Make Use of Uteach: Create and Sell Online Courses

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .04 Jun 2024
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Make Use of Uteach: Create and Sell Online Courses

If you were trying to find a full-featured platform for your e-learning business, then you are at the right place. 

With Uteach, you can create a website in a matter of minutes instead of hours, customize everything you need and publish your course materials right away. 


So, if you are ready to know more about this incredible platform, let’s start. 


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What is Uteach?

Uteach is incredible automation aimed to provide up-to-date and, most importantly, time-saving solutions for learning organizations worldwide. Uteach allows you to monetize your knowledge and experience by creating and selling online courses in every possible format, including:  

  • Pre-recorded classes 
  • Live sessions 
  • E-books, audio files, even physic products, etc.   

It is worth mentioning that one of the target aims of Uteach is to make education accessible for everyone. Therefore Uteach also offers a mobile app. Now, let’s take a look at the main features of this automation.  

Main Features

  • Create and sell video courses, e-books, workshops, etc.
  • Automation of teaching processes such as follow-ups, quiz checking, e-mail automation 
  • Quiz & Award Certificate creation - by the end of the course, you can provide students who completed a certain percentage of it with an award certificate. This feature will definitely motivate students to stay focused and learn.
  • Ready-to-use templates that will save your time and still provide you with an opportunity for customization  

Who is Uteach for?

Uteach is a perfect platform for:  

  • Teachers and coaches who are ready to share their expertise and experience with the world 
  • Experts in different fields who want to share their knowledge with the worldwide audiences 
  • People who want to monetize their passions 
  • For people eager to learn and enhance their skills  

Therefore, if you are an expert in a specific aspect, area, or industry, you can easily create a course and become an online coach with Uteach. It provides everyone with a terrific opportunity of establishing a full-featured online business website. 

Why choose Uteach?

There are several reasons why should you choose Uteach over any other platform, and let’s review the major ones: 

  • Teaching business in minutes: With Uteach, you do not have to worry about long decision-making processes. This platform provides you with an opportunity to decide and do. If you want to establish a teaching business, now it is possible in less than 5 minutes. Just do it. 
  • Feature-rich: Uteach offers an astonishing amount of incredibly useful features. With this platform, you can create a full features teaching website. Both coaches and students will enjoy the features such as; quizzes, certifications, blogs, live sessions, e-books, audio files, and pre-recorded classes publishing. Also, coaches will be able to customize their website with a drag & drop builder to communicate the unique message of their business better. 
  • Ready-to-use templates: Uteach offers amazing ready-to-use templates for your website. Therefore, you can choose the one you like best and save your time making customizations rather than creating one from scratch. 
  • Free Hosting is another reason to choose Uteach over other platforms. Many website builders can be free. However, you will face lots of costs in terms of extra functionality (plugins) and hosting services. Therefore, it is better to choose Uteach, as it frees you from hosting costs and still allow you to have a customs domain.
  • Efficiency. Due to offering lots of features for automation, Uteach is the first-choice solution for time-saving on daily & routine tasks. 
  • Personal Brand: Due to so many customization options with this platform, you will be able to build your personal brand and be recognized worldwide in the e-learning industry. Uteach not only provides you with tools of branding, custom designs, fonts, etc., but it also provides you a chance for each worldwide audience.   
Uteach Homepage

Step-by-step using guide

Finally, it is time to review the step-by-step guide on usage. With this guide, you will be able to understand Uteach better and optimize it in the best possible way. Get started with your journey towards success in the e-learning industry right now!   

#1 Register

The very beginning of the journey is registration. To register on Uteach, visit the official website and follow the steps mentioned down below:  

  • Click on “Get Started free” or “Login,” then choose the option “Register.”
  • Choose a plan. There are four options available: “Free,” “Launch,” “Grow,” and a custom plan.  By the way, all the paid plans have a 14-day free trial-run period. 
  • Fill out the fields such as Name > Email > Your Website Name > Password.
  • Then click on the checkbox of agreeing with terms of conditions > Get Started. 


As you could have witnessed, the registration process is extremely easy and takes less than a minute to complete. Although it is the simplest, it is still the most vital step. Remember that the first steps towards success are always the essential ones because they determine the future. 

Register in Uteach

#2 Choose a website theme

Uteach is a self-sufficient website builder; that is why it offers lots of ready-to-use themes. Most importantly, all of those are highly customizable. With Uteach, you can create three types of designs in order to make your website highly responsive to different screen sizes (PC, laptop, tablet, and phone). This is quite an essential feature to offer because not everyone is accessing courses from their PCs and houses; people may be on the road or watch it while they are on the bus.   

To pick a theme, follow the steps mentioned down below:

  • Go to the Admin's dashboard."
  • Click on the "Site Builder," and then from the dropdown menu, choose "Theme Explorer."
  • Finally, choose the design template and start the customization 

After you are done with all the customizations, you can add pages, and FAQs, visit the menu builder, add images or email settings under the same dropdown menu, "Site Builder." So, your site can be ready in a matter of 20-30 minutes. 


Uteach Themes

#3 Attach your payment account

To receive money from your clients, just attach your payment account to the website. With Uteach, you do not need additional effort to withdraw/get money; the money received immediately will be transferred to your account. Let’s take a look at the steps:  

  • Visit the admin’s dashboard 
  • Click on the “Payment Settings”    

In the payments section, you can add a credit card and change the plan you are currently using. Also, here you can review the payment history. Add a bank account details to receive your payments, and remember that Uteach does not charge anything for your sales. Therefore, all the money received is your clear profit. However, note that your credit card or PayPal might have certain charging fees.   

