Everything To Know How To Start Online Dog Training

Online dog training is a process of training with online resources. It is a convenient way of training dogs, as owners get the opportunity and appropriate tools as well as techniques to train their pets without having to leave the comfort of their houses. 

Throughout today’s article, we will review everything related to online dog training, including benefits, the market, and even a step-by-step guide on how to start your online dog training program. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

Benefits of dog training

Before we dive into the market and steps on how to launch your dog training program, let’s first of all review the benefits of dog training that the trainers and clients will gain. 

  • The client’s dog/dogs will show improved behavior; for instance, they won’t jump on strangers or bark and scare others. 
  • Dog training will also contribute to better communication between owners and dogs which also will result in improved relationships between them, enhancing the bond. 
  • Dog training will generally contribute to higher safety levels, mentally stimulate dogs and increase socialization. 
  • Through providing dog training, trainers get a chance to monetize something they truly enjoy. Also, considering the fact that each dog is different as a trainer, you will constantly develop your professional skills and become a better specialist. 
  • Dog training, especially online, is a flexible job where you can create your own schedules.
  • Good market demand. 

The market of dog training

Now, it is time to review the market of dog training. Let’s jump into it. 

Market demand

According to Google Keyword Trends, “dog training” and “online dog training” get average monthly searches from 1k to 1M. Thus, it is obvious that many dog owners are interested in the availability of such training programs. 


Now, reviewing the data related to the competition to rank for “dog training” and “online dog training” keywords, we can see it goes from low to high. The low competition will allow you to rank for the particular keyword easily. Meanwhile, high competition will be more difficult. Hoover, with proper SEO optimization strategies, you will be able to rank your dog training program. 

Dog training keywords

Dog training challenges

Dog training is not just all fun and games. It also comes with certain challenges that trainers must be well aware of. 

  • Behavioral issues of the dogs. Some dogs are going to be hard to deal with and difficult to train. These types of dogs require more energy, patience, and time. 
  • Every dog is different. Thus it is challenging to find an optimal approach for everyone. You must come up with rather more individualized techniques to train. 
  • Owners' behavior affects dogs' behavior. However, sometimes it can be challenging to identify and communicate the behaviors that owners also should change. 

Can dog training be online?

Yes, dog training can take place online. In fact, online dog training is a more convenient way of training nowadays. 

Main responsibilities

Dog trainers also have certain responsibilities, so let’s review the main ones: 

  • Development of training plans, personalization of the materials, etc. 
  • Assessing dog behavior and monitoring behavior progress
  • Providing owners with on-time constructive feedback will help them to increase the efficiency of the training. 
  • Making sure to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the sessions. 

5 steps to start online dog training

Well, it is finally time to dive into the main steps you have to take in order to start online dog training. 

Step 1 - Improve Your Skills in Dog Training

The first step is to improve your skills in dog training. Keep in mind that in order to be a successful trainer that provides expected results, you must have foundation knowledge of dog behavior as well as learning and training theories. You also must be able to apply your knowledge in practice. 

If you are good with animals, that is great, but not enough to start dog training online. As a complete beginner, we will recommend you take certain courses and training for yourself. This will be a good investment for your career. 

If you are already experienced or have a certification, then generally keep up with learning new methodologies of training. As a professional, you must always grow and improve. To do so, you can attend workshops and webinars, also read books and various articles from credible sources. 

Step 2 - Do Market Research 

Well, the next step is to complete proper market research. Essentially it will help you to identify the following:

  • Current market trends 
  • Your direct and indirect competitors 
  • Target audience 
  • Market demand & supply.

All of the grabbed data can be used further to create an effective marketing strategy. For instance, you can analyze your competitors in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as aspects of their strategies that work or fail. 

Identifying your target audience with market research will help you to understand through which mediums and how to reach them to trigger action. Based on the target audience, you can create various buyer personas to implement different tactics and reach your target more efficiently. 

Step 3 - Develop Training Materials 

The next step is to develop training materials. 

To develop good materials, first of all, identify the goals of the training program. What do you aim to teach throughout the training? What results do you expect to see, and at what speed?

