Your Ultimate Guide To Become Great Online Business Coach

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 27 Jul 2022
19 min read
Your Ultimate Guide To Become Great Online Business Coach

Do you want to work from home? Controle your schedule on your own? Help businesses go forward at the same time walking the path to your success.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business analyst who is interested in these aspects then it’s the best time for you to start offering your online business coaching services.

This will be an offer of sharing expertise so that people may get a chance to grow as a professional.

What Does Online Coaching Mean?

Coaching is the process of expert knowledge sharing to prompt individuals and businesses and help them win success. Business coaches may take part in the process from any part of the world and join online.

In a more simple language, this is support to business owners on running their business with a clear vision of business potential, market view, and possible changes. Online coaching is a cooperation between the business owner (also, CEO) and entrepreneur coaches with the goal to form strategies and grow business.

Types of Coaching

Let's look at some types of online coaching.

Business Coaching

This is the process that takes a business from its current stage to where the business owner wants to see it.

The final goal, of course, is the achievement of business objectives.

Business Coach Meaning: Business coaches are trainers, mentors, or guides (whatever you like to be called) experienced in the business world. They are the ones who understand the business logic regardless of the fact in which stage the business is, evaluate the market, generate ideas and solutions, and achieve success.

The most essential point to have is strategic thinking to understand the business potential and offer some solutions that you realize will lead in the market.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about the process when the coaches help people achieve progress and efficiency in their lives. It may be related to the fulfillment in different relationships, careers, or even daily life.

A life coach may help individuals:

  • Clarify goals,
  • Define the possible challenges,
  • Come up with strategies,
  • Overcome the obstacles,
  • Achieve progress.

So, working with the clients, the life coaches identify their target goals and desired outcomes. Then they consider the possible challenges and help to clearly define the obstacles. The next step is thinking about the most effective strategy to overcome the challenges and reach the best of success.

Read our GuideHow to Become a Life Coach and Earn Online

life coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching or just wellness coaching have been created to become the supporter or guide for people who want changes and are trying to improve their health and well-being. These specialists are considered to be mentors or life coaches experienced in the industry of health helping others to change their motives of life.

This is about a lot of aspects including:

  • overcoming obstacles to maintain healthy habits for life,
  • losing weight,
  • improving energy,
  • managing stress better,
  • eating healthier
  • exercising more
  • creating a work-life balance.

So, wellness coaches and trainers with clearly defined knowledge and skills help people overcome the challenge of starting a new lifestyle and becoming their best selves. Health coach also provides medical advice, helps to learn everything about taking care of our health, using herbs, and so on. And just because online coaching is one of the most in-demand training prospects in the market today, take into consideration becoming a life changer due to your profession.

health and wellness coaching

Fitness Coaching

These days even online fitness training does not sound crazy when almost everything is preferable online, isn't it? Why does online coaching conquer the market? The answer is simple: why not?

Are you a personal trainer or a fitness coach? There is a huge difference. How you distinguish yourself will greatly affect your career.

Here you have a chance to choose your personal style of training. Besides, not everyone is able to go to the gym after a very busy day. That's why online training comes to our rescue. You can buy it at the most convenient price, you do not pay a monthly gym membership, which means that the online version is more affordable. And of course, you train at any time, anywhere, even if you are at rest, away from the gym. That’s why especially fitness coaching is becoming predominant in online coaching. Do not hesitate, start right now!

Some of the most common forms are:

- daily, weekly, or monthly workout plans,

- group workout packages,

- nutrition coaching and health tips,

- virtual fitness assessments,

- introduction of different exercises, etc.

fitness coaching

Unlike in the old days, now people visit gyms, do a workout, start eating healthy or follow their diet as much as possible. So there is probably no better time to take the opportunity to start the first steps of your career here.

Finance Coaching

A financial coach is someone who assists you in improving your financial connection and staying on track to achieve your financial objectives.

Many of us now mismanage our money, incomes, miscalculate the budget, and often make unnecessary purchases or investments.

Now let's imagine how helpful you can be to others by sharing your knowledge with them to understand how they can manage their income and expenses. In fact, they will spend a little money just buying your course to be able to manage their finances wisely.

