How To Start Online Communication Training

Communication training is a type of training designed to help individuals improve their communication skills. 

This can include verbal, non-verbal, and written communication techniques.

Benefits of communication training 

Communication training can also help you to become a better communicator. Here are other benefits it offers.

  •  Improved listening skills. Participants learn to listen actively by being attentive and asking relevant questions. 
  • Increased self-awareness. Students start to analyse their communication style. Thus, they identify areas where they can improve and adjust their approach accordingly. 
  • Enhanced public speaking skills. Techniques like body language and storytelling help participants to convey their message effectively.
  •  Heightened emotional intelligence. Participants learn how to manage emotions during stressful situations effectively. 
  • Higher productivity. Refined communication skills enable team members to collaborate and increase productivity.

The market for communication training 

You will be able to offer more efficient training to your prospects if you are well aware of the market. 

Market demand 

No matter the profession, situation, or setting, communication is key. Effective communication is essential for building and maintaining relationships, negotiating or resolving conflicts. 

People who are good at effective communication are more likely to get a job or promotion. 

So,  communication training will stay in demand. It is key for personal and professional success. 

Average monthly searches for the main keywords you will rank for are the following: 

  • “communication training” → 1000 -10,000 search results
  • “online communication training” → 100-1000 search results


Many organizations realize the importance of effective communication in achieving their business goals. As there is high demand, the supply is also pretty well-organized. 

This means you must deliver a program that will differentiate you in the market. You can survive the competition only by being unique.

 Analyzing your competitors in terms of SEO is not far less important. The keywords you will try to rank for have Medium competition.  Keywords are the words or phrases people enter into search engines to find your content.

 The table below shows the ranges advertisers pay to promote their content.  It is anywhere between $.42 to $5.45 for the keyword “communication training.” This can be an indicator on how to plan and organize your business to win SERP.

Communication training keywords

Communication training challenges 

Even if you are the best communicator in the world, you will surely encounter some challenges. 

  • Keeping up the engagement. Some participants may be unwilling to participate in the activities you undertake. So, you should encourage them to be free to express their thoughts. 
  • Non-verbal cues. As we know, online training lacks verbal cues. So, it may sometimes be hard to explain and show things related to body language. This means you should devise ways to follow your students’ non-verbal communication means. 
  • Providing personalized training. Everyone comes from different backgrounds. Thus people have a different understanding in what effective communication looks like. 

Some hand gestures or facial expressions can be acceptable for one culture.  However, the same gestures may be offensive to another. So be careful when addressing non-verbal cues.

Can communication training be online?

Yes, communication training can be conducted online. 

Many organizations offer virtual communication training courses, both live and pre-recorded, They may address topics such as 

  • verbal and nonverbal communication skills, 
  • active listening, 
  • conflict resolution, 
  • public speaking, and more. 

Main responsibilities 

Here are some responsibilities you will have as an online communication trainer. 

  • Teaching effective communication techniques. Such techniques include  active listening, assertiveness, nonverbal communication, and public speaking. 
  • Identifying communication barriers and developing strategies to overcome them.
  • Assisting with the development of strong interpersonal relationships. Fostering an understanding of the different needs and values of others. 
  • Encouraging critical thinking skills to provide solutions to difficult conversations or situations.
  • Promoting professional collaboration and team building through respect and personal responsibility.

5 steps to starting an online communication training 

Starting online communication training is not as hard as you could have imagined. Well, it requires too much time and effort. However, the steps are pretty simple.

Do proper research

There are several aspects to conducting research before launching the training. They include:

  • Market research. Research the market demand for online communication courses. Identify the target audience for your course. Try to understand their needs, expectations, and preferences.
  • Audience research. Start by defining who your ideal audience is. You can consider demographic factors. Another way is analyzing online communities where your target audience may gather. 
  • Competitor analysis. Research your competitors.  Understand their course offerings, pricing, marketing strategies, and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Course content research. Analyze the latest trends and best practices in communication training. Determine the specific topics and skills you want to cover. 
  • Pricing research. Study the pricing strategies for such training. Try to determine the optimal price point for your training. 

Create the training content 

As you aggregated all the data, it is time to create the content. 

This may include written materials, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes, and other resources. 

  • Based on your research, determine how you will structure your course
  • Define the learning objectives 
  • Develop an outline of the course content, including key points, examples
  • Organize the content
  • Incorporate interactive elements. These may include quizzes, assessments, simulations, and scenarios. 

