Start Your Online Public Speaking Training: Main Steps

Public speaking training< is a program helping  individuals improve their communication skills. 

Public speaking helps participants become more confident in delivering concise and compelling messages. 

Benefits of public speaking training

Benefits of public speaking training 

Public speaking training can benefit not only the participants but also you as a trainer. 

  • Improved communication skills. You will be able to articulate your ideas clearly when delivering the training.
  • Adaptable teaching methods. You can  easily meet the students’ diverse learning styles and preferences. 
  • Increased self-awareness. Students will become more aware of their body language. They will improve their tone of voice and other nonverbal cues during conversations.
  •  Enhanced credibility. People will appear more professional and credible when delivering presentations. 

The market for public speaking training

Market research is one of the significant components when starting or planning training.  Let’s see whether entering the public speaking training market is worth it.

Market demand 

In today's globalized world, effective communication skills are important as ever. When we look at the skill set a person should have when applying for a job, we can find communication at the top of the list. Why is that so? 

 With the rise of technology, public speaking has become more and more essential.  So, individuals want to communicate effectively through a variety of digital platforms.

Everyone’s looking for personal and professional growth. And public speaking training is the way to go!

Average monthly searches for the main keywords you will rank for are the following:

  • “public speaking training” → 1000 -10,000 search results
  • “online public speaking training” → 100-1000 search results


Business and society are becoming more and more globalized. Thus, public speaking trainers are now competing on a global scale. 

You should be ready to compete not only in your local market but also in the world market. You will need to be innovative and unique to stay ahead of the competition.

From the search engine optimization perspective, the competition is of medium level. It shows how hard it can be to compete with others who targeted the same keywords as you.  

Another competition indicator is the high and low range people pay for the keyword bid. 

A deeper analysis of such data will help you get higher positions on search engine results pages. 

Public speaking training keywords

Public speaking training challenges 

Even if you are a true professional, you may face some challenges.

  • Managing group dynamics. Group dynamics can be challenging to manage in a public speaking setting. Every individual may have different levels of experience and confidence.
  • Personalization. Every individual has their own set of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to public speaking. Thus, trainers will need to personalize their training.
  • Flexibility. Being able to think quickly on one's feet and respond to questions from the audience. 
  • Mastering the delivery pace. Delivering presentations within specific time constraints without appearing rushed or unprepared. 

Can public speaking training be online?

Sure, public speaking training can be done online. 

Online public speaking courses offer lectures, videos, and other activities. These online activities help students develop the skills needed for effective public speaking.

There are a variety of tools available online. You can use them do enhance students' learning experience.

Main responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of a public speaking trainer include the following: 

  • Teaching techniques for effective public speaking and helping individuals overcome their fear of expressing their thoughts. 
  • Evaluating student presentations and providing feedback.  Here, your goal is to help them become more confident when speaking in front of an audience. 
  • Working with individuals on a one-on-one basis to address specific needs and challenges. 
  • Analyzing various types of speeches to identify areas that need improvement. Recommending appropriate interventions or activities to help improve them.

6 steps to start an online public speaking training 

Launching a public speaking training program is easier when you follow these steps. 

Develop the curriculum 

To develop an engaging curriculum, you should determine your students' learning objectives. 

What would be the particular skills the participants need to acquire?

 For instance, do they earn how to organize their thoughts? Do they focus on controlling emotions while giving a speech?  Do you want them to use effective body language?

As you are clear with the training objectives, you can proceed with the curriculum itself.

Consider incorporating interactive activities in your plan. 

You can use group discussions, role-playing, debates, and individual presentations to enhance retention. 

Outline needed materials

You will also need some materials to accomplish your activities. 

Accumulate materials that will come in handy to fortify your learners’  knowledge. Such materials may include online worksheets, audio recordings, videos, etc.  

You can both design your own materials or access resources on the internet. 

The next step is organizing those materials. The sequence should be easy-to-follow and logical. Also, make sure they align with the curriculum. 

Choose the platform that suits you best

This is one of the most essential steps before the launch. 

A good platform will help to provide a full learning experience to your students. Besides, it will benefit you in other ways as well.