Make sure to create a training outline highlighting topics that are going to be covered. Also, include training’s learning outcomes and goals sections in the outline. 

Next, it is time to collect and decide what exercises and activities you should incorporate into the training to make it more effective and result-orientated. Finally, just put everything nicely together, and get ready for sales. 

Step 4 - Develop a Website

To be able to sell the developed training, you will need a website. So, it is the perfect time to choose an appropriate platform. 

Indeed, you can build a website with typical website builders. However, they can be costly and time-consuming. Thus, we recommend choosing an LMS platform. LMS is a learning management system that equips trainers and clients with all the necessary tools for better eLearning business management. 

One of the best platforms available in today’s market is Uteach. There are also options such as Thinkific and Kajabi. For instance, Uteacg comes in handy with features such as:

  • Website & Course builder (drag & drop, does not require coding skills)
  • Customization options & white labeling 
  • Automation (e.g., attendance checking, notifications, emails) and Marketing tools (e.g., built-in SEO, blog)
  • Local payment gateway 
  • Integrations with favorite YouTube tools to further enhance the experience. 
  • Many more. 

Plus, the platform is extremely beginner friendly and easy to use. 

So, after you are clear on the platform, start building a website. Simple rules to keep in mind while the building is:

  • Stick from 3 to 5 colors to create proper branding. 
  • Make sure the color choice matches the niche (learn more about color psychology as well as color theory) 
  • Leave white spaces in your website (not necessarily colored white, but just as empty spaces to improve readability and user experience) 
  • SEO optimizes the content on your website to rank higher in SERPs
  • Choose readable and solid fonts. 

Step 5 - Market Your Business 

When everything is ready, it is time to hit that publish button and market your business. A good marketing strategy will help you to reach the right audience and attract clients. Just keep in mind that you must try and try and try till it works out. 

Needed skills for dog training

As a dog trainer, you must be equipped with certain skills, such as:

  • Patience and high emotional intelligence to be able to work with the animals efficiently and ethically 
  • Communication and strong teaching skills to train the dogs
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to efficiently deal with difficult pets
  • Flexibility to adjust the program or techniques of training when necessary. 

All of these skills will help you to provide better and more efficient dog training. 

FAQ about dog training

Now, it is time to get the answers to the most common questions beginner trainers have related to dog training.

Can I start the dog training with minimum investments?

Yes, it is possible to start dog training with minimum investments. If you choose to start online dog training, you will need to invest in:

  • High-quality microphone (you do not necessarily need a camera if your phone camera is good or you have a laptop that has a good camera)
  • An online platform through which you can host live training sessions
  • Marketing budget. 

Do I need certification for creating dog training?

Technically you do not need a certification to start dog training. However, it might be a legal requirement in some countries, so make sure to check out the policies. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that obtaining a certification will be beneficial for you in multiple ways. First of all, in order to obtain one, you must have to complete a program that will help you to develop your skills as a professional. Secondly, certification will help to increase the trust factor toward you as a specialist.

How much does it cost to create dog training?

To create an online dog training, you will need to spend around $150 up to $500/mo. Here are the main areas of expenses:

  • Microphone is around $30 
  • Training platform from $30 to $250 
  • Marketing Budget $100-$150 for the beginning. 

How much can I earn by selling dog training?

The yearly earning potential of dog trainers varies between $30,000 to $100,000 depending on several factors such as experience, availability, credibility, and efficiency of the training. You can increase your earning potential if you put in the right amount of marketing efforts to generate more leads. With proper sales strategies, you will turn them into real-time customers quite quickly. 

How to measure dog training effectiveness?

There are multiple ways that will help you o measure dog training’s effectiveness. Let’s review some:

  • Observe and track dog behavior 
  • Make sure to ask for feedback from 
  • Analyze and evaluate how various approaches work and their overall effectiveness. 

How long does it take to create dog training?

You can create an optimal dog training program that is flexible and adjustable in approximately one month. Divide the process into several stages and complete the steps mentioned in the guide throughout each stage. Clear deadlines will help you to stay on track and develop a high-quality training program.

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