Write For Us: Read The Guest Posting Guidelines To Get Started 

Welcome! We appreciate the interest you show in writing a guest post for Uteach. Our guidelines show what we are exactly looking for so that you will have a great chance of success.

What describes us best?

Uteach is an all-in-one  platform that helps coaches, instructors and trainers to monetize their knowledge while simultaneously helping many online learners around the globe to achieve their learning goals.

Our website has thousands of organic users and direct visitors from different parts of the world who want to get answers of all Ws and Hs. Our articles are mainly informative and enjoyable to read.

How to fit in our style?

We only accept authentic guest posts that meet our audience’s needs and are of high quality. Here are things to consider so that we reach out to you sooner than you can imagine!

Requirements for articles

  • Authenticity: 100% unique articles are given priority

  • Topics: Related to online tutoring, coaching & training and not be covered in our blog

  • Word count: 2000-5000 words

  • Complexity: Easy-to-read articles (Maximum 9 Difficulty checked by hemingwayapp.com)

  • Accuracy: To be considered accurate not only the content but also grammar should be to the point

  • Structure:Correctly structured articles are welcomed. (e.g., several H2s and bullet points)

  • Not spammy: no spam, no casino-related, no inappropriate links

  • Linking: Well linked. You should add 2-5 external and 2-5 internal links. No service page links. Homepage links, only if there is a product listing.

Becoming our contributor

Here is what to need to know as a possible contributor.

  • We don’t charge any fee for guest posting. It is completely free.

  • We provide only do-follow links. Links will not contain sponsored, no-referrer tags and will not be removed.

  • We can check the request and reach out within 2 weeks

  • The article will be presented by author-name.

  • The owner of the article is Uteach. Accordingly, we can change the article to meet our needs (no link will be removed, though). This also means that the author cannot provide the same article to other sources.

    Steps to submission

    In order to submit the article for approval, follow up these steps:

    1. Check whether we covered that topic or not: First thing first make sure the topic you are putting forward has not been spoken about. We want to provide our audience with fresh and insightful content every time.

    1. Structure content outline: Before going into writing content itself, provide the content outline to help us understand the article's main points.

    1. Send the idea: Let us knowabout what you have to offer by filling out this form

    1. Get feedback: Wait about two weeks until we reach out to you with the final decision.

    1. Write the article:  Prepare the content according to the guidelines mentioned above.

    1. Wait for the article to be approved: Now, it’s time for us to check the article. After we have looked through it, you must complete all necessary changes.

    1. Do needed changes: Follow our feedback to refine the article bringing it to its final state.

    1. Get live article URL: Voila! You have your article published safely and sound.

    Good luck! We are looking forward to your submissions.