I have never heard of a smarter idea than to spend money, to learn how to manage your finances wisely. Many people do not even know such a thing is possible. So that means the potential for your success is greater, you create a new culture, you ''bring it to market'' and sell it as your product.

fiance coaching

What do financial coaches especially do?

  • Assist in the development of strong financial habits and objectives.
  • Determine the source of the issue.
  • Create techniques for overcoming obstacles.
  • Set financial and goal-oriented objectives.
  • Ensure clients stay on track.
  • Make progress in improving money management habits.

It is time to use the chance given to us rationally to become a giant in the field. And these specialists will soon be in great demand.

Career Coaching

People that work with a career coach are motivated to develop their preferred careers and achieve success. Imagine how many people chose the wrong profession at the age of 17-18, because they were not well informed about the orientation of the new profession. And how much better it would be if many people could make the right choice instead of not wasting extra years in university.

A career coach may help the students:

  • Identify dream jobs based on their skills and personality.
  • Help life coaching clients obtain their dream job and earn more money.
  • Make a career transition.
  • Assist clients with interviewing skills, LinkedIn networking, and resume preparation to help them acquire any job.
  • Prepare clients in impressing interviewers and landing the greatest job possible.

Dating Coaching

As you may be aware, modern dating may be fraught with dangers such as failing to connect with the proper people, prolonged messaging that goes nowhere, disappointing first dates, and ghosting or sexting which are too common nowadays. So it's easy to become overwhelmed.

Hey, but stop, it doesn't have to be this difficult. Relax! When you know how to make modern dating work for you, it may be not just effective, but also pleasant. People who are successful in forming great new relationships frequently have an ace up their sleeve: a skilled personal dating coach who is there for them "behind the scenes", guiding them through the process.

Everything in the world is getting easier and faster and can be easily achieved now if you are a digital person.

Online Business Coaching

What is business coaching? Business coaching is the exchange of practical knowledge to teach business people how to succeed in this field. And the most convenient thing here is that business coaches can participate in the teaching process from anywhere in the world by joining online. The same can be said about the registered participants.

In a more simple language, this is for businessmen (why not also for beginners in the field) who want to grow their business with a clear idea of ​​the business potential, market perspective, and a clear vision of possible change. This is a collaboration between the business owner (CEO) and entrepreneur coaches, with the goal of developing strategies & growing business.

The ultimate goal, of course, is the realization of business goals. This is the process that takes a business from its current stage to where the business owner wants to see it.

So you can study from the best examples and already experienced coaches, take lessons and select the best examples for you.

Why an Online Business Coach?

It's required.

Coaching services are required by every organization at some time. Beginner firms are especially in need of experienced business professionals, particularly those who have their own successful businesses. As a result, small company coaching services are likely in high demand.

Flexibility matters.

Office mood, traditional work style, and education have long been giving way to a more convenient and efficient option. This flexibility refers to the free time that you have the ability to manage the way you want.

Increase in income.

According to some statistics, the field of business coaching is growing more and more from year to year. With an average annual growth rate of 6.7 percent from 2019 to 2022, the market value is expected to reach $20 billion․

why an online business coach

Start Your Successful Business Coaching Services with 7 steps


Step #1 Define Your Niche

The business coaching market is a broad field in which you should specialize. Besides, having a coaching specialization might give you an advantage and can make the difference between having a successful coaching business and wasting years looking for clients.

It turned out that while teaching online business coaching, you can choose from a variety of branches or paths. Here you can find it.

Team coaching. You can create interactive plans to talk about the business strategy with groups of all sizes. As a result, each team member develops at least a basic awareness of the process and participates in it.

Leadership coaching. Not all business owners develop leadership abilities (read these leadership books to know more) in order to propel their products or services forward and achieve success. This aspect of business coaching focuses on the development of entrepreneurial leadership abilities, strategic thinking, and communication skills, among other things.

Brand coaching. Brand coaching is one of the most interesting subsections, which refers to the presence, distribution, and promotion of a brand name, and informing about it in the market. For instance, if your business offers SMS marketing solutions such as SMS API, brand coaching can help to spread awareness around your brand.