Also, make sure your content provides learners with practical skills.  For this, provide real-world examples. Students learn better when they can connect the content to their own experiences.

Choose a platform 

Do you want to ensure a practical and engaging learning experience? Then you need to choose the right platform for your online communication training. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a platform. 

  • Look for a platform that offers the features you need to deliver your content. Interactive features include video hosting, screen sharing, file sharing, interactive polls, and quizzes.
  • Choose a platform that is easy to use for both you as the instructor and your learners. The platform should be intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible across many devices.
  • Consider a platform that integrates with other tools and software you us.
  • Evaluate the pricing models of the platforms you are considering. Some platforms charge based on the number of learners. Others charge based on the number of courses or a flat fee per month. 
  • Look for a platform that offers excellent customer support and resources. This way, you can troubleshoot issues and get the most out of the platform.

Set up the training 

Setting up the training is another important step for the pre-launch. In this phase, you can

  • Create user accounts for yourself and your learners. You may also need to provide login credentials or a registration link to your learners.
  • Set up the course content on the platform. This involves uploading any course materials and organizing them into modules or lessons.
  • Test the platform. This involves going through the course content as a learner would. 
  • Invite learners by sending out email invitations.

Depending on the platform you choose, you may be able to customize the look of the training. So you can match your brand or aesthetic. 

Promote to launch 

You can use the following tactics for the promotion.

  • Encourage referrals.
  • Offer discounts or bonuses
  • Host a webinar
  • Use paid advertising
  • Offer a freebie
  • Partner with affiliates 

Effective promotion can help you achieve your course goals. It will increase learner engagement, improve course completion rates, and generate revenue.

Needed skills for communication training 

The skills a competitive communication trainer should have include the following.

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of communication principles and practices 
  • Ability to apply communication theories to real-world problems 
  • Experience facilitating workshops, seminars, and other training events 
  • Demonstrated success in developing and delivering interactive presentations 
  • Proficiency in using various multimedia tools and technologies for teaching purposes. 

Soft skills

  • Interpersonal skills, including active listening, empathy, networking, and relationship building.  
  • Excellent organizational skills in planning, coordinating, and managing training sessions.   
  • Strong problem-solving skills to anticipate issues that may arise during the training process.  

FAQ about communication training 

Still not sure whether you can handle all this? Well, the question and answer block will help you with that. 

Can I start the communication training with minimum investments?

Yes, you can start the communication training with minimum investments. 

 You only need to carefully plan your budget so that you can have the training with the least expenses.

Do I need certification for creating communication training?

No, technically, you do not need certification to create communication training. 

However, becoming certified or obtaining a related qualification will be beneficial. This way, you can establish credibility with potential students. 

You can attend workshops or seminars on communication teaching. Such training will give you more knowledge and skills. 

How much does it cost to create communication training?

Creating communication training will require a minimum expense of $1200. Are you surprised to hear that? Let’s look at what you will need to invest in so that you can have a better idea. 

The first and most important thing is a teaching platform or LMS. 

Next up are the technologies, equipment, and materials.

The number also includes some marketing and design expenses.

Do you want to have highly customizable training with special lighting? Add a few hundred dollars to the price mentioned. 

How much can I earn by selling communication training?

The amount you can earn from selling communication training depends on 

  • how much you charge, 
  • the number of people who buy your product, 
  • and other factors

If you are a true professional, have a certification, or have much experience, you can earn more than $65,000 a year.

How to measure communication training effectiveness?

There are several approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of a communication training program.

  • Ask participants for feedback. Ask the students to provide feedback on how they feel their skills have improved.
  • Make use of surveys. Surveys can be used to assess how effective a communication training program was. They can also help identify where further improvement may be needed or if any changes need to be made in future programs. 
  • Monitor output at work. Monitoring productivity levels at work can help assess the effectiveness of your program.

How long does it take to create communication training?

The time it takes to create online communication training can vary depending on several factors. 

Here are several options you can offer. 

  • Basic communication training with simple content and text-based instruction. This will take a few hours to a couple of days to create.
  • A more in-depth communication training that includes multimedia elements, interactive exercises, and assessments.  This could take several days to a few weeks to develop.
  • A highly customized communication training designed to meet specific needs and goals. Involves complex instructional design quality assurance.  This option could take several weeks to several months to complete.

So, creating communication training would take a few weeks to 2 months. 

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