The Power of Test Automation in Education

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 15 Mar 2021
10 min read
The Power of Test Automation in Education

Are you an education provider who has chosen an online platform for teaching? Or, maybe you haven’t still shifted into digital teaching, but take into consideration, it’s already time to take a step forward. 

In the teaching process, a lot of time is spent (and, sorry but even is wasted) on checking the tests students pass on.  Think about how many students you have and how much time is required to check a test each one of them passes. Calculate the overall time. It is much, isn’t it?

Imagine that if you want you may save this time and spend it on something more essential. This is implemented through test automation tools.

Test Automation Benefits: Top 10 Reasons to Automate the Examination Process in 2021

An online educational system that offers an automated service for quiz creation and checking, makes your work easier than ever. Below, find the advantages you will get, making use of such digital features.


#1 Increase in Student Engagement


These days, learners are used to digital products. They are not interested in the old-fashioned paper-pen examinations or a traditional classroom environment. Getting an opportunity to pass tests online without using papers and pens, motivates them to go on.

A software platform created for online examination provides students with live virtual features as well as a satisfying online exam experience. This is the way they take the preference. Learners pass tests and get marks according to their answers. 

The questions are in different formats including quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, objective types, long answers, short answers, yes or no answers, even article submission, etc.


Increase in Student Engagement


These varieties of questions provide a chance for the learners to improve their knowledge and skills, learn weaknesses and go on through digital learning.


#2 Better Option of Remote Learning


Choosing online tests, online teachers go for a better version of virtual education. In this way, all the activities that take a lot of time are prevented. These activities may include manual question paper creation as well printing, task allocation for the learners, managing records of students attending exams, allocating rooms, and much more. 

Thanks to examination software, every action is managed smoothly in the case of online test automation. Such tools offer different functional features that make it easier to create and conduct exams in just a few clicks. 

Modern educational websites provide a chance to create question banks for various courses and upload necessary files, documents, and media under them. This shared repository with built-in templates allows for easy assessment creation.

On the other hand, education providers greatly reduce the administrative burden of organizing and running exams when it moves online.


#3 Instant Evaluation and Faster Results


Marking online quizzes is much quicker and accordingly, the participates receive the results more quickly. With auto-scorable questions, results are available immediately.

One of the critical reasons students prefer online quizzes is the chance to immediately get the answers. They do not have to wait too long for learning the test results as the complete process is automated. 

Once the students answer all the questions and click on the submitting button, the result of the test is displayed on the screen. 

Such automation of the process significantly decreases the education providers’ workload. Both the time and energy required for managing the process are channeled to better use. 


#4 Greater accuracy


When education providers rely on manual test checking, they may unintentionally miss some important mistakes or misunderstand the right answer given by the student. Online automated quizzes prevent things like this and provide excellent accuracy.


Greater accuracy


When creating the tests, you set the right answers. The system follows your guide when checking the tests and automatically provides marks after the test is submitted.

Thanks to the provided features, the education providers count on the result being generated for their preciseness. Currently, online assessment tools offer an on-screen evaluation that displays the result publication with outcomes attainment levels.


#5 Cost-Effective Solution


The online assessment is more cost-effective, thanks to the great save in administrative time that is spent on managing the overall exam organization process, as well as on the delivery, and marking processes. 

Using traditional tests to evaluate the students’ acquired knowledge includes a lot of cost on question papers, answer sheets, logistics, and other related expenses. The online teaching software that provides quiz tools covers all these expenses and helps to save money as well as a lot of time spent on the process implementation.

As we have already understood, compared with running face-to-face exams, a significant cost reduction is available in automated tests. 

In the case of traditional exams, it may be very expensive as there are some more fees associated with other factors such as hiring a test hall, supplying or hiring invigilators, securely couriering exam papers and answer sheets, printing exam papers, scanning and correcting solutions, securely storing and disposing of exam papers and scripts, staff overheads to manage the process, and dealing with re-sits. 


#6 High Security


Another critical advantage of the online test automation tool is the security it provides. The confidentiality of exams is maintained so that there is no possibility for misconduct. 

