Complete Guide For Starting Health Coaching

Health coaching is a process through which coaches guide individuals toward the improvement of their health and overall well-being. Coaches work with individuals to set and achieve goals, overcome various challenges, and empower participants. 

Throughout this article, we will review everything you need to know top get started with an online health coaching business. It will cover benefits, responsibilities, and the market and even provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get started. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

Benefits of health coaching

Health coaching is an amazing program that equips individuals with skills and knowledge to improve their health. It also benefits coaches in many ways. So, let’s just simply overview the major benefits of health coaching both for coaches and individuals.

Benefits for individuals include:

  • Equips individuals with appropriate knowledge on how to handle stressful situations, e.g., deal with anxiety, and remain calm to avoid effects on health 
  • Helps individuals to learn a variety of tools and tactics that will contribute to their overall well-being 
  • Provides participants with a personalized approach to well being instead of general recommendations
  • Sets clarity and supports individuals throughout their health journey
  • Enhances accountability and motivation levels toward personal health 
  • Contributes to health improvements.

Benefits for coaches include

  • Professional growth as a coach due to continuous work with clients
  • Better expertise, thus increased trust factor that leads to more clients and income potential
  • Self-fulfillment 
  • On-demand coaching 
  • Opportunity for financial independence. 

Indeed, there are many other benefits that both individuals and coaches will gain. However, we outlined the primary ones. 

The market of health coaching

Perfect timing to overview the current market situation on health coaching. 

Market demand

Health coaching enjoys good markets demand with the growth of the well-being industry. In 2020 U.S. health coaching market size was valued at $6.08 billion; experts also predicted growth at an annual rate of almost 7% till 2028. 

There is a variety of factors that contribute to this immense market growth that health coaching faces currently. These factors include rising awareness of the vitality of taking care of one’s health and living a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial in the long run. 

If we take a look at the keywords related to health coaching to understand current search trends, we have a picture like this:

  • 1k-10k searches for health coach/mo
  • 10k-100k searches for health coaching/mo 
  • 100-1k searches for online health coach/mo.

Compared to other niches, health coaching is one that enjoys a higher amount of average monthly searches. 


Now it is time to overview the competition. High demand also can indicate high competition. According to the data presented down below, if you want to rank for different keywords related to health coaching, you will face medium to high competition. 

Thus, we recommend that you have a proper SEO strategy to rank both for free and paid keywords on SERPs and make your website discoverable by users. 

Health coaching market

Health coaching challenges

Health coaching also comes in handy with certain challenges that coaches must face and overcome. Let’s review the main ones.

  • Managing asuccessful coach-client relationship 
  • Building trust. It is not as easy as it may seem. You will need to incorporate various methodologies to establish trust between you and the client to make sure that they get the best possible results. 
  • Resistance toward change. This is quite a common challenge, especially among older-generation clients. They have developed habits that are hard to change, and they may even have subconscious resistance toward change that does not allow them to break out of the toxic circle, even if they want to on a conscious level. Your goals as a coach are to identify such barriers both on conscious and subconscious levels to help the clients achieve their goals. 
  • Marketing challenges. As a beginner coach in an industry that already enjoys high competition alongside high demand, it can be hard at the beginning to market your program properly and get the first clients. However, it is vital to keep going. We will elaborate more on marketing in the Guide part of this article. 

There can be other challenges, including technical or time zone differences. However, these were the primary ones. 

Can health coaching be online?

Yes, health coaching absolutely can take place online. 

If you want to enjoy benefits such as flexibility, scalability, and unlimited income potential, you definitely should choose online health coaching over traditional setting coaching. 

Main responsibilities

Health coaches have certain responsibilities that they must take seriously. Let’s review the main ones:

  • Consulting and evaluating individuals’ current health state 
  • Helping individuals to establish and clarify goals & objectives related to their health 
  • Development of custom healthcare plans for clients tailored to their needs and goals
  • Continuous support and feedback to the client 

8 steps to starting an online health coaching

Well, it is time to dive in into the practical part of this article. Here is your ultimate guide to starting an online health coaching program sales. 

Step 1 - Market Research & Analysis

The first step is to do market research and analysis. 

Market research will help you to identify the following:

  • Your target market 
  • Your direct and indirect competitors 
  • Gather valuable data to create a proper marketing strategy and make efficient business-related decisions.

You can use data gathered from market research to:

  • Conduct competitive analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses of your competitor products & services as well as strategies that work and do not work 
  • Find mediums to efficiently reach your target audience 
  • Create buyer personas and properly segment your target market. 

