The Best Features of Uteach: How to Teach Online

Article by Vera Mirzoyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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The Best Features of Uteach: How to Teach Online

These days the Internet is full of online teaching platforms. This increases competition in the field, and also makes it difficult for education providers and all representatives of various fields who want to share their talent, knowledge, or skills and earn money in return. 

This time I am going to present all the essential features that somehow raise Uteach from the competition and make your choice worthy. So, we list the features accordingly and present their significance in more detail.

#1 Personal Platform

Why do you teach? What are your teaching initiatives? 
You may have dreamed about having your own e-teaching portal. However, it isn’t something cheap you may afford every moment. This is the point where Uteach comes to help and offers you opportunities in how to teach online.

This is a functional platform where you may build your own website with a custom domain and attractive design, paying an annual or monthly fee. You may start with a free trial in order to try the website functionality and choose the best plan for your subscription.


Personal Platform


The platform also offers an attractive site design that provides a great site look, regardless of what technological equipment your users are using: computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. With this platform, you will create an army of loyal students, share your professional knowledge and skills, and win the approval of your audience.

#2 Free Hosting

Once you subscribe to any membership plan on Uteach platform and create your website, you may operate it without any hosting fee. No matter how high is your website traffic, Uteach takes the responsibility of providing your free hosting.

#3 Online Video Courses

Video content is one of the most effective and influential elements in online teaching. Probably, you’ll agree that currently, people are too lazy to read. They prefer to watch videos and learn something or get information from them rather than to read 1 page of text content, which may seem very long.


Online Video Courses


A great number of teachers feel completely free in front of the camera and can present their training material without any panic, nervousness, or constraint. However, some people avoid standing in front of the cameras. 

In such cases, only the entries that are attached to special slides are used. These slides somehow make the material more imaginative and explain the examples.

#4 Blogging

Do you know how many bloggers there are in the world? They say 31 million active bloggers. Some of them do it just for fun while its a source of income for others. 

Operating your own blog, you get an opportunity not only for arousing the interest of potential learners but also for earning additional revenue.

There is something greater about having a blog. Currently, those blogs that have high traffic (visitors) serve as advertising portals. 

A great number of companies reach their target audience through such platforms. To make use of your blog in this regard, you may cooperate with either search engines (as Google, Yandex, etc.) or different brand representatives.

#5 Personal Brand

Having your own platform, custom design, online video courses, blog, you create your own brand. This is what you may have dreamed of. 

Today, Uteach is here to help you create your brand, make it visible and recognizable to a large audience. In such a way, you get a chance to register professional growth using modern innovative technologies, and following modern information trends.


Personal Brand


Your custom domain becomes your own brand. As, for example, people say "Reddit" (meaning the site, and everyone understands what it is about. 

So, we may assume that this brand has achieved its goal. You also can let everyone know your “teacher” where you offer your teacher services (this is just an example, which could be your domain).

#6 Efficiency

Like all other online learning platforms, Uteach also provides efficiency in the learning process. It is convenient to use both for those who provide educational material, and for those who want to learn. 

Uteach promotes the idea of "Knowledge without edge”. This means that the platform removes all the limits related to time or space, supporting the idea of teaching anywhere and anytime.

All you have to do is to trust Uteach and start achieving your objectives. Work even from home, create valuable material that will provide your fixed income.

So, to give a start on your success, choose the subscription plan that best meets your needs

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