Uteach Financial Section

#4 Create and edit pages

Now, it is time to create some pages on your website. It is quite important to keep everything organized in order to make the website easy to navigate through.   

In the Pages panel, you can see all the pages on your website, with the - id, title, slug, status, created at, and action data. Alongside, you have buttons such as go to the page, set as home-page, and edit, on the right side of every page. Under the “site builder,” you can find the button “pages.” Just click on it, and follow the steps down below:  

  • Click on the “Create a New Page.”
  • Create a title for your page by typing it in the field of “Page Title.”
  • Add a “Meta Image”
  • Time to fill out the SEO detail because SEO optimization of ages is critical for your website to rank higher in search engines. SEO details > Meta Title > Meta description > Meta keywords
  • Choose the status - Active or Inactive. 
  • Pick a “Page Type” > Landing page/informational page/Blank page > click on “Next”  

Button “Next” will redirect you to the visual drag & drop page builder. In the page builder, you can view dropdown menus, general settings, dimensions, typography, decorations, secondary, and flexes. From those, you can adjust the overall appearance of your page. 


Uteach dashboard Pages

#5 Setup email notifications

Good for you! You're already halfway done. Now, let’s set up email notifications. From the drop-down menu “Site Builder” choose “Email settings”. There you can see settings related to registration, password reset, role change, video course, quiz and live lesson. 

#6 Add teaching material

Finally, the most vital part. In order to monetize your expertise, you need to have content on your website. First of all, that content needs to be related to your area of teaching. In the admin’s dashboard, click on the drop-down menu of “ Learning Content.” There you have tabs such as:  

  • Courses: Write the title and description, and add all the other course-related materials; afterward, just hit the “publish” button. Basically, click on the Create a new course, then fill out forms such as Main information (title, URL, image, Description, etc.) > Video & files > Quiz & Certificate > Price > Settings (published/draft, SEO settings)
  • Quizzes: Here, you can create quizzes for your students to keep them engaged and, of course, check out their progress. 
  • Live Lessons: Create a new live lesson by filling out the General Information > Curriculum & Materials > Participants Invitation > Publishing and SEO setting. 
  • Certificates: here, you can create a certificate with a drag & drop builder. 


Uteach courses

#7 Create certificates

As we have mentioned above, you can access this section under “Learning Content.” When students finish the course or pass a test, you can award them a certificate.   

By the way, certificates improve the motivation for studying more because those are verification of knowledge. With Uteach, you can create your own design for the certificate. It allows you to upload a custom logo, signature, student’s name, and description of the course. 

#8 Start marketing

Even when you have a ready website, all features set up, and the perfect content, you still won't have clients if you do not have the right marketing strategy. Nowadays, everything is possible to sell if the marketing is done correctly. Make sure to:  

  • Identify your target audience. Through surveys, research on forums, quizzes, and interviewing the focus groups, you can do that. 
  • Research different marketing strategies for online courses 
  • Grab information about your competitors. Remember that your industry is e-learning, but your niche is narrowed down to programming, content creation, lifestyle, etc., so pick the correct niche and then research competitors operating in the same niche. While researching competitors, pay attention to different marketings strategies they use. One of the strategies can be free materials, discounts, pre-selling, etc. 
  • Share on social media. Share the news about the upcoming or already launched course on your social media platforms. Also, you can ask your friends to help you with the promotion. 
  • Start a YouTube channel. It is astonishing how much YouTube can help you as an online course creator. By the way, we have a whole article on it; check it out. 
  • Start a blog. Do you have a website? Great! Time to open a blog section and start publishing SEO-optimized articles. If you do so, then your potential clients will find you from the first pages of various search engines, thus improving your sales and traffic. 
Team discusses analytics

#9 Get money

Time to get paid, isn't it? You have put a lot of effort into creating, maintaining, and marketing your course, and now it is time to get a return on investment. With Uteach, you will get everything you earned because it doesn't take a percentage of your profit and sales. To get paid, just attach your bank account in the dashboard > "Payment Settings."   

Also, here are some tips on how to increase your sales and profit margin:  

  • Build an Email List: Lead generation is crucial for success. Now it is time to focus on building an email list. There are multiple strategies to employ: loyalty programs, discounts, and gated content.  
  • Pre-Selling: This is another great technique for the promotion of your online course and lead generation. With pre-selling, you will also anticipate the current demand on your course, gain profits for investment, and in case no purchases happen, grab overall market trends and offer a better course on the demanded topic next time. 
  • Testimonials: Those are quite powerful. Imagine you find a website, and someone offers a course; it can seem sketchy to purchase without any testimonials of previous clients. Therefore, make sure to put and showcase some on your website. Statistically, testimonials increase sales, which, of course, increases profit margins. 
  • Offer free products: As surprising as it sounds, this method can actually help you to get money. Hen, you offer free products. First of all, you grab attention. And, if the product you offer still has high quality, the client will be sure that the paid course will be even better. Thus, you increase the trust factor between you and your audience.   

#10 Grow your business

Grow your teaching business with Uteach. This platform is an incredible opportunity for everyone who wants to start or expand their online business. Uteach will be with you every step of the way. Save your time, money, and effort and still be able to create the most amazing, full-featured, and competitive teaching website. 


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