Monetize Your Design Skills With Selling Online Courses

Design courses focus on teaching students the fundamentals of design, including elements like color theory, typography, composition, and layout. 

Students develop skills in communication design, product/industrial design, web/interactive design, etc. 

Benefits of design courses

How can the design course benefit your and your trainees? They help to:

  • develop creativity and problem-solving skills
  • provide valuable insight into the latest trends in design and technology
  • build a portfolio of work 
  • increase career opportunities in the field of graphic design or related industries
  • provide an understanding of color theory, typography, and other fundamentals of design 
  • offer a platform to develop transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and project management 

The market for design courses 

Before we move to how to launch the design course, let’s first analyze the market. 

Market demand 

Nowadays, many employees tend to hire people who have a professional degree. 

Imagine if two people apply for the same design job. One of them has participated in various courses and has a great portfolio & certificate. Another didn’t take part in any courses and all they have is a portfolio. Who has more chances of getting the job? 

Of course, the first one. When many people realize this, they understand such courses can help them grow professionally. 

This is one of the reasons design courses have great demand. Besides, design courses help students to earn more money. Design has become one of the trending professions nowadays. 

Average monthly searches for the main keywords you will rank for are the following:

  • “online design courses” → 10,000 -100,000 search results
  • “design courses” → 1000-10,000 search results


Demand created its own supply. This is what economics tells us. As there is more than adequate supply, the competition increases as well. 

To stand out in the competition, you will need to offer something different from your competitors. 

According to search engine results, the competition for the keyword ”online design courses ” is medium. In the meantime, the competition for your second target keyword, “design courses,” is low. This means you will be easier to rank for this particular keyword. 

When analyzing this carefully, you will be able to understand where to put your marketing efforts for better results. 

Design course stats

Design courses challenges 

Nothing comes without any challenges. But what challenges can offering an online design course suggest? 

  • Keeping up with the ever-evolving design trends.  As technology advances, so does the need to stay abreast of the latest design tools. 
  • Finding ways to make abstract concepts tangible. Design courses often require students to take abstract ideas and translate them into designs. This can challenge many students who lack visual skills. 
  • Balancing theoretical work with practical projects. Design courses usually require both theoretical works as well as practical projects. This can be difficult for some students who may not have a good balance between the two. Therefore, it can be challenging to tailor the content for everyone. 

Can design courses be online?

Yes, design courses can, of course, be online. 

In this case, potential international students can also access the course. Online provides an opportunity for students to manage their time wisely.  

There are lots of resources available on the net that make online courses even more engaging. You can incorporate some of them and enjoy the opportunities the online offers. 

Main responsibilities 

What are you mainly responsible for as an online design course instructor? 

  • Develop an understanding of the principles, elements, and theories of design
  • Build knowledge in typography, color theory, layout, and composition 
  • Develop problem-solving skills to create compelling visual solutions 
  • Strengthen critical thinking and analytical skills 
  • Ensure the students can apply what they learned

6 steps to create online design courses

The steps of creating a design course are really simple. The planning and research process may seem to be hard. However, a pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood. 

Choose software to work with 

One of the most important steps is choosing the teaching platform. 

As distance learning and e-learning develop, teaching platforms are gaining more and more popularity. They give instructors the opportunity to provide a full learning experience for the students. 

An easy-to-use and all-in-one teaching platform can be the key to success. However, it may be hard to decide which one to choose. Simply ensure the platform meets your needs. Research and find out which offers and opportunities will suit you the most. 

Consider a platform with interactive elements, necessary integrations, and opportunities for customization. 

Brainstorm the topics 

We have already chosen the general topic as Design courses. Now, it is time to generate the subtopics. 

For this, identify the type of design courses you want to offer. Is it graphic design, web design, product design, etc? 

Next, research what your audience would like to know about that topic. Tail all the subtopics according to your audience’s needs to ensure the course succeeds. 

Afterward, you can create an outline for every lesson. This will help you not to miss anything important. Also, do not forget to decide the order in which the topics will appear. 

 You can see what other creators offer to fill the gap and be unique. 

Start creating the content 

Finally, we have come to the most practical part of the process. Now that all the research is done, it is time to develop the content. 

First, decide what you will include in the content. Are you planning to have a presentation? Do you need to find other video materials to accompany your course? Will there be quizzes or any activities? 