  • Flexibility. Online teaching platforms offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and pacing. Learners will be able to access the training materials at their convenience. They can easily balance their job with learning.
  • Multimedia learning. Teaching platforms offer multimedia learning experiences. These include video lectures, interactive quizzes, games, and simulations. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. You will not need a physical classroom, textbook, or other materials. Online teaching platforms make learning accessible and affordable for anyone. 
  • Wider reach. You will be able to reach students from around the world. This can foster cross-cultural understanding and create opportunities for international collaboration and networking.

Start promoting

Promote your online public speaking training course through various channels. They may include social media, email marketing campaigns, blogs, etc. 

This way, you will attract more people to sign up for your program. To achieve better results, you can:

  • Offer discounts and promotions to new students
  • Collect testimonials from your customers to build credibility 
  • Use paid advertising on social media and search engines to reach a wider audience
  • Network with other trainers in your industry or reach out to influencers
  • Share valuable tips, strategies, and insights on social media. Keep engaging with your followers.

Provide students with feedback 

Do not forget about the power of constructive feedback. 

Feedback should focus on the student's performance, behavior, or work throughout their journey. Let your learners know how they can improve completed assignments or tasks. 

Encourage students to reflect on their own performance and identify areas for improvement. This helps them to take ownership of their learning and become more self-directed.

Give certificates 

After all sessions are over, provide participants with a certificate. 

This will serve as a great motivator and tangible reward for them!

  • Select a professional design that reflects the training program's theme.
  • Add the necessary details. Include the student's name and any other relevant information. You can also add the name and logo of your organization.

Needed skills for public speaking training 

Let’s discuss the skill set you will need to have to compete in the market. 

Hard Skills 

  • Knowledge of communication and presentation techniques 
  • Strong organizational and planning skills 
  • Ability to interpret data 

Soft Skills 

  • interpersonal and communication skills 
  • active listening skills 
  • patience with each individual speaker's learning curve 
  • flexibility when working with different personalities and skill levels 

FAQ about public speaking training 

These commonly asked questions will help you get a clearer idea about starting online public speaking training.

Can I start the public speaking training with minimum investments?

Yes, you can start public speaking training with minimal investments. 

Nowadays, many public libraries offer free access to materials related to public speaking. So you will not have to invest so much time creating suitable materials.

As you do not need a physical space, there will be no need to invest much in terms of money as well. 

Do I need certification to create public speaking training?

There are no specific qualifications required to become a public speaking trainer. However, there are industry standards and best practices that trainers should adhere to. 

Trainers who have certifications or accreditations may have an advantage in the market. So if you do not have a certification yet, consider acquiring one. 

How much does it cost to create public speaking training?

To calculate the expenses, you should consider a few things for yourself.

  • Do you need other trainers/staff, or are you the only trainer?
  • Are you the one to create content, or are you going to hire a content creator?
  • Do you possess the technology needed to conduct the training?
  • How are you going to market your training? 
  • Does your chosen platform meet your needs, or do you need to upgrade your subscription plan? 

So, these factors show you will need at least $ 1300 to get started with public speaking training. 

How much can I earn by selling public speaking training?

The amount of money you can earn will depend on several factors. 

  • the type of training you offer, 
  • the length of the course, 
  • how much you charge

You can charge $50-$100 for each participant as a beginner or intermediate trainer. If you are proficient and have a certification, you can charge even $200 and more.

So, you can potentially earn more than $56,700 a year being an online public speaking trainer. 

How to measure public speaking training effectiveness?

Measuring the effectiveness of public speaking training can be done in several ways. 

  • Analysis of post-training surveys or evaluations.  Surveys or evaluations can measure the trainee’s understanding and satisfaction. 
  • Assessments. Assessments are useful for measuring if the objectives of the training have been met. Also, they can show how much progress each individual has made. 
  • Observation of performances. Observe how the participants use their new skills in real-world situations.

Can participants communicate on stage or during interviews effectively? If yes,  your training was a success.

How long does it take to create public speaking training?

The length of time it takes to create public speaking training varies. It depends on several factors, such as

  • Your experience and skills as a trainer
  • The amount of research and preparation required
  • The scope of the training

The first few weeks will be spent on careful research, planning & contextualization. The next few weeks will be allocated to creating learning and teaching materials. Finding a suitable platform will also take some time. 

Generally, creating public speaking training will take no more than three months.

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