5 Key Components Of A Great Training Program

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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5 Key Components Of A Great Training Program

If you want to make sales as a trainer, then you must offer truly valuable training. In this dynamic and competitive eLearning industry, you must always keep up with trends & latest technologies. 

But what are the 5 main components of delivering great virtual training? Well, we will review those throughout this article. 

Needs assessment

The number one component of great virtual training is assessment. Assess students’ skills and knowledge, ask questions throughout the training & revisit their progress. 

Do you want the training to be successful? Then you must provide students with practical exercises. These will contribute to better knowledge retention. 

Imagine how tedious and counterproductive training would be if no activities would help students put their skills & knowledge into practice. To avoid this, find and incorporate appropriate assessments, including tests, quizzes, games & collaborative learning practices into training. 

Curriculum development

Course outline/curriculum is essential for training's success. First of all, it helps students understand the course's purpose and the topics you will cover throughout. 

The main benefits of having a course outline include:

  • Identifies & clarifies evaluation methods, assignments & exam dates 
  • Showcases learning activities incorporated into the course
  • Collects & Properly organizes data, making evaluating results easy for you as an instructor. 

While developing a proper curriculum, you will also be able to organize materials in a way that most benefits students and lead to far more efficient outcomes.

Simply put, it puts everything into place, clarifying the overall objectives and learning outcomes. Thus, curriculum development is an essential component of successful virtual training. 

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Delivery and facilitation

Next up is the delivery & facilitation of the training. 

As a trainer, it is vital to be familiar with methodologies of proper training delivery. Lectures are boring. Meanwhile, a style that is too casual will insist on training being “not serious” at all. 

Thus, you must find the perfect style that fits your target audience. Some of the styles include democratic, autocratic, and holistic. Yet, the efficiency strictly depends on your target market.

So, ensure to do some research and practice as much as you can. If you are new in the industry, you might as well consider taking “training for trainers.” 

Besides delivery (body language, voice intonation, etc.),  pay attention to overall facilitation. For instance, the tools and equipment you decided to incorporate, how easy are they to use, and are they truly appropriate? And, of course, remember to check technical issues before the start of the session. 

Evaluation and assessment

Evaluation is vital for success. 

If you want your training to provide value, you must measure the results students achieve throughout and after it. Thus, establish KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure your students' performance and success rates.  

Regularly evaluate their progress and provide them with feedback. Proper instructor feedback will allow students to be more self-aware and thus understand what needs to be done further better. 

Follow-up and reinforcement

Let’s not forget about the vitality of follow-ups

Firstly, why are follow-ups important? Your students are not your students just during the live session; they are your students till the training ends, and sometimes seven beyond. Thus, make sure to follow up on them, ask whether or not everything was clear, and if they have questions, feedback, or any suggestions for the next session. 

By the way, follow-ups are also significant when you want to get clients. For instance, if the first email did not work, follow up on the leads in 3-5 days. 

Selling and delivering training

Start your online training now!

It is time to start your virtual training now. 

While you are over here thinking, someone else is already doing it. 

E-learning is in demand and one of the most scalable industries nowadays. You will indeed succeed if you have the expertise, the right marketing strategy, and a powerful platform. 

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Thus, if you want to build a powerful online training business and expand it, Uteach is the right platform for you. 

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