8 Steps to Become a Successful Online Fitness Trainer

Article by Vera Mirzoyan / Updated at .29 Mar 2024
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8 Steps to Become a Successful Online Fitness Trainer

Being a fitness trainer is not just about desire and specialty. It may become a business strategy and require preparation. 

But what you need to do to turn your passion into a progressive online career. Let’s go on and learn how to become an online fitness trainer!

Online Fitness Coaching

These days when everything online is very popular and preferable, many people choose to train at home instead of visiting gyms. This process when the coach trains online through the Internet and different digital platforms is called online fitness coaching.

Fitness trainers offer different approaches, guidance through virtual classes, video courses, individual training, or various online fitness coaching packages.

You may choose your personal style of teaching fitness and offer services according to your preferences. Some of the most common forms are:

- daily, weekly, or monthly workout plans for a general audience base    
- personal packages for individual participants    
- group workout packages    
- virtual support    
- nutrition coaching and health tips    
- virtual fitness assessments    
- introduction of different exercises 

Why You Should Become an Online Fitness Trainer?

If you are not sure about going digital continue reading. I’m going to introduce the points that will help you make the right decision.


Why You Should Become an Online Fitness Trainer


Today, people emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They visit gyms, do a workout, and follow their food diet. However, some people find this difficult because they don’t have time or enough budget for this.

Being an online coach you may reach such potential clients as well and offer them affordable and comfortable services. This way, you get another teaching approach and coaching options. Being a professional online fitness trainer is:


- Flexible


You have the right to choose any coaching approach and technology you find appropriate for that specific case or situation. By creating your own platform you may cooperate with different coaches and reach a wider audience. 

You get a chance to conduct virtual classes, present and sell courses, and offer any service you like anywhere and any time.


- Scalable


Being an online trainer does not pretend that you always have to be there personally. You may record online courses and make them available on your platform. Here the clients may check them out and take part in them. You, in turn, will have more time to spend on other duties.


- Cost-effective


Digital-based pieces of training are cheaper and seem to be more attractive and effective than an expensive gym package. Customers may buy for instance a monthly workout course and do it without having to pay membership fees. 

This is also a more effective choice for you. There is no need to visit a gym or studio, pay for transportation, etc. And the most fantastic thing is that you are the decision-maker. 

You decide how much to charge for the offered services taking into consideration how much do online personal trainers make. The income you make is all yours and there is no need to share it with the gym.

8 Steps to Become an Online Fitness Trainer

As you have already made the decision to become an online fitness coach, I want to make the process more clear so that you imagine what possible challenges you may face and what you need to do to overcome them. 

Let’s go on reading and you will get a detailed step-by-step guide to complete the process. Come on!


Step #1 Choose Your Specialty


As a fitness trainer, you should have chosen a specific field to experience and get specialized in. Probably, you are passionate about it and that makes the process even more motivational and effective. 

When choosing one, consider your strengths and highlight what you manage to do better, then dive into it deeper.


Steps to Become an Online Fitness Trainer


Some of the most common fitness coaching niches that you may also go for are:

- Strength and conditioning training    
- Discipline-specific support (for instance, marathon training, etc.)    
- Pre-natal or post-natal training    
- Mobility and recovery    
- Competitive athletics

When you are specialized in a specific direction, you get a reputation in that field. When people want to go on that niche, they are more likely to choose an experienced master in the exact field rather than someone who tries to be good at every field.


Step #2 Think about Qualification


Analyze the market and understand whether or not you need a qualification to start the fitness coaching services and how beneficial it will be for you.

Usually, fitness trainers do not need to have a qualification, however, having one will increase your reputation and make people trust you easily. Besides, having spent a lot of time on your profession you will like to be officially specialized in the field and have a diploma or certification as proof of it.

The right qualification will make you an expert in the niche and help to achieve a higher stage of success. To get a qualification you should work with sports academies, associations or related institutions.

Yet, if you are not so passionate about having a proven qualification, you may analyze the accepted behavior and realize whether or not it is a must for your target market and location.


Step #3 Define Your Target Client


Before offering any service you should know who the target audience is. This is a very critical point as every service or product is meant to solve a problem available in the market. Decide the type of person who you think is your best possible client.


Define Your Target Client


To make a decision, answer several questions:

1. Who they are?    
2. Where they may be found?    
3. What are their preferences?    
4. What is their age and gender?    
5. What hobbies they have?    
6. Which media channels they are more likely to be found?

For more targeted identification, try to answer these questions.

