive into the niche of team coaching, let's find out more about the current market. 

Market demand

The market of coaching, in general, has had huge growth throughout past years and will have more annual growth throughout upcoming years. 

If we take a look specifically at team coaching, e.g., average monthly searches for certain keywords, we get an approximate picture of 1k-10k searches for keywords such as "team coaching." 


Well, what about the competition then? In fact, competition to rank for keywords such as "team coach," "team coaching," and "team coaching program" is around medium to high. 

High competition is an indicator of high demand. Even though it can be more difficult to rank for keywords with high competition, optimizing your content will give you the most chances to improve the visibility of your program and generate sales.   

Team coaching market

Team coaching challenges

As a team coach; you must be prepared for certain challenges. Being aware of possible issues that may arise will allow you to come up with more effective solutions. 

So, here we are:

  • Develop skills. Coaching is aimed at the long-term behavioral change that requires the development of skills and habits accompanying the behavior. This can be challenging to achieve, as you are going to be dealing with established professionals with certain ways of thinking and belief systems.
  • Challenging the belief systems of participants and giving them opportunities to enhance their thinking capabilities 
  • Helping each individual in the team find their strongest suits by which they can contribute to the overall success. 
  • Work with individuals in the team, making sure you pay attention to each of them equally. 
  • Building up work & team ethics 
  • Setting up objectives 
  • Keeping track of students' progress 
  • Ensuring to engage participants in discussions can also be quite challenging. 

Can team coaching be online?

Yes, team coaching can be online. 

With the rise of eLearning's popularity, online coaching, and training programs have also grown. The online world allows for a faster connection, saves time & resources well, and provides more engagement opportunities through collaborative learning tools. 

So, if you want to eliminate location barriers and provide the best experience for your students, you should start offering online team coaching sessions and programs. 

Main responsibilities

As a team coach, you will be responsible for the following: 

  • Clarification of the team's mission & objectives 
  • Aligning the team's individual goals and efforts with the target goals of the organization
  • Creating unified teams that are set for success
  • Facilitation of effective communication between team members 
  • Promoting a growth mindset among team members 

5 steps to start an online team coaching

If you want to get started with team coaching, then let's review the main steps you must take to create and sell the program. 

Step 1 - Define Your Program's Goal 

First of all, you must define the goal of your program. 

What is the goal of your program? What skills will your program develop in participants, and why would they need these skills? 

When you are clear on the objectives of the program, it becomes easier to market as well. 

Step 2 - Identify the Target Market 

Well, let's say you already clarified the main goals for the program. Now, it is just the perfect time to identify the target market. 

Knowing your target market will allow you to deliver the content & product to the right people at the right time. Those are key elements of catching attention and making a sale. 

Thus, make sure to dedicate time to finding out:

  • Current market trends 
  • Demand & Supply situation of the team coaching market
  • What do your competitors do? (e.g., campaigns, selling strategies, what programs they offer, pricing strategies, etc.)
  • Who do your competitors target? 
  • What mediums do your competitors use to reach their target market?
  • What are the segments of your target market? (after identification, create buyer personas for each to do marketing even further personalized and thus efficient)

Step 3 - Create a Program Outline 

Indeed, not everything can be planned in coaching, as clients must adopt programs. However, you still must have an overall outline or plan of action. 

The outline will help you to clear things up and incorporate the best possible techniques, assessments, and practices into the program. Thus, making it better. 

Step 4 - Build a Website 

Next step is to build a website. First of all, you will need a platform. Instead of going with website builders such as Wix or WordPress, we recommend you choose a dedicated LMS platform; they will save you more time and resources. 

For instance, if you choose platforms such as Uteach, LearnWorlds, or Thinkific, you will get:

  • Website & Course Builder (drag & Drop, no coding skills required)
  • Live functionality 
  • Integrations with your favorite tools
  • Local payment gateway (Uteach) 
  • CRM & Variety of Marketing features 
  • Lots of customization options as well as pre-made themes and templates to save your time 

Make sure that the platform of your choice is lightweight, has good loading speed, and works seamlessly. 

So, get clear on the platform and start building your website. Make sure to include pages such as:

  • Home Page (briefly introduce what you do, what the brand is about, and what you offer)
  • Blog (if you have time, then start a blog and share your expertise to build authority and drive additional traffic) 
  • Products (present programs you offer) 
  • Testimonials and Reviews (present certifications and past clients' reviews)

Make sure that your website content is well SEO-optimized and written in a comprehensive language. 

Step 5 - Publish the Program and Start the Sales 

Well, after everything is set up, it is time to publish the program and start sales. 

Keep in mind that you must have good marketing strategies both for organic and paid marketing. For instance, a well-SEO-optimized website and blog will help you to drive organic traffic. Thus, allowing you to build a loyal audience and increase brand awareness, authority, and engagement rates. 

Meanwhile, creating landing pages and turning on ads with proper targeting will allow you to generate leads quickly. You can later on nurture those leads to turn into real-time customers. 

Needed skills for team coaching

As a coach, you need certain skills to be able to host truly effective programs.

  • Effective communication 
  • Ability to motivate individuals and help them in effective relationship building with one another
  • Active listening to find out more about each individual and identify the best tactics that will lead to more productive work with them
  • Questioning skills to guide and lead individuals toward change and positive mindset shifts 

FAQ about team coaching

Well, it is time to get answers to the Most Common Questions about team coaching. 

Can I start the team coaching with minimum investments?

Indeed you can start team coaching with minimum investments. As usual coaching business, you will need a platform, microphone, camera (if your phone camera is good, then it is enough),and a few tools for design, editing, and collaboration. 

Do I need certification for creating team coaching?

Yes and no. 

Technically you do not need a certification to start coaching. However, a certification implies that you are trained as a professional coach and are able to provide high-class experiences. So, certification increases the trust factor toward you as a team coach. Thus, making B2B & B2C collaborations easier. 

Plus, to get a certification, you must complete a program that will train and upgrade your skills as a coach, making you an efficient professional who can deliver results. 

How much does it cost to create team coaching?

Costs will vary. However, here are the main expenses:

  • Camera. This cost will be eliminated if you have a phone with a good-quality camera. 
  • Microphone. Good small microphones will cost around $30 
  • Coaching software from $39 up to $250/mo 
  • Marketing budget $100 - $200 

So, in order to get started with team coaching, you need anywhere near $150 - $500. 

How much can I earn by selling team coaching?

Your income potential depends on your hustling and time-management skills. On average, team coaches make around $8000 to $20,000 a month. 

Let's say if you work with three teams each, each has 3 to 5 individuals, and the price per program is $3000/mo. You will get $9000/mo during the first month. 

So, make it your goal to find the first three collaborations during the first month and start enjoying life on your terms. 

How to measure team coaching effectiveness?

There are a variety of tools that allow coaches to measure the effectiveness of team coaching sessions:

  • Revise objectives, whether or not they were met (both long and short-term ones)
  • Ask for feedback from each individual on the team 
  • Ask manager for feedback on improvements of the team's performance & overall results that they deliver 
  • Take notes and generally keep track of where each of the coachees was when you started and how they developed throughout 
  • Use analytics software 

How long does it take to create team coaching?

It depends on the individual. If you decide you prepare the coaching program in several stages, you can make one approximately from 1 to 3 months. 

You can dedicate the first stage to market research and the development of the outline. The next stage to the development of materials and website content. Afterward, the final stage to sales. 

Keep in mind that coaching is not exact training. Yes, indeed, you must have an overall outline, assessments, and materials. However, you must remain flexible. As a team coach, you will work with various teams in different industries.

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