This is exactly what they need to do to become a market leader. And it can range from content creation to social media advertising to traditional marketing campaigns.

Performance coaching. This is for becoming a real team leader. It can be said that another approach to business coaching is to teach people how to behave well in a work environment, regardless of their position. Such coaches help the person to become a member of the team, and improve work skills. Accordingly, it increases work efficiency, and productivity & leads to business success.

Step #2 Acquire the Essential Skills and Qualifications

Remember that you are a teacher and teaching others is not an easy process, so you have to invest all your skills and abilities to face some difficulties.

Qualification. For some entrepreneurs, it may be helpful to work with a coach who is qualified in the field. We all know what we are talking about, a small piece of paper often plays a role. Unfortunately, they can even ignore your experience and skills if you do not have a certificate or diploma as proof.

However, there are some entrepreneurs who take your past experience into account and pay attention to the companies you have worked with.

Understanding of Technology. If you choose online business coaching, you need to be skilled in working with different technologies. This is a must because the whole process is organized through digital platforms. In the 21st century, you need to be as digital as possible.

Goal settings. The people you train need a personal approach to have purposeful goals - a clear strategy for achieving them. Most of all, they need to achieve their business goals. So you need to help them choose the right, most effective way to succeed.

Step #3 Think About Coaching Certification

Giving your students a certificate at the end of the course gives you a competitive edge in the market. You do not even have to worry about this, as it is also automated and the student who easily completes the course receives a certificate stating that he/she has completed the course with honors. What will this give you and your students?

- Many people will prefer your course over thousands of other courses,

- Students will be more interested in learning well to get a certificate.

- Students who successfully complete the course can attach the certificate to their resume or CV.

Why do coaches need to be certified to become a coach?

Certification helps you stand out from non-coaches who call themselves coaches but frequently mislead or hurt their customers. Authentic professional coaches are seeking respected certificates as a way to persuade potential clients that they are genuine teachers, as more controversies concerning so-called coaches emerge.

Besides, as I mentioned before, many clients, of course, are just as demanding in their choice of coaches by paying attention to their professional knowledge as requiring getting certificates at the end of the course. Naturally, you will be a more competitive coach if you provide certificates to students who have successfully completed the course. It's not that difficult a problem; you can find a solution quickly.

Step #4 Define Your Target Audience

You can readily determine the audience you wish to target once you've decided on a niche to focus on. This is a crucial point because it clarifies and simplifies your future duties.

You may examine and determine your target audience's problems, worries, and expectations once you know who they are. As a result, you consider the solutions that best match the situation and meet market expectations.

define your target audience

Step #5 Create Your Own Coaching Website

This is one of the most important points that you can not miss. Many people prefer to use our already professional application platforms, which are not very profitable from this point of view, besides the competition is greater. Therefore, it is very unlikely that a student will choose yours from all the courses.

So, while choosing a website builder, take into consideration Uteach, which is the ideal platform with all your required features. You create a personal website with different platforms that will have various features, but Uteach allows you to create a full-featured coaching website within minutes, having your custom domain, free hosting, attractive design, and functionality.

Step #6 Come up With Attractive Content

I'm sure you understand the importance of this in ensuring the growth of your business. All of the data, whether textual or visual, should be appealing and engaging. Your content should be clear to everyone, with accessible vocabulary clearly written to get attention, and correctly chosen visuals. Simultaneously, your website must be functional, speedy, and simple to navigate. People should be able to quickly locate the pages they require. Uteach is a good fit in this regard.

Stop, I forgot to mention the content of an email. There are numerous methods for expanding your email list as every business needs to take its email list seriously.

So your content is crucial in attracting the appropriate audience.

Step #7 Get Your First Client and Start Market Coaching

When you begin developing video courses, you have the opportunity to define the real image of online coaching. You can choose from a variety of industries and create course programs for each. But firstly you should research the market and keep track of courses that are in high demand and that people will gladly pay for. That's why you need to target your audience well and find your first customers. Remember, the hardest part is getting started.

