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Please be aware that  Uteach support is not responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting issues within third-party tools. 

What is Digistore24 for? 

Digistore24 is an online sales platform. It helps you sell digital products and services. You can also use Digistore24 to track sales and customer data.

The Digistore24 integration allows Uteach users to easily manage payments, affiliate marketing, and sales automation for their online courses. By connecting your Digistore24 account, you can offer an easy purchasing experience to your students using one of the leading online sales platforms. 

In general, Digistore24 can be used to:

  • Ensure all transactions are secure with Digistore24’s advanced security protocols.
  • Utilize Digistore24’s affiliate network to expand your reach and increase sales.
  • Automate your sales processes, including upsells and downsells.
  • Digistore24 will take care of tax and invoicing for you.
  • Get comprehensive reports on transactions, sales, and affiliate performance.

What do you need for Digistore24 integration? 

To set up your Digistore24 integration, you will need to create an API key and insert it in your Uteach dashboard. You can create the API key from your Digistore24 account. 

To access Digistore24 integration, you need to

  • Log in to your Uteach account.
  • Navigate to the Financial tab and Payment Gateway section.
  • Click on Digistore24
  • Access the API key field and fill it out.

If you are looking for a detailed guide on how to integrate Digistore24 with Uteach, check out our knowledge base.  

How to use Digistore24 with Uteach? 

Uteach offers integrations with more than payment gateways and local payment methods. 

To use Digistore24, you will need to make sure it is supported in your country. Once you choose your country, Uteach displays the accessible payment methods you can choose from. 

If Digistore24 can be found in that list, click on it and follow the instructions mentioned above. 

After setting it as your main payment gateway, you should also choose the currency in which you will receive the payment. Digistore24 mainly supports EUR, USD, and CHF.

If you want to make a refund to your student, the process can be achieved through your Uteach school dashboard. To do so, navigate to the My Profit section from your dashboard, select the student you wish to refund, and click the refund button. 

Learn more: How Can I Make a Refund? 


How are chargebacks handled with Digistore24?

When there's an issue with a subscription or installment payment, the customer receives an email titled "There is a problem with your order" along with a link to resolve the payment issue. At the same time, you receive an IPN notification (Event: chargeback),so your system can block the customer's access until the payment is completed.

At this point, no more debit attempts will be made. The subscription or installment payment is automatically canceled, and the customer’s access is revoked. The customer must click the reactivation link and provide their payment details to restart the payment process.

For more information, check out the Digistore24 Help Center

Why are my students unable to pay? 

Make sure that Digistore24 is selected as an active payment method in your course settings and that there are no restrictions on your Digistore24 account.

Digistore24 Resources  

If you need assistance with your Digistore24 account, check out the support options and resources the platform offers. 

Disable Digistore24 

You can disable Digistore24 integration if you do not want to receive payments using this method.  To do so:

  • Navigate to the Financial tab > Payment Gateway from your dashboard.
  • Find Digistore24 in the list and click the three dots. 
  • Click the Delete button.