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What is Wayforpay for? 

Wayforpay is a powerful system that makes payments through your site more convenient and easier. It is a versatile payment gateway that is trusted for its reliability and comprehensive features.

By integrating WayForPay, you can ensure convenience and flexibility for your students and accept payments via different methods. 

Other features Wayforpay offers include the following:

  • Anti-fraud monitoring system
  • Automatic fiscalization of online payments
  • Accept payments offline
  • Create landing pages
  • Issue invoices for payments, etc. 

What do you need for Wayforpay integration? 

To integrate Wayforpay with your online Uteach school, you need your Secret key and Wayforpay account details. You can find them by logging in to your Wayforpay account and navigating to the Shop Settings section. 

For detailed instructions on how to integrate Wayforpay with Uteach, check out our article: Wayforpay.

Once you have your key and account details, you will need to insert it in the corresponding integration section. To do so

  • Log in to your Uteach account.
  • Navigate to the Financial tab and Payment Gateway section.
  • Choose Wayforpay from the list of displayed payment gateways.
  • Access the Wayforpay Account and Secret key fields and fill them out. 

How to use Wayforpay with Uteach? 

Once Wayforpay is set up as your payment gateway, you'll receive a confirmation message. It's important to note that Uteach doesn't allow you to use multiple payment gateways simultaneously to receive payments.

Apart from selecting your payment method, you need to specify the country and the currency. 

Your country determines the available payment gateway options.  The currency is what you prefer for receiving payments. Currently, Wayforpay supports around 30+ currencies. 

Once payments start coming in, you can also issue full or partial refunds to your students as needed.

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All incoming payments can be tracked through your Uteach online school dashboard. The My Profit section provides comprehensive details on product prices, user information, payment statuses, and more.


Is Wayforpay safe?

WayForPay is considered to be safe and is trusted for online transactions due to its security protocols. They have incorporated numerous measures to safeguard user information and transactions. These measures encompass adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS),which is obligatory for all entities handling major credit cards. 

Besides, WayForPay employs SSL encryption to ensure data security during transmission and provides extra security features. 

What if my students report issues with payments?

If your students are experiencing payment issues, confirm that WayForPay is selected as the active payment method and that all required options are enabled.

Wayforpay Resources 

Wayforpay provides detailed documentation on how to get started and proceed with the platform. 

You can reach Wayforpay support through Viber, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. If you have other questions, you can connect with the support team at [email protected]

Disable Wayforpay 

If you want to stop receiving payments via Wayforpay or choose another payment method, follow these steps. 

  • Navigate to the Financial tab > Payment Gateway from your dashboard.
  • Choose Wayforpay and click the three dots in the bottom right corner. 
  • Click the Delete button. 

Afterward, you will be ready to choose another payment gateway.