Your Guide to Become an Online Business Coach

Your Guide to Become an Online Business Coach

Do you want to work from home? Controle your schedule on your own? Help businesses go forward at the same time walking the path to your success? If you are an entrepreneur or a business analyst who is interested in these aspects then it’s the best time for you to start offering your online business coaching services. This will be an offer of sharing expertise so that people may get a chance to grow as a professional.

The following article covers:

1. What is Business Coaching?
2. Online Business Coach Definition
3. Why an Online Business Coach?
4. How to Start Your Business Coaching Services?

5. Business Coaching and Mentoring
6. Start Online Business Coaching with Uteach

So, first of all, let’s clearly understand what online business coaching is, who a business coach is, and how to define coaches in general.

What is Business Coaching and Who is Online Business Coach?

Business coaching is the process of expert knowledge sharing to prompt businesses and help them win success. Business coaches may take part in the process from any part of the world and join online.

In a more simple language, this is a support to business owners on running their business with a clear vision of business potential, market view, and possible changes. Online coaching is a cooperation between the business owner (also, CEO) and entrepreneur coaches with the goal to form strategies and growing business. The final goal, of course, is the achievement of business objectives. 

This is the process that takes a business from its current stage to where the business owner wants to see it. 

Who is Online Business Coach

Coach Meaning: Business coaches are trainers, mentors, or guides (whatever you like to be called) experienced in the business world. They are the ones who understand the business logic regardless of the fact in which stage is the business, evaluate the market, generate ideas and solutions,  achieve success. The most essential point to have is strategic thinking to understand the business potential and offer some solutions that you realize will lead in the market.

Why an Online Business Coach?

Many business owners do not clearly understand the importance of a coach for their success. Finally, what does a business coach do? Once they get the answer to this question, they will need and make use of your services. If you still hesitate on starting your online coaching services, I have some points for you that will help to make the right decision.

It is required. Any business, at some points, needs coaching services. Experienced business experts, in particular, those who have their own successful business are in demand especially by beginner businesses. That’s why small business coaching services are probably much required.

Flexibility matters. The working model from the workplace is already outdated. People prefer to save the time that was previously spent on the road. Especially, for time-sensitive people, this is a good choice to schedule meetings online instead of reaching specific places. This flexibility refers to the free time you have a chance to manage as you want.

Increasing income. According to some statistics, the business coaching industry is increasingly growing every year. In 2021, the market size will reach $11.8 billion only in the USA. These numbers speak about the amount one may earn as a business coach. According to another research on ZipRecruiter, the annual salary (on average) of a business coach is about $74K, yet this number may reach up to $160K. Do you imagine how much you may earn using your maximum potential?

Why an Online Business Coach?

Achievement. When you are an experienced specialist in the market, you know how to form a strategy that will bring success to the business. What else may provide more satisfaction than solved problems, completed and justified tasks? Successful strategies evoke passion towards trying some more to achieve even better results, bring nuances, and why not differ from others.

Hopefully, you already understood why business coach. Now let’s go on and dive deeper into this required specialty.

How to Start Your Business Coaching Services?

If you have experience working with different businesses and achieving success, you may become an online business coach. If you do, then go on reading. I’m going to present a step-by-step guide that will help you in the process of founding your entrepreneurship coaching business.

Step #1 Choose Your Niche

The business coaching industry is a wide sphere where you should choose your specific niche. There are different branches or directions you may go for while teaching online business coaching. We’ll discuss some of the most important branches.

Team Coaching. You may form interactive plans to discuss the business strategy to the teams of various sizes. In this way, each member of the team shapes at least a general understanding of the process and gets involved in it.

Leadership Coaching. Not all business owners acquire leadership skills to prompt their products or services. This direction of business coaching aims at developing entrepreneurial leadership skills, strategic thinking, communication skills, etc.

Executive Coaching. Private coaching training is especially useful for the giant entrepreneurs who are going to invest in the top executives. You may mentor them in different industries of finances, management, shareholders’ relations, and so on.

Performance Coaching. Another approach of business coaching is to teach people to perform well in the working atmosphere regardless of the position they are in. Such coaches help the person to become a part of a team and improve working skills. Accordingly, it increases the work efficiency, productivity, and takes to business success.

Performance Coaching

Brand Coaching. You may choose to help businesses establish their brand presence, sound the brand voice, and increase awareness. This is what they need to become an outstanding piece in the market. This may include strategies from the content up to social advertising and traditional marketing campaigns.

So, choose the niche you are more related to and go on.