- Is your target group consist of self-directed people or they prefer regular instructions?    
- Are they experienced athletes or beginners?    
- Do they have interests in other forms of instructions such as yoga?    
- Are they interested in gaining or losing weight, or gaining muscles?    
The answers to these questions will help you imagine your ideal client. You may generalize the answers and get an image of one person who will be the representative figure of your target audience.


Step #4 Prepare Personalized Material


Once you have already shaped the general image of your client base, you may go on creating the educational material and planning the overall process. As you know who the target audience is you find it easier to go on and offer the best possible solution personalized to meet the market needs and requirements.


Prepare Personalized Material


In this stage, create the plan for your services. If you want to present and sell online courses, plan the overall course length. Divide it into small videos, imagine how you should present each video, then start recording.

If you are interested in conducting regular live lessons or continual training packages, you should again plan and imagine the duration of the lesson. From time to time you may even organize webinars and similar discussions to attract potential audiences and engage them. 

Every action you make should be prepared in advance. This way you know what you are going to do and everything becomes more professional.


Step #5 Create Your Professional platform


After preparing the material you should think about having a platform where you will publish everything and through which you will reach your target market.

You may create an online personal trainer software - your own website where you may realize all the actions, attract clients, share your knowledge, and get paid.

If you aren’t still aware, Uteach is such a website builder for any kind of education provider. No matter you are a business coach, yoga teacher, makeup artist, marketing consultant, school teacher, life coach, or a fitness trainer. 

Here you have a chance to create a professional platform within minutes and start your online career path.

With the help of Uteach, you can:

- create a website with your desired domain name    
- add visuals and textual content    
- publish online courses and sell them    
- organize webinars    
- conduct live lessons and pieces of training    
- publish blog articles    
- come up with quizzes and tests    
- and even provide certificates

You may start using Uteach today. Just take your free trial and start now or schedule a free demo. During an online meeting, our specialist will present you with the features of the platform and answer all your questions. Note that here you also have an opportunity to a completely free subscription.

Take Your Chance



Step #6 Make Your Attractive Content Available


When you launch your website (it will take a few minutes with Uteach), you can already publish the material and become available to the overall online market.


Make Your Attractive Content Available


Publish your online courses, write a detailed description and make everything clear for the page visitors.

Create live lessons and assign dates and times, invite the interested students and make it available for everybody else who wants to schedule one.

Publish informative content on your blog. This may be related to special exercises or a food diet.

Availability in the online market gives you a higher chance to reach a wider market. These days people look for services or products online. Your digital presence will have a positive influence on this.


Step #7 Be Active in Different Social Platforms


The target market will not immediately know about your online platform as soon as you launch it and publish the content. You are highly recommended to be active in different social media channels.

Create a business page on Facebook, connect it to your Instagram account, and present engaging content to arouse the followers’ interest. Make them feel the value of your content and its benefit for them.

You may also create a YouTube channel and record attractive videos. Gain followers through informative content, present some tricks and techniques but do not make everything obvious. Keep some secrets to identify in the paid courses.


Be Active in Different Social Platforms


Do not forget to follow the trends and go along with your community. Join related groups and discussions, stay close to the fears and concerns in the target market. Answer to questions, express your opinion, give recommendations, and make people feel you care.


Step #8 Evoke Credibility


Online fitness training gives you an opportunity to make use of various forms of content material. Accordingly, the chance to gain credibility increases. 

The video content, which will surely be your main focus, is an especially effective format in this regard. People like faces and seeing a human on the other side of the screen they tend to believe and trust better.

The blog is another useful feature that Uteach offers. Presenting articles including informative content, writing tips, and giving pieces of advice will be very critical in gaining trust. 

The blog helps you to reach the audience when they search about the topic you have presented in your blog.

The most important point to focus on is to always have your typical client in front of you. Keep their concerns and fears in front of you and try to offer solutions that best meet their requirements.

Ask your real users to express their opinion and write reviews on your courses. People like to hear others’ opinions about any service or product they are interested in. At first, you may lack real people who will write feedback but there is always a second choice.

At first, you may offer some training sessions for free so that people don’t risk their budget. Those who are interested will take part in your free courses and if they like (and I’m sure they will), they will pay for your services, write positive feedbacks, and even recommend your services to others.

Take this into consideration, do not miss your chance to have your own online business - something you like to do and which helps you earn a significant amount of income. 

I am sure, there are lots of people who are ready to pay to learn from you. So, do not make them wait longer. Start today and let your success drive itself forward.

You are one step back to your professional career path.

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