7x5 Best Platforms and Tools for the Online Course Creation

7x5 Best Platforms and Tools for the Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation is an excellent way to make some profit and share your knowledge with the world. Especially within the pandemic, e-learning became incredibly popular.          

Therefore, we suggest looking at the best platforms and tools that will help you in different aspects of the whole process of creating a successful course.          

So, if you are ready, let’s just start. 



Why choose online courses and how to launch?

Definitely, you have come across the question of why you should choose online courses, create those, and how they can overall benefit you. Well, let me answer that briefly. Online courses are the most popular way of learning nowadays, whether it is a single-lesson class or a two-month-long training program. 


More and more people prefer e-learning over traditional learning because it saves time and money. There is no need for separate locations. It is very time flexible, especially with pre-recorded classes. 


So, why should you choose online courses? Because it is time you start keeping up with the trends in order to stay on demand in the market, alongside using all the benefits it offers.


To launch an online course, you will have to complete several steps, such as market research, slide makers, video editing programs, etc. 



Step 1 - Identify your audience and Choose your niche 

Identifying your audience and choosing your niche is a very important step to get started. Suppose you are good at several things, but you have to consider what you are good at teaching. I suggest focusing on one specific area in order to be the best in it; therefore, consider your niche. 


Afterward, identify your ideal client by completing market research. If you want to be in demand, you will have to meet your target client’s needs and wants; to do that, you have to be familiar with those. There are several market research techniques, and in this article, we presented multiple tools to complete it without the need to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Step 2 - Create a content 

Your next step will be the creation of good content. If you are making audio materials, make sure your voice sounds clear, use devices good enough, because, in this competitive market, everyone prefers better quality. 


Same if you create pre-recorded courses, make sure to shoot 4k videos (you will not need a professional camera for that, most phones are able to do that), as well as use a good editing program to have a smooth video at the end. Some tips for creating high quality video:

  • Use a good camera; no matter is it a professional camera or phone camera, make sure it shoots clearly with no noise 
  • Shoot in good lighting 
  • Shoot with a clean background, avoid distractions and extra subjects around you 
  • Differentiate investments and costs 



Step 3 - Create Visuals 

Graphics and presentations with good visuals are rather significant. To produce an excellent presentation, simply download a platform like Canva and create one using a ready-made template. Powerpoint, or any other app/platform, could also be used. Some pointers that apply to all of them are as follows: 

  • Make use of soothing hues
  • Research color psychology
  • Look into color theory
  • Contrast colors should be used
  • Make sure the content is readable and avoid using handwritten fonts

More on Slide Maker platforms you can read in this article as well. 

Step 4 - Choose a Platform

Choose a good platform. You cannot imagine how crucial it is to choose a platform that will make your life easier in every aspect. For example, if you choose WordPress or Wix (see a comparison here), which are both free website builders, you will still need a web developer to assist you in creating a good website, you will have additional costs such as add-ons and hosting services, and of course, you will waste an incredible amount of time for almost nothing. 


Meanwhile, if you choose ready-to-use platforms such as Uteach, Teachable, etc., those will provide you with an opportunity to create a website in a few clicks. Afterward, you can publish all the materials and even have a blog on your website, customize headers, footers, menus, and every other area you need. Those platforms are cost-effective, and they still give you lots of customization options. 

Step 5 - Do some research 

To have a more profound idea about online coaching, how to create an engaging video, instructor-led training, and benefits and drawbacks of online coaching, you will have to complete some research, read a few articles, and practice a lot.          

Now, let’s look at the main tools that will help you create amazing video courses, and successfully complete all of the steps mentioned above.           


Market research tools

Let’s start with the market research tools because market research is one of the most critical aspects of your business, especially if you want to have sales. Market research will provide you with a better understanding of a market customer needs and allow you to create strategies and provide services that will meet customer needs, basically, services that are on-demand. 


Therefore, if you establish a business and offer a product based on the results of market research, you are more likely to generate higher sales. A more precise definition of market research is - effort, and research aimed to gather data about the market. There are several methods to complete market research and several tools, which we will review down below. 

Google Research Tools

In order to complete good market research, you will have to surf the internet quite cautiously. And one of the most powerful browsers to complete market research is Google. Indeed, you have noticed while searching something on Google that it brings up millions of results, which speaks about the power of the tool. In Google, you can find literally any data you may need. However, it can be slovenly. 


On the other hand, it is apparent that the process can be facilitated with the usage of the correct tools. Let’s take a look at those down below. 

  • Google Keyword Planner - This tool offered by Google works great for SEO optimization and further research/planning of keyword stuffing. This tool is available for completely free, and besides suggesting relevant keywords for your searches, it also shows data of monthly searches, along with costs to target them. 
  • Google Trends - This is a free platform created by Google; it analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google searches. The best part is that the platform displays the data in graphs, making it visually easier to comprehend and interpret. 