Step #2 Acquire the Essential Skills and Qualification

You are going to teach others but take into consideration that teaching is a very difficult process and you should be ready to endure some points thanks to your skills.

Qualification. It is a very important point for some business people to work with a coach who has qualifications in the field. They may even ignore your experience and skills if you don’t have a certification or diploma as proof. Yet, there are some business owners who consider your previous experience and the companies you have worked with.

Understanding of Technology. If you choose online business coaching then you should be skillful while working with different technologies. This is a must as all the process is organized through digital platforms.

Setting Goals. People whom you train need you to have a goal-oriented approach while making strategies or forming plans. What they need most of all is to reach their business objectives. So, you should help them choose the right and most effective way to their success.

Setting Goals

Listening Skills. In order to create a productive plan oriented to achieving business success, you need to listen to the problems, issues, and expectations. Without knowing the details you cannot provide the best solution.

Step #3 Define Your Target Audience

Once you choose the niche to focus on, you may easily identify the audience you want to target. This is a very critical point as it makes your future responsibilities more simple and obvious.

When you know who your target audience is you analyze and identify their problems, concerns, and expectations. Accordingly, you think about the solutions that best fit in and meet the market demands.

Step #4 Create Video Courses

You may shape the real image of your online coaching business when you start creating video courses. You may choose different industries and form course plans for each one. Believe me, this is a perfect way of reaching growth. You should analyze the market and record courses that are in demand in the market and people will never hesitate to pay for them.

You should write several roadmaps of success for different businesses and make them visual in your courses, explaining the way they should go from the start point up to their goal achievement. Make your courses attractive to engage the learners and make the process more interesting.

Create Video Courses

As a professional in the field, you imagine which common goals do business owners have. So, it won’t be a problem to make them visual and offer solutions through video courses.

Step #5 Develop a Website

Once you have created at least one course, you should think about making it available in the market. The best way? Create your own website. To make it come true, you may use different website builders. While choosing one, consider that it has e-teaching website features so that you may publish and sell courses, conduct live lessons, organize webinars, and so on.

Uteach is such a platform that gives you all your required features. You create a personal website within minutes, having your custom domain, free hosting, attractive design, and functionality.

This website will provide your online presence in the digital world and help you reach a wider online market, run advertising campaigns on social media channels and search engines, get more potential clients.

Step #6 Come up With Attractive Content

Visiting your website, people should immediately get interested in the services you offer. All the textual and visual data should be attractive and engaging. Do not speak much about yourself and how good your services are. Instead, highlight all the benefits the client gets using your services.

At the same time, your website must be functional, fast, and easily navigable. People should immediately find the pages they need. Take this into consideration when you create pages on your platform and setting up the top menu on the navigation bar.

There are a ton of ways to grow your email list. And your content plays a big role in attracting the right audience. Make your content exciting, add a special incentive to sign up, and make the most out of your email list building tools, like pop-ups and original methods like spin to win. co-promotion to your bag of monetization tactics. They say money is on the list, and it certainly is!

Also, make sure your website has a responsive design. This means, it is fully functional and has a great look regardless of the used device. Uteach is a good fit in this regard.

When publishing your content, make sure your messages are easy to catch from the first glance. Do not write long texts about nonsense. Keep your ideas short and simple. And also, make sure you have a contact form, available mobile number, or email address so that people may get in touch with you.

Business Coaching and Mentoring 

The terms coaching and mentoring are very often confused probably because both are related to providing business success. Therefore, these terms are similar but not the same. The biggest difference is that a mentor focuses on giving advice while a coach assists the business owner in planning goals and keep them accountable in order to achieve success.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

They say that a coach and client are equals in working in partnership. Coaches don’t require the direct experience of the client's role. On the other hand, a mentor has more experience than the client and shares it with the more junior or inexperienced employee.

Whether you consider yourself a business coach or a mentor, you may start your services on helping businesses reach growth.

Start Online Business Coaching with Uteach

As I have already mentioned, you have a chance to create your online coaching website with Uteach. It will take a few minutes to create a platform with your custom domain, preferable design, visuals, and textual content.

You just need to register and fill in several fields of information about your expected website. Then you will get a chance to publish video courses and sell them, schedule live lessons or webinars, and you may even operate a blog. Here you may present useful and attractive content to arouse the attention of clients, highlight the importance of business coaching services, present some tips, and so on.

This may be the first step of your future success. Create your website today, found your own business, and help other businesses grow. You may register On Uteach and build your website now, or schedule a free demo to learn more about Uteach.


Vera Mirzoyan

Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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Published January 26, 2021