Why And How To Create Course Bundles With Uteach?

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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Why And How To Create Course Bundles With Uteach?

Have you ever wondered how beneficial it would be to sell course bundles instead of individual courses? Well, whether or not you have or haven’t, this is the right time to get to know more about it.

So, if you are ready, let’s start!

What are Course Bundles?

So, what are course bundles?

Course Bundles are an option of being able to sell multiple courses in a single bundle. So, for instance, your stand-alone courses may cost $80 each, but the bundle of 5 courses you offer may cost $250. This means that each individual course was calculated at $50 instead of $80.

This works well as your customers get more value by saving money, while you get more income due to new clients and a good offer.

Why use bundled content for selling courses?

Besides selling courses in bundles, you can offer bundles of content for sale.

For instance, in a bundle, you can sell two courses, one e-book, and one podcast. Or come up with other ideas and include various products as you may find will work better for your audience and be profitable for you.

The main benefits of selling bundles are:

  • Allows to sell more while at the same time-saving money on marketing each individual piece of content
  • Through complimentary grouping of content, you are able to position it as a more feature-rich and appealing product for purchase.
  • Cost-efficient both for you in terms of investments and for the customers in terms of saving money while getting more

How to create course bundles in Uteach?

Alright, as far as we are clear on what course bundles are and the main benefits you get, now it is time to get into the practical part.

To create bundles in Uteach, follow the steps mentioned down below:

1. Visit your Uteach website from the back end

2. Click on the “Marketing” tab, and from the dropdown menu, choose “Bundles.”

3. Afterward, click on “Create new Bundle.”

4. Fill in the details, such as the title, add an image and write a description in the description box.

Note that the URL of the bundle will be generated from the title, and it cannot be changed when you move on to the next step. Also, keep in mind to SEO-optimize your description and enrich it with relevant keywords. This will help you to market your bundle better and rank higher in SERPs.

5. When you move to the next step, you will be able to choose published products on your website for this bundle.

6. Then choose the status moving on to the last step (Draft, Published, Unlisted or Private)

Finally, you will be provided with SEO settings that include various boxes. Boxes such as SEO title, description, and Bundle keywords to better optimize your product for ranking. After this, you can set the price and publish your bundle.

Uteach makes sure to make everything easier for you. It offers every necessary functionality to help you take control over every aspect of your business from one place.

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