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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 21 Apr 2021
8 min read
U can Teach


Have you ever thought about teaching? Or, even more, teaching online?

Probably, you are a teacher, trainer, or coach who already provides educational services. Or, maybe you are a qualified specialist (no matter in which sphere) who wants to try something new, sharing professional knowledge and skills. Whatever group you belong to, keep in your mind that U CAN TEACH!

Why to Choose to Teach Online?

When talking about training, there are two things always worthy of consideration: what kind of learning content to create and how to deliver it to learners. The learning content should be in-demand, engaging, and trustworthy. 

As for the delivery methods, the digital experience wins. Of course, there will be a return to face-to-face learning, but now this is more likely to include digital pieces of training. 

Such an approach may take to a new style of blended learning, with face-to-face reserved for very high impact sessions and online learning delivering highly accurate learning experiences, accordingly, increasing the number of tutors using online teaching platforms (like Uteach). 

Some benefits of eLearning are:

  • Unlimited availability
  • Wider market
  • More learners
  • Individual scheduling
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness (both for teacher and learner)
  • Custom methods and methodology 
  • New/more income

Education is always considered to be an essential industry in our lives. Obviously, it is the power that prompts the world forward. These days, the field of education is growing even much faster thanks to innovative trends and the speedy flow of life. 

And if you don’t want to miss your chance of going along with the competition (I’m sure you don’t),you also should be agile as well as focused on the objectives. The most important thing is that there are a lot of opportunities to take. Find some of the most useful ones below.

Can You Teach Online?

You want to teach and I want you to be sure U can teach. The most fantastic thing is that today, you do not have to be an overqualified expert with several diplomas and at least twenty years of experience. In order to teach, you just need to have quality knowledge and U CAN TEACH!


Can You Teach Online


The high competition in the educational market is proof that there are people who require learning elements, the best online courses, or any form of knowledge content they may rely on. Keep in mind to offer something worthy to trust.

Supporting potential learners to master a skill (that they will be able to apply in their workplace) is considered to be as valuable as a university degree they can earn. 

These days many education providers teach industry-specific skill sets such as marketing, copywriting, or programming. Even skills that usually do not apply in any work may be taught online, and accordingly, you may find plenty of eager learners. 

The most essential point is that your knowledge is valuable, and you almost certainly know more than you realize. Think about your hobbies and interests, the skills you learned at work that would be invaluable to others who are eager to join the specific industry you are experienced in. 

Everything you know was previously taught to you at some point, and there are others who want and who are ready to pay to learn this material and even the language you speak.

What about a Qualification? Is It Required?

Today many tutors share online knowledge that is mostly based on experience and skillsets acquired throughout this experience. In this way, you may be able to teach a wider range of subjects and provide more creativity with the learning outcomes desired to achieve. 

Usually, education providers award certificates of completion to participants in their classes, but the true value of most online courses comes from the knowledge the learners gain and the impact you are able to have on their lives. That is to say, online teaching is more about mentoring.

This isn’t to say online trainers lack formal qualifications in the subjects they teach. Many specialists teach subjects in which they have a formal education, or they draw from their industry qualifications and work experience. 

It also becomes popular when business people offer online courses, sharing their knowledge, or mentor learners aspiring to imitate their success. Along with the development of eLearning, many media entrepreneurs shifted to online classes where they provide education in skills such as blogging, social media marketing, and web production - professions that did not exist, for instance, a decade ago. 

And, of course, whether you have any sort of formal qualifications or not, the most important point is to understand the effective ways of teaching. To succeed over the long term as an online teacher, you need to actually have a positive impact on the learners you work with.

What Do You Need to Do?

Teaching is a very responsible profession regardless of the fact you are a professor in science, an experienced fitness trainer, or a qualified marketing consultant. Let’s define some tips you may follow when providing online teaching services. Keep in mind, these may become your elements of success online.


#1 Create and Sell Online Courses


Today online courses are very common as they provide a maximum level of flexibility and make the learning process easier than ever. Besides, it is also beneficial for the teacher. As an online instructor, you make efforts once but the income of the video course content comes along with the time, every time the content is bought.


Create and Sell Online Courses


About online video course creation and sale, you may read in one of my previous articles titled as Create and sell online courses. Before making the final decision, you may also check out some video course topic ideas and learn whether or not your online course is required in the market.

Feel comfortable in front of the camera. Your knowledge is valuable and people are ready to pay for it.


#2 Conduct Live Lessons


Some topics are better to explain in the real-time live call. Accordingly, you may interact with the learners, know their opinions, listen to their questions, and understand how the students understand the topic. 

In this way, you organize discussions and provide answers to all the questions concerning the learners. Plan the lessons in advance, use nuances and make the lessons engaging.


#3 Come up with Quizzes and Automate the Checking Process


When passing courses, no matter online or traditional, learners are eager to check their acquired knowledge. To satisfy them, you can create quizzes and tests. Include different formats of questions and answers. 

Write questions about different points discussed in the course and let the learners check how well they have gained the presented educational content.

You may also automate the test checking process. Some actions are better to rely on the system and save your tie and energy. When creating the quizzes you mark the right answers so that the system checks them when students pass a test. The importance of test automation is great in the educational industry.


#4 Award Certificates


The students who pass the tests with positive marks get certificates. This paper is proof the person completes the course and acquires enough knowledge. Many learners take part in different courses to gain these certificates, others do not care about it. 

However, the certification in education is a prompt that motivates people interested in your industry and experience. 


Award Certificates


#5 Operate an Educational Blog


The importance of a blog in the educational industry is significant. This is a great source of knowledge for your active and potential students. Here they may find useful content, some tips, or any form of niche-related material, you find appropriate for the potential readers.

The blog may also become support while optimizing your platform for search engines. This content will help to rank the website pages on Google or other search engines, and accordingly, you may reach the potential learners in every possible way on the Net.

Final Notes

Teaching is a great responsibility and not everybody is destined to be a good teacher. In order to become one, you should create an educational platform, share knowledge, and earn income.

Uteach makes the process easier. This is an educational website builder that does not require any kind of technical knowledge. You create a no-code website and implement the e-learning process. Here get an opportunity to reach the maximum results with the minimum efforts. Uteach - U CAN TEACH!

Check out the features of the platform or schedule a free demo to get familiar with this website builder and make your first step. It is the most essential. 

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