How to Add Voice on Google Slides and Make Use of Other Features

How to Add Voice on Google Slides and Make Use of Other Features

Slideshare presentations are very popular these days, especially, in the teaching process as well as in different business spheres. As an online education provider, you may need to introduce slides to support your teaching courses with additional material. This will help to explain topics better and easier. On the other hand, students get supportive visual material that facilitates the learning process and helps them to remember.

Although teachers tend to create attractive presentations, not everybody manages to do it in a professional way as they have questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to record audio on Google Slides. In this article, we are going to discover some functions of Google Slides together. Why Google Slides? Because this is an easy and effective way to form presentations. Now, let’s go on and read this “how to do guide” related to Google Slides.

How to Add Voice to Google Slides

Adding your voice over google slides may be a great support in your online course creation process. In some cases, your course video may be an explanation of an already made SlideShare presentation. Besides, it is said that while some people learn better with visuals, there is a great number of people who prefer listening. That’s why you may also try to help students with voice explanations. If you learn how to add voice to Google Slides, you will go one step further. To make it work, follow the steps.

1. Make sure you have already uploaded your audio file into your Google Drive.
2. Select Insert in the menu bar, then choose Audio as shown in the photo.

How to Add Voice to Google Slides

3. Once you choose the Audio tab, a window appears, where you may find all your audio files available in your drive. In the below-presented photo, there is also one audio file. If you have more, choose the one you want to add then click on the Select button.

how to record audio on google slides

4. You’ll see the audio icon appears on the slide page. This icon is movable and you may place it on any side of the slide. There are also some settings to set up on the right corner as shown in the photo.

audio player for slides

You may choose whether the audio starts automatically or after the click. Choose the level of volume and set up whether the audio stops or continues while changing the slide.
Therefore, sometimes you need to create an online course which is consisted of both slid pages and a practical presentation of how to do that specific action. In similar cases, you may use Screencast o Matic. This tool helps to record your computer screen and your voice meanwhile. You may also turn on the web camera so that you will also be seen in the course video. Recently, I have written an article about the beneficial features of Screencast o Matic. Check it out here.

How to add voice to PowerPoint

As there are many users of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, I am going to present how to add voice to PowerPoint as well. This is a very advantageous feature not everybody is aware of. Thanks to this feature you may record your voice with the computer microphone and attach the slide. Here you get a chance to record either from the beginning of the slide or from any slide you like. You just need to make the following steps.

1. Choose Slide Show then Record narration from the menu bar of the PowerPoint deck as shown in the displayed photo.

How to add voice to PowerPoint

Once you set up the quality and click on the Ok button, the slide goes into full-screen mode and your recording begins. When the slide pages are over, the recording automatically stops. You may also stop it whenever you like. Once you finish, an audio icon appears on the right bottom side of the slide page. Here you may test your narration and change it if necessary. You get a chance to change the audio narration volume, hide during the show, or loop until stopped.

PowerPoint also provides a feature to add already recorded audio files into the slide. In this case, you need to do the following actions.

1. Click on the Slide Show on the top menu bar
2. Choose Record Narration
3.  Click on the Browse button and choose the already made recording.

Now let’s go on and discuss some other features of Google Slides. Maybe you’ll find some features that seem even very primitive to take into account, however, some beginners need help in the usage of them while working with Google Slides.

How to Change Slide Size in Google Slides

To change slide size on google slides is a very common question especially by those who have just started to work on it. It is just required to click on the Files on the menu bar and then choose the Page Setup option. Check it out in the attached picture.

How to Change Slide Size in Google Slides

From the opened window you should choose one of the offered standard google slides sizes or set up a custom size for your slide.

google slides change slide size

This is the way google slides change slide size and help you meet your teaching requirements, providing an appropriate presentation to your students.

While making presentations with Google slides you may add, delete, and even reorder slide pages.

How to Add a Slide on Google Slides

To add a slide with the same layout you just need to click on the + icon on the left side of the screen or press CTRL and M buttons on your keyboard meanwhile. as shown in the photo.

How to Add a Slide on Google Slides

However, if you want to add a slide with another layout then click on the arrow next to the + icon.

New Slide with layput on Google Slides

Then you need to choose the required layout for the slide you add.

How to Duplicate a Slide on Google Slides

If you want to duplicate one slide then click on it on the left side column. If you want several slides, then press the Shift button then choose all the slides you want to duplicate.

Then make a right click and choose the duplicate slides option.

How to Delete a Slide on Google Slides

Deleting a slide page is very easy. All you need is to choose the slide or slides that need to be deleted. For this click on the slide on the left side column or choose several slides with the help of the Shift button as explained in the previous point.

Then you just need to press either the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard. Another way is to make a right click on your mouse and choose the Delete option.

How to Skip a Slide on Google Slides

When presenting your SlideShare you may need to skip some pages. This may be in cases when you don’t want to delete the slide but just don’t show it during the presentation. At this point, Google Slides is always with you.

This is very easy. Just select the slide or slides you want to skip, then make a right click and choose Skip Slide. You will see that the slide is blurred and there is an invisible icon on it.

How to Skip a Slide on Google Slides

In case you want to show the skipped slide again, make the same action, and put out the thick icon next to the Skip Slide function.

There is also another way to make the above mentioned several actions: new slide, duplicate, delete and skip slide. You need to select the slide or slides. Then click on the Slides tab on the menu bar and click on the required function.

How to Reorder a Slide on Google Slides

With Google Slides, you may change the order of the slide pages. For instance, creating a presentation, you may understand that a specific slide sheet will be better to take to the end. This is very easy. You should choose one slide or more than one slides with the shift button then drag the chosen element into any part of the presentation.

How to Number Slides on Google Slides

This is also easy to make the action. Choose Insert in the top menu, Slide numbers then Apply.

If you want to number only a few slides then choose these slides, select Insert, then Slide numbers and Apply to selected.

How to Change the Way You View Slides on Google Slides

There are two ways you may view your slides on Google Slides. These are:

1. Filmstrip view
2. Grid view

Initially, you are on the filmstrip view. To go into the grid view you need to choose View on the top menu then click on the Grid View. In order to come back, just make the actions again.

Google Slides provides many more features than we know. We may also add text boxes, attach images (by downloading them from the computer, drive, using image URL, or taking a photo with the web camera), add different shapes (geographical shapes, arrows, callouts, equations, etc), display various types of lines (arrowed, curved or elbowed connectors, etc), and many more features.

How to Change the Way You View Slides on Google Slides

It is also possible to make comments. For instance, you may explain some points with comments and send the slide to your students. Google Slide also has a Help section. Here you may find the answers to your questions. They have a support team as well who provides answers to your question.

To Sum Up

SlideShare presentations are very useful in the teaching process. So, if you are aware of what you may do with them then you are one step closer to your goals. Create attractive slide sheets your students will enjoy learning with.

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