Statista is a well-known organization that focuses on market data collection and analysis about the customers, and it could be a great way to begin your search. This website claims to be the number one business data platform, providing insights and statistics across 170 sectors and industries. The best part is that it offers a free plan along with two premium packages with a few modifications and upgrades. The major benefits indeed are the relevant data and information. Furthermore, the major goal is to empower and accelerate the decision-making process for enterprises.


Upwave is a platform for uniting teams and working on projects by ruining location barriers. With Upwave, you can visualize projects in many ways; it is great for risk management and daily tasks management. Upwave is industry-leading predictive analytics, with large consumer data available and tools to measure campaign results & overall performance. 

Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center provides important information related to consumer data alongside the analysis of necessary information. With this tool you can get the full audit of the data you put in. 


Ahrefs is an online platform that assists you in making your website optimized in every aspect. Apart from search engine optimization, Ahrefs allows you to analyze your competitors and look at the needs of your customers – and this will help you with market research. It has a little guide for beginners, so you don’t waste your time. Also, Ahrefs has a really good reputation: it is used by big companies such as LinkedIn and Adobe, plus it works just perfectly as an SEO tool as well. 



Slide makers

Slide makers are perfect to create an incredible design and visuals, to spice up your course. Besides, we all have to remember the importance of visual communication nowadays. Most of us are visual learners, and one of the most potent tools to keep your audience engaged and make sure your students comprehend the course material you taught them. 


Canva is an online platform for creating different designs: presentations, social media posts, business-related templates like flyers, brochures and posters, prints, cards and many more. Canva provides ready design elements, like photographs, drawings and stickers; furthermore, you can edit your template using tools that classic programs, like Google Slides or PowerPoint, have. Canva, as you can see, is a platform that provides many options for expressing yourself in creative ways, and it is extremely beginner-friendly, since it is designated for people with little experience in design. It has a free version with limited access to all the tools, and Premium allows full access. 


Canva has a plan special for educators: Canva for education plan is fully free and easy to use for all tutors. Check our article about Canva for Education and start creating amazing slides. 

Google Slides

Google Slides is a free online platform for creating slides and presentations. It is a secure way of working, as Google does not use your data for advertising; plus, everything you make in Google products is automatically private unless you decide to share it with somebody. And here’s the best part: you can share your slides with your teammates and work on it together at the same time! Also, everything you create is autosaved in your Google Drive, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data or not having enough space on your computer. Google Drive has 15 GB of free storage. In case you need to run your Google Slides presentation in PowerPoint, you can download it in .pptx format. 

Read how to add voice on Google Slides and more.


PowerPoint is a program that is part of Microsoft Office. It allows you to create presentations and provides different, already embedded, presentation designs. Apart from that, PowerPoint has editorial tools, so you can change the presentation background color, add pictures from your computer, paste different geometrical shapes – basically it is very versatile. It provides a wide variety of tools you can employ for the most effective presentation. PowerPoint is also used widely in the World, and it is the standard program for business presentations. 


Visme, now, is a platform specifically designated for business workers. Apart from slides creation, you can use Visme for charts, infographics, videos, animations, etc. It allows work for individuals and for teams. There are different types of subscriptions: free one for individuals, individual premium, business subscription and enterprise subscription. Visme provides a wide variety of designs according to your needs and preferences. 


Kizoa is an online tool that you can use for creating and editing slides, videos, movies, etc. When it comes to slides, there are a lot of options. First, you can create presentations in seven different screen resolutions (16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, 9:16, 2:3, 3:4) to adapt it to your gadget of choice; second, it provides tools for projecting your presentations; and third, it has hundreds of design templates and special effects. Kizoa has basic, starter, creator, professional and business subscriptions that offer different features. You can use the platform for free, with a monthly fee or purchase it once and use it with no additional expenses. 



Video recorders and editors

Depending on the method you’re using for your online course, you may need different instruments. We already discussed slides that are perfect for simultaneous presentations. But say, you want to record a lesson and put it on your website, or have a live session. That is a video, and you better know how to make the best possible one. You can, of course, record a video on your webcam using your OS’s video recorder, but think of the quality of that kind of video. We doubt that it will be very impressive for people who want to take your courses. Hence, let’s have a look at video-oriented platforms.


Starting with WeVideo! Assuming you don’t have a lot of experience with video editing, you may need to start with something easy and understandable. Well, WeVideo will help you with that, since it is quite intuitive. You can use it on your PC, on your laptop, tablet and even your phone. The functionality is based on editing the visual material, as well as the audio one. It has built-in stock videos, images, music; you can record your screen, or play around with green screen effects. It also has video templates, which are very useful for beginners. It has four different subscriptions, besides for the free version: power, unlimited, professional and business.