When developing the content, ensure it supports your audience's values and meets their needs. 

Set a timeline 

The content materials are also ready at this stage. So, you should develop a regular timeline for when each lesson should be released. 

Releasing the course material part by part comes with many benefits.

  • It builds anticipation. After completing one part of the course, students start looking forward to what they will get next. 
  • It helps to manage time efficiently. Even if the whole course is not recorded yet, you can get an opportunity to release it. Meanwhile, you will work on the following parts.
  • As you release the course part by part, you have time time to analyze how the course will perform. 

When developing the timeline, make sure there is enough time between lessons. This way, the students will digest the information and complete any required tasks before the next installment.

Test out and review

Test out your course before launching. This is a crucial step when you offer pre-recorded courses. 

You can go through the recorded videos and materials again or have another person review them. To see how the course generally does, you can test it with a few students. As you made sure everything runs smoothly, you can share it with other students as well.

Start promoting 

The promotion process may begin even before you launch the course.

You can promote the online design course by

  • Creating a website
  • Running social media accounts
  • Using advertising
  • Directly reaching potential customers through emails or other channels
  • Creating an affiliate program, etc

Once people sign up for your course, provide customer support by answering questions and helping with technical issues.

Needed skills for design courses 

The basic skills you will need as a design course online instructor include:

Soft skills

  • Creative thinking 
  •  Problem-solving 
  • Visual communication 
  • Flexibility 
  • Self-motivation 
  • Adaptability  

Hard skills 

  •  Adobe Photoshop  
  •   Adobe Illustrator  
  •   Adobe InDesign  
  •   CAD software   
  •   3D Modeling software 
  •   Graphic design principles & practices   
  •   Color theory & typography principles  
  •   Web design principles & practices

FAQ about design courses 

The commonly asked question box will help you better understand how design courses can benefit you as an instructor. 

Can I start the design courses with minimum investments?

Absolutely! You can start design courses with the least investments. 

All you need is 

  • deep knowledge of your subject
  • corresponding skills to create the course
  • a platform to help you
  • Basic materials and equipment

Make a list of everything you will need to invest in and start your own business step by step.

Do I need certification for creating design courses?

No, you do not need certification to create design courses. 

However, having professional certifications such as Adobe Creative Cloud Certifications may help you to gain credibility with potential students. 

Having certification may also help you when creating the course. So, it is highly advisable if you plan to grow your course business further. 

How much does it cost to create design courses?

The cost of creating design courses depends on 

  • the complexity of the course material 
  • how much time it takes to create
  • what materials and software you use
  • other factors

To understand how much it costs to create a design course, you will need to list down all the investments. 

The primary thing to choose and invest in is a teaching platform. It will give the opportunity to sell the course more easily and get students from all around the globe. An average teaching platform will cost $350-$400. 

Next, we have technologies and equipment. See if you need a new laptop/computer, a webcam, and a mic. If yes, add $1000 to the cost list. 

Other costs may include marketing, certification staff, etc. 

So, it will cost you more than $1240 to create a design course. 

How much can I earn by selling design courses?

That depends on the type of design course and the number of people who purchase it.  

You can decide on pricing plans for your students. For example, $25 for 30 minutes, $60 for 1 hour, and $120  for 2 hours. The amount of money you can charge also depends on your experience. However, you can always analyze your competitor’s pricing strategy and set yours. 

So, as a design course instructor, you can earn more than $ 67,140. 

How to measure design course effectiveness? 

You can measure whether the course was practical or not with the following:

  • Surveys. Surveys can help gauge how effective the design course has been for students. Ask questions about the teaching style, the course materials and content, and the overall effectiveness of the course. 
  • Assessing student performance with projects and tests. Assess student performance through projects that reflect mastery of design concepts. This will help gain a better understanding of how well the students are grasping the material.
  • Evaluating post-course feedback. After completing a design course, ask for feedback from students to determine if they have applied their knowledge to real-world projects. 

How long does it take to create design courses?

The length of time required to create design courses varies depending on the type and complexity of the course. 

For example, creating a basic introductory design course might take only a few hours. 

An average length course requires weeks or even months of preparation.

However, a more advanced course will take several months to create. 

Generally, it takes anywhere between 2-3 months to create a medium-complexity design course. 

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