When it comes to hosting and selling an online course, you have some alternatives to get your first clients and start coaching. Here are some tips on how to market online courses you should never miss out.

  • Choose the right platform for online courses.
  • Include bonuses in your online course program. You can create a strong bonus package to promote a high-added value to your course.
  • Boost your social media presence by creating helpful marketing material.
  • Encourage consumers to buy your courses in the future and suggest it to others.
  • Use assessments or email surveys to get feedback on your course.

get your first client and start market coaching

Platforms for Coaching Online

Since you have talked about online coaching for a long time, it's time to share with you the most important and best-coaching websites in the field. You can build your own on the basis of such successful examples.

#1 Uteach

WithUteach, you can create your own online learning website within minutes by selecting the most convenient plan for you from this list. Oops, I should not forget to mention that in addition to the free trial, there is also a free plan, which I think is quite beneficial from the coach’s point of view.

With Uteach you can:

  • Build a modern website for your brand
  • Create and sell courses, live sessions, e-books,
  • Organize an exam
  • Check knowledge through quizzes
  • Give certificates to all who successfully pass the quiz
  • Have your mobile App

Uteach is also a fantastic resource for learning about many topics and exploring the digital world. It's unexpected, but you may read a highly entertaining and useful blog thanks to their team.

platforms for coaching online

#2 Udemy

Udemy is one of the best and most popular online teaching platforms. Here you will find thousands of courses, so you can easily post and sell your courses here too. But success as an instructor on Udemy is not guaranteed. But in any case, it has a wide choice for coaches, thanks to which they will be able to secure the sale of their course. By the way, this website can be used by instructors for free. However, Udemy makes big money by taking 50% per sale of your course.

#3 Teachable

Teachable is an online platform that allows anyone to create and sell online courses. No tech experience is required. More than 100,000 teachers had joined Teachable by 2020, and their expertise had been converted into world-class courses that had generated more than $500 million.

Benefits of Coaching Online

#1 A Global Presence

Since there is nothing in this world that does not have its risks and disadvantages, today we will only talk about the advantages of online coaching, which are an integral part of many people's day and even a source of income these days.

Imagine how great it is to live in Canada, but to be a student of the best coach in France, or live in India andbe trained by the best American coaches. This is a huge advantage for coaches who specialize in certain areas, provide online coaching degrees, or look for online coaching employment, among other things.

#2 Multiple Ways to Communicate with Clients

You have several options for communicating with your customers at once. One option is online dating via Zoom or Skype, the other is selling video courses on your own website or popular educational sites we already know.

Emailing is another example even though this should not be relied upon as a primary method of interaction. However, you may use email messages to generate chances for potential learners to reflect on their thinking processes and objectives.

multiple ways to communicate with clients


#3 Flexibility

In any case, flexibility is the most important factor. First of all, you do not waste time and money, besides, you choose where to join the course. Many people use their time so efficiently that they even spend their time in traffic jams joining classes and learning something new.

Read more about Online Coaching Benefits, Risks, and Challenges.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Many, even me, did not understand the difference between coaching and mentoring before.

Let's clarify.

Mentoring may be done on a long-term basis if mutual trust and respect are established. Coaching, on the other hand, is just for a limited time.

Mentoring focuses on establishing an informal relationship between the two parties, whereas coaching takes a more planned and official approach.

The business mentor has intimate familiarity with the mentee's line of work. A business coach, on the other hand, does not need to have prior expertise with the type of job that the coachee is doing. For example, if you have a cheese factory, you are trying to expand your business and you apply to a relevant coach, it does not mean that they are quite experienced in that field and will explain to you step by step what to do.

business coaching and mentoring

So mentorsadvise and assist mentees as they examine prospects for job advancement, building confidence, or enhancing interpersonal skills. While coaches assist and advise clients in clarifying their growth vision.

If you want to understand more differences and similarities, check our article and infographic.

I hope you have no unanswered questions after all this.

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And if you do not have any questions, hurry to register, it is quite easy. This will be your first step towards success, and we are always by your side while facing challenges. You may schedule a free demo and get familiar with the features Uteach offers too. I will be glad to meet you here soon.

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