Camtasia is a platform that works with Windows or Mac operating systems, providing the finest and smoothest screen recordings, with addition of special effects and animations. Partnering with different companies, it allows you to share your ready videos on YouTube and other platforms. It is really easy to create an online course video using Camtasia and a .pptx presentation, so we think this will be of great use for online tutors.  

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is another option, remarkable for its simplicity and clear design. The free video editing software is available on both Mac and Windows, which makes it even more flexible. It offers a basic set of video editing features for trimming, cropping, adding effects, transitions, and filters. Users can also add music and sound effects and create custom voiceovers. Whether you need a slideshow or a simple video montage, this movie editor will get the job done. It also offers paid subscriptions and lifetime licenses with more advanced features.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a platform that will help you to create videos specifically for your needs, whether you seek drawing more sales, creating online courses, promoting your business, etc. It is a site not only for editing the videos, but also for providing information – tips and tricks – for creating videos depending on your goals. It has three different subscriptions (starter, pro and growth) for four different fields – sales, marketing, support and team communication. Hippo Video also provides a free trial, since you have to know whether it suits you. 


ScreenFlow is a program for Mac devices that allows creating projects videos and editing them. It has a wide functionary that is easy to use – the platform provides enough editorial tools to create a fine piece of video, but not too much to confuse beginners either. ScreenFlow records your screen and then lets you add pictures, audio, etc. The video recording is of high-resolution, and different formats are available. 


For more platforms you can check our list of screen recording platforms.



Quiz makers

Quiz makers are platforms that allow you to create quizzes indeed, you will need those for multiple reasons. For example, one reason you may need a quiz maker is to test the knowledge of your students throughout the course by organizing tests and exams. Another possible reason could be "surveys", in order to collect feedback from participants and improve your courses, live sessions, also to gather data about potential clients and provide materials in demand. 


Typeform is a platform that denies classical boring and ugly quizzes; it allows you to create elegant ones and delicate forms that are enjoyable to work with. Customizable colors, backgrounds, fonts, textures and photographs are provided to help you with creating quizzes, surveys and forms. You can use ready templates to create your typeforms in minutes, then share it with a link or an email invitation and see the outcome. Typeform comes for free, or for three different subscription plans – basic, plus and business.


SurveyMonkey is a website that will help you create quizzes specialized for market research, customer experience and many more. SurveyMonkey may be your choice since it is a big platform with many users, therefore it is reliable and secure. It shows the results of completed surveys in a way that is demonstrative and easy to analyze. There are three different plans ranging from 16 dollars per month to 75 dollars (per user), and there are plans for individuals, teams and enterprises.


Jotform is another quite simple and beginner-friendly tool for the creation of online forms, surveys, tests, and exams. Jotforms' main features are: payment options available in the forms, conditional logic, reports generation, and automated workflows. 


ProProfs Survey Maker is a software with miscellaneous functions and many tools, but let’slook at the survey maker. There are different types of quizzes that you can make via ProProfs, like surveys, forms, NPSs, in-app tests, etc. All you need to do is to pick a ready template, add questions, customize the colors and share the link with your test-takers. You can also insert the link to your website. You can use ProProfs surveys for free, or sign up for a certain, quite affordable price: $0.05 for Essentials plan and $0.10 for Premium plan.


Riddle is an online quiz maker that, according to its creators, allows you to create fifteen types of quizzes with unlimited quantities. Those quizzes are safe, and data of your users is secure. Your surveys can be published everywhere, and send personalized responses to the test-takers according to their responses. Riddle has Basic and Pro subscriptions for individuals, and also a Team subscription.



Course planners

Course planners are as important as every other step, because if you are not keeping track of your students progress, courses you are offering, etc. you will most likely fail in the online coaching journey. To avoid that mistake, let's take a look at the best course planner platforms available, and afterward you will decide which one is more suitable for you. 


Let’s begin with TigerPath. Originally designed for students, this planner is perfect for four-year courses. TigerPath allows tracking concurrently, easily switching between your courses – doing that manually is exhausting, but TigerPath is an automated system that will save an incredible amount of your time. 


Coursicle is yet another platform for college students to manage their syllabuses and not waste their precious time over decoding their schedule all by themselves. A nice benefit that Coursicle has is an app for both IOS and Android running gadgets. 


Airtable is more suited for workers – not only individuals, but also teams. It helps to schedule your courses, create goals and priorities for you and your team, keep track of your achievements and keep all the information together. Airtable comes in free, Plus and Pro subscription plans. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a very handy platform for planning your life generally, for school, for workplace – and it is no less good for planning your online tutoring courses, especially when you know that it is completely free. Just like all the other tools of Google family, Calendar is easy to fill and can be trusted with your data, since it is very secure. It can be integrated with your phone calendar or downloaded as an App.   



Prepler helps you visualize and experiment with various degree options. It enables students to make informed choices that help them create the shortest pathway towards graduation.      