Step 2 - Program’s Outline Development 

Next step is to develop the program’s outline. 

Keep in mind that the program must be tailored for each individual. However, you can still develop an overall program outline. The outline must also include outcomes and goals. You can also add a section of expectations from the participants to make sure they are aware of their accountability for results. 

Step 3 - Choosing assessments, methods, and activities for the Program 

Choose various coaching methodologies you can use throughout the program and try to understand which will work best in the case of health coaching. 

Also, research and incorporate various health challenges, activities, and exercises into the program. 

Step 4 - Marketing Strategy 

Create a proper marketing strategy. 

Based on all the gathered data, you must create a working marketing strategy to promote your coaching program. Come up with a USP to help you differentiate from your competitors. 

Also, create different tactics to reach each segment of your market based on buyer personas. You can utilize both organic and paid marketing tactics, as well as SEO-optimization strategies, to rank your website higher in SERPs. 

Step 5 - Choose the Coaching Platform 

It is time to choose a coaching platform. The right platform must ease up the process of online coaching business management and offer features that allow for

  • Customization
  • Flexibility 
  • Automation
  • Do not require coding skills.

One of the best coaching platforms out there is Uteach. It is a potent tool that will allow you to build and fully customize your coaching business’s website. With Uteach, you also will be able to sell both digital and physical products. 

It comes in handy with features such as a website & course builder, allows you to host live coaching sessions, and even have a blog. It is worth mentioning that Uteach has a built-in SEO allowing your business website to rank in SERPs. 

Step 6 - Create the Website 

After you choose a coaching platform, it is actually time to create a website. Make sure to follow simple guidelines such as having enough white spaces, compressing images to make sure the website’s loading speed is on point, and using solid fonts so that the content on your website is comprehensive and readable. 

Step 7 - Get Started!

Finally, when you are all set, it is time to actually get started. 

Publish the website and start sales of your health coaching program, creating a landing page for it to generate high-quality leads. 

Needed skills for health coaching

Health coaches must be equipped with certain skills in order to provide high-quality programs that lead to results. 

Hard Skills

  • Knowledge about health and wellness
  • Professional coaching skills and awareness of various techniques & methodologies
  • Technology skills to facilitate successful training 
  • Quetining skills

Soft Skills

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Empathy and high Emotional Intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Ability to motivate 

FAQ about health coaching

This section of the article will answer the most common questions about health coaching. So, if you are ready, let’s dive into it! 

Can I start the health coaching with minimum investments?

Yes, it is possible to start health coaching with minimum investments. 

To start an online health coaching program, you need to invest in a few key aspects, such as the coaching platform, marketing budget, and design software. 

Do I need certification for creating health coaching?

Technically you do not need a certification to work as a health coach. However, you must have expert industry knowledge. If you already have that knowledge, you might as well get a certified professional certification. 

Many clients naturally prefer to work with certified professionals, as they appear to be more professional. So, certification increases the trust factor toward you. 

How much does it cost to create health coaching?

To create a health coaching program, you will need to invest in

  • Coaching platform ($30 to $250) 
  • Microphone to make sure that 
  • Marketing budget of $100 to get started with 
  • Design software to create infographics, presentations, and other visuals to enhance the experience of the coachees. ($12)

So, you will need around $150 to $350/mo. 

How much can I earn by selling health coaching?

Income potential is unlimited. However, it will indeed vary depending on various factors. For instance, more experienced coaches have a wider client base and price their programs as more expensive than average market prices. Intermediate and beginner coaches offer programs around the same price range. 

On average, a health coaching program costs from $300 to $500 per month when offering a 6-month package to actually see and track results. So, if you price a program at $300/mo and find the first ten clients, you will make $3000/mo, and for the wholesome program, $18.000. 

How to measure health coaching effectiveness?

Here are multiple ways to measure health coaching effectiveness:

  • Track clients’ progress to ensure their results 
  • Ask for client feedback 
  • Measure the speed at which clients achieve/come closer to their goals
  • Incorporate assessments and surveys into the program. 

How long does it take to create health coaching?

The timing will vary from individual to individual. Plus, keep in mind that the coaching program must still be tailored for each client. However, to create an overall outline of the program with certain goals and objectives and a business website, you will need around a month. 

Break down the whole process into several steps, as mentioned in the guide. The most time-consuming steps are market and competitor research and then analysis. Afterward, everything becomes more clear and easy.

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