Uteach: How to Make Use of this platform?

Uteach: How to Make Use of this platform?

As you may already know, Uteach is a functional online teaching platform. In the Armenian reality, it became the first platform in its specific field, and thanks to its unique features. However, the platform is available in all over the world. There are many people who have always desired to share their useful knowledge, introduce their skills to the audience, and instead earn some income, but… It required investments they couldn’t afford. Now all the education providers have the perfect chance to make use of Uteach.

What is Uteach? 

Uteach online learning platform offers great opportunities for everyone who is interested in career growth and sharing knowledge without edge. For this time we will discuss how to use the Uteach platform so that you don't have any concern to worry about. All you need is just to follow a few simple steps. In the end, you will benefit from a number of features the platform offers. Now, let's move forward.

Step #1 Register on Uteach

To create your account, you just need to fill in the required fields: first name, last name, email address, phone number, and password. Once logging in, you may select one of the monthly or yearly membership plans of Uteach program. There is also an option to start with a free trial so that you make sure which plan best fits your needs and desires.

Step #2 Create Your Website

Uteach allows you to have your own platform with a custom domain name you have always desired. This platform becomes your knowledge base and serves as a source of knowledge for your students and followers.

Create Your Website

Step #3 Come up with Online Video Courses

You just need to turn on the camera and share your knowledge and skills. Of course, it is recommended to plan video lessons in advance. You should classify the material according to the level of the background knowledge of your potential and target group of students.

Always keep in mind that video lessons and online courses have become the most convenient choice for those who want to learn something new. This approach helps to save time, energy, and even money while providing such a high level of efficiency as the traditional learning options.

Step #4 Share Your Knowledge 

If you already have your ready-made training videos, upload them to your Uteach account, and they will be visible to your students, and not only. Looking for teaching options in your specific field, those who want to learn will find themselves on your site, and if they are interested in your online courses, they will definitely buy them. If necessary, you can attach different graphics, images, tables, and files of various formats to online teaching courses.

Step #5 Operate a Blog 

These days, the blog has become one of the most effective ways to attract people and arouse their interest. You may come up with some pieces of advice so that your followers shape a clear opinion about what they may expect to see in your courses and whether or not they need it.

Operate a Blog

Besides, the blog is a great opportunity to increase your website traffic. Every article in the blog has a specific field for keywords. You should fill in this field with words or expressions related to the topic of your article that your target audience will be likely to search for.

Let’s discuss an example. Imagine you publish an article, where you introduce all the skills required for learning programming. In this regard, you may choose the keyword “How to learn to program”. Most likely, people who want to learn to program will search for this phrase in search engines (for instance, in Google). When searching for the words you selected, the users will reach your article. If the article answered their questions, then they are very likely to become your loyal followers and why not, potential buyers of your video courses.

You may also share your blog articles on various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Step #6 Found a Loyal Audience

If you post interesting and in-demand material that is required in the market, you attract a large audience.

Found a Loyal Audience

All your articles and training videos should answer the users’ questions and become a source of discovering something new. So, you maintain the interest of your audience, and over time, an increasing number of new and loyal followers will turn to you.

Step #7 Earn an Income

✔️ You own a personal online teaching portal.
✔️ Your knowledge and skills are available on your website in the form of video courses, blog articles, and various types of other material.
✔️ You have a great number of loyal followers who are interested in learning more from you.

Earn an Income

So, what is the next step?

You sell your online courses. Take into consideration that you should charge a reasonable price. If you do, be sure your audience will pay that money to gain new and trustworthy knowledge. Accordingly, everybody will be satisfied: your audience will be smarter with a new amount of acquired knowledge and more professional in the field. On the other hand, you’ll be happy to share your knowledge and get an income in turn.

So what? Do you imagine what wonderful opportunities Uteach provides?

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 23 Apr 2020