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What is Paystack for? 


Paystack is a premier payment gateway in Africa known for its simplicity, speed, and secure transactions. Paystack’s solutions facilitate seamless payment processes, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for your students.

Thus, The Paystack integration allows Uteach users to provide a secure payment experience for your students. You will be able to accept payments using a range of methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, mobile money, USSD codes, etc. 

Paystack can be used to:

  • Send and receive payments.
  • Collect one-time and recurring payments from your app or website
  • Be protected from fraudulent transactions and associated chargeback claims.
  • Get reporting and accounting from your dashboard. 

What do you need for Paystack integration? 

Paystack is one of the easiest integrations with Uteach. You only need the Secret key, which you can find by navigating to the Settings section of your Paystack account. 

After generating the key, insert it in the corresponding field of your Uteach online school dashboard. Here is how. 

  • Log in to your Uteach account.
  • Navigate to the Financial tab and Payment Gateway section.
  • Select Paystack
  • Access the Secret key field and fill it out.

If you need to learn more about how to integrate Paystack with Uteach, check out our knowledge base.  

How to use Paystack with Uteach? 

Uteach works with various payment gateways and local payment methods. 

To use Paystack, first check if it's available in your country.

After you choose your country, Uteach will show the payment options available in your country. You can accept payments anywhere in the world if the payer uses a Mastercard, Visa, or Verve card. 

If Paystack appears as an option, select it and follow the setup steps. Also, choose the currency for payments. Paystack mainly accepts payments with GHS (Ghana),NGN (Nigeria),USD, ZAR (South Africa),and KES (Kenya). 

After receiving the payments, you can also refund the students if necessary. 

To refund a student, go to the My Profit section on your Uteach dashboard, find the student, and click the refund button.

See more: How Can I Make a Refund? 

You can track all information related to student payments in the My Profit section of your Uteach dashboard. 


How are chargebacks handled with Paystack?

Here is what Paystack says about accepting and declining chargebacks. 

Accepting a chargeback means you received the payment but didn't deliver the product or service. This can happen due to technical issues or human error. When you accept a chargeback, the funds are taken from your payouts and returned to the customer's bank account. Paystack doesn't charge a penalty for accepting a chargeback, but the full transaction amount is refunded to the customer.

Declining a chargeback means you received the customer's payment and delivered the product or service. To support your claim, you need to provide evidence like a receipt or invoice. If the evidence is insufficient, the chargeback will be automatically accepted.

Why are my students unable to pay? 

Make sure that Paystack is selected as an active payment method in your course settings and that there are no restrictions on your Paystack account.

Paystack Resources  

If you need assistance with your Paystack account, check out the support options and resources the platform offers. 

Disable Paystack 

You can disable Paystack integration if you do not want to receive payments using this method.  To do so:

  • Navigate to the Financial tab > Payment Gateway from your dashboard.
  • Find Paystack on the list and click the three dots in the right-hand corner. 
  • Click the Delete button. 

After deleting it, you will see a confirmation message.