All the questions are generated from the database, which is similar to a safety locker that is accessible only by authorized personnel. Besides, the question paper gets stored in a digitally encrypted format, so that the chances for question paper leakages are prevented. 

The online system even has the option to move questions in a different order for different groups of students.

All exam papers, candidate details, marks, and results are digitally stored. Additionally, only the people who have access to the examination data can be granted the appropriate system access. It is much harder to control access, storage, and results in management with paper-based exams.


#7 Smart Proctoring


The importance of online exams has always been a matter of concern. Working with an online examination software the education providers are provided with a secure exam environment that is beneficial not only for the learners but also for the trainer or teacher. 

The AI-infused intelligent cheating prevention system helps to prevent suspicious activity during exams.


Smart Proctoring


#8 Analytical Data for Improvement


Having an educational website is great support for improving your working style, fixing issues, and strengthening the weaknesses. It is done through analytical tools that are integrated into the website and collect data. This data is represented in the form of reports that show website performance and user behavior on the website.

As for the online quizzes, you may check out the results data and find out if there are any questions or points that many learners misunderstand. If there are, then probably you should try to find the issue and fix it in order not to mislead the students.

Online exam software also provides detailed reports on different parameters, which gives greater insights into student progress. Another advantage is the real-time reports obtained that may even help to track the learners on the website.

With the help of the combination of smart algorithms, accurate insights, and tech power of the assessment management software, analysis of the results also becomes easier. It is even more accurate than the reports that are checked out manually. You can always use data transformation services to make enriched analyses and use insights to improve learning quality.


#9 Different Formats of Questions


Online quiz builders provide you with an opportunity to attach different files while making the test and creating questions. You may get a chance to create questions such as:

- short answer questions 
- long answer question 
- multiple-choice questions 
- yes or no answer required questions 
- image answer questions 
- video questions, etc.

These various formats of questions make it easier to create a test that covers all the essential methods to check the student’s knowledge. The different formats of files make the process even easier and more available. 


#10 Scalable with Worldwide Reach


Thanks to the online examination systems, the education provider can offer tests to the candidates regardless of the geographical area they are located. This is a great advantage as they do not have to offer tests in physical educational centers.


Scalable with Worldwide Reach


Online quizzes are available for the worldwide market. Everybody may take part in it if the test language is not a problem. If you are an education provider who works with and targets the global market then automated online tests are your right choice.

Test Creation Software

If you have already shifted your teaching services into digital reality, then you should have already thought about a test automation strategy that best fits your demands. 

Test automation framework is one of the most critical points to consider when you choose an online platform for teaching. Relying on an e-learning platform that gives you this opportunity, will be a great support to you.

You are given this chance, for instance, on Uteach. Here you may create quizzes setting the right answers in advance. Accordingly, the system automatically checks all the tests passed by the students and generates the outcome. 

So, you receive the automatically calculated mark that the students get and get an opportunity to check out their right and wrong answers.

Here you will get the greatest advantage - time. I believe that time is money and you may spend it on something more important. Why you should waste your time doing the same thing many times if you may organize it once and let the technological solutions provide automatic results.

Recognize the worth of your time and use it wisely. If you are interested in creating quizzes with Uteach quiz-making tool, then you are welcome to try the function and share your opinion. For this reason, you just need to register on Uteach and make use of your free plan or free trial. 

The platform will give you a chance to create your own educational website within a few minutes. This personal website will have your preferred domain name, design elements, content, and features. 

Besides the quiz builder, you may also make use of various other functional features such as conducting live lessons, organize automated online training, operate a blog, sell online courses, award certificates, and so on. One of the greatest features of Uteach is the connection of course - test - a certificate which is a great feature in online education. 

You may create a test and attach it to the video courses on sale. After completing the course, students will pass the attached test and check their acquired knowledge. Those learners who get positive marks will be awarded an automatically generated certificate. So, if you want to start today, check out Uteach. 

Choose your favorite subscription plan, andregister today. 

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