Gamification apps

Let’s not forget about the main idea behind contemporary education, especially online tutoring. It has to be interesting, it has to be desirable and entertaining. Why would your potential customer want to choose you when there are traditional courses that have more public trust? Because you can make education easier simply by employing the Sawyer effect. 


There are many ways to achieve that, and gamification apps will help you. Important addition here: they make education not only amusing, but also engaging; therefore, more motivating. Gamification apps will help you track the progress of your students and keep them motivated by transforming usual tasks into missions – now this already sounds more interesting, doesn’t it? 


Gamification apps work on a reward system by giving points to users when they overcome challenges, encourage competition among them and sometimes even have a plot to follow. Now, what are the best gamification apps for online tutoring courses?


Classcraft is a platform that works on the change of your behavior, and therefore, change of your students’ behaviors, too. It builds plots around your education and enhances your motivation by providing various rewards, such as coins, special prizes, etc. It works great both for individual self-education, group education and tutor-student relationships. Classcraft focuses on the mental health of the participants, so education becomes more thoughtful and safe.


Gimkit is designed by Josh F., who himself understands the importance of games in education. His platform helps to create quizzes and tests, by answering which students will earn money – if they answer correctly, of course. Otherwise, they will lose money. And then, they would be able to shop inside the app, and level up. Gimkit can be used as a class activity, homework, etc. It is a simple but effective game.


KnowRe is dedicated to Math teaching. Well, speaking in categories of modern education, it is actually dedicated to students in the first place. The point is that KnowRe allows you to create personalized tasks for every student, since no one person is the same. KnowRe concentrates on individual aspects of humans and plays around it to create the best strategy for effective learning. 


ClassDojo is more for younger children, but they can be your target audience, too.  Younger generation is in most need for gamification, since it is really hard for a green brain to concentrate on something as boring as school. ClassDojo is a fun and engaging virtual classroom, where connections with tutors, parents and students are enhanced and endorsed. This platform has proven to boost children’s strengths and creativity. 


Zondle is another gaming+learning platform. Your students can create their own profiles, and even little educational games, apart from participating in the ones that you create. So not only will they learn the material that you require as mandatory, but they will go further and consolidate their new knowledge. Zondle, again, focuses more on kids, but first, maybe you are teaching kids specifically, and second, who said that you can’t use it for adults? The interface is pretty fun for them, too.

Websites for launch the course

In this competitive and dynamic industry, many resources are available, and each comes with several benefits and drawbacks. However, we decided to choose the best ones on the market and briefly present each of those.          



Uteach is an online course creation platform and a full-featured website builder at the same time. This platform is highly reliable and works great for both beginners and professionals. With Uteach, in a few minutes, you can register, open and customize your website in order to better communicate the message you want to send to your audience and get started with publishing-ready materials. 





Udemy is one of the most popular and trustworthy companies when it comes to taking or creating courses. It has high website traffic that increases your chances of getting customers, especially since it has over 40 million students. Udemy allows flexibility: you can teach however you want from any timezone and place in the world, Also, Udemy has an Instructor Support System for beginners and those who feel diffident.


Teachable is another platform that is dedicated to teaching and sharing your experience with other people. It is easy to work with, especially for those new to tutoring, and it does not restrict your creativity. And the best part is that Teachable takes care about everything concerning payments, like taxes, payouts, etc. You won’t have to worry about all that complicated stuff yourself.


Kajabi is a perfect platform for creating and promoting your tutoring business that has everything that you may require for a such. It has automatic analyzers, marketing tools and means of communication. It is trusted by more that 50 000 tutors all over the world, provides easy access to payment – in a way that is more convenient for you – and moves your business up according to its “smartness”. 


TalentLMS is an e-Learning platform built for success. This platform allows coaches to register and customize their websites in order to provide online courses/training/ With this platform; coaches can use ready-to-use templates and still be able to customize many features in order to be able to communicate a specific message of their brand.          


All in One: Uteach

Uteach, however, is an all-in-one tool for course creation. This platform will allow you to create a website in a few clicks, choose a plan (there is a free one available and a 14-day free trial run for every paid plan option), and publish your materials. 


With Uteach, you get:

  • Dedicated platform for coaches and learners that makes everything easy 
  • Website builder tool, with no additional coding required
  • Millions of customization options starting from menus ending with colors 
  • Upload an unlimited amount of courses, audios, video lessons and make some profit out of your knowledge 
  • Create engaging quizzes and tests
  • Exam organization options
  • Powerful built-in client management system          

Basically, Uteach allows you to have a coaching website, expand your business, and manage your content all from one place, which saves lots of time and effort, giving you the opportunity to invest that time in creating high-quality learning materials using other tools mentioned in this article. 

FREE Registration 

Whatever you choose at the end, we are here to help you succeed; stay tuned to read our new articles!

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