Learn How To Start Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaching is a process of systematic training throughout which the fitness coach guides and supports the coachee on their fitness journey of establishing and achieving certain health as well as body goals. 

Throughout this article, we will review everything related to fitness coaching. We will review aspects such as coaches’ responsibilities and must-have skills and move to a step-by-step guide on starting your online fitness coaching. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

Benefits of fitness coaching

Fitness coaching comes in handy with lots of benefits both for coaches and individuals who are participating in the coaching program. So, let’s review some of the main benefits. 

  • Professional fitness coach helps individuals to set proper goals and stay motivated throughout their journey of achieving these goals 
  • Allows individuals to work with an expert in order to make sure their fitness journey is healthy and effective 
  • Helps to achieve results faster and avoid being “stuck”
  • Is an in-demand coaching program, thus giving you good income potential 
  • Contributes to your professional and personal growth as a coach 

The market of fitness coaching

Before getting started with fitness coaching, you must have an overall idea about current market demand and competition. Let’s dive into it. 

Market demand

Fitness coaching enjoys quite a good market demand nowadays with the growth of the wellness industry. So, you will definitely be able to find your clients. 

For instance, if we look at the data of keyword searches, keywords such as “fitness coaching” and “online fitness coaching” have monthly searches ranging between 1k to 100k. So, with a good strategy and SEO optimization, you can rank your program and make sales. 


Competition on the market, if we view it from the perspective of ranking for keywords such as “fitness coaching” and “online fitness coaching,” is from low to medium, while searches remain high. 

This means that it is the perfect time to jump into the niche of fitness coaching, as you will be able to rank your website and program easier than for instance, life coaches due to higher competition. 

Fitness coaching market

Fitness coaching challenges

As a fitness coach, you will face certain challenges. However, if you are aware of potential challenges, it will help you to avoid confusion and panic and instead focus on solutions. 

Here are the main fitness coaching challenges:

  • Lack of motivation. As a coach, you are responsible for your coachee’s motivation, it can be challenging to keep them on track, but you must find the individual approach that will work for them. 
  • Injuries. Some of your clients may have injuries or certain health issues which require you to adjust or create a brand-new fitness program fit for their needs and health. 
  • Nutrition control. Food and fitness go hand in hand to give the best possible results. However, it can be very challenging to ensure that your clients are on track with proper food choices. 
  • Time. Some clients may be motivated and dedicated but find it challenging to find the time for fitness. In this case, you must come up with strategies that will help them to find the time for training and food preparation which will allow them to progress toward their goals. 

Can fitness coaching be online?

Yes, fitness coaching can be done online. 

If you want more flexibility in terms of time and location, as well as more scalability opportunities, then online fitness coaching is the way to go.

Main responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of a fitness coach include:

  • Assessing clients’ current state, exercise levels, and nutrition 
  • Creation of individualized fitness plan, or adjustment of existing ones to clients’ needs (also taking into account health factors)
  • Providing nutritional guidance throughout the journey 
  • Keeping track of students’ progress
  • Making sure your clients train and eat safely 
  • Constantly motivating your clients to move forward  

5 steps to start an online fitness coaching

It is the perfect time to dive into the practical part of this article. 

Step 1 - Establish Program Goals 

Before you get started with everything else, get clear on program goals. You can develop a program for group fitness coaching. If you get individual clients, you can adjust the program according to their needs. 

So, get clear on what your goals for the program are and what are the results the participants can achieve. 

Step 2 - Do Your Research 

The next step is to complete proper market research. Identify your target market, mediums to reach them as well as direct and indirect competition to learn from them. 

After you are clear on these, come up with a USP for your product to position and market it properly. Think about where your target audience “hangs out” and how you can reach them. 

Step 3 - Develop a Wholesome Program 

Now, as fast as you are clear on goals and the market, it is time to develop a program that incorporates certain nutrition plans and exercises. For instance, it can be a weight or cardio training program. You can develop both or one that includes both. 

Step 4 - Choose a Platform 

It is time to choose your LMS platform.

LMS is essentially a learning management system. As the name suggests, it will help you to manage learning processes and better handle businesses that are related to learning, online coaching, or online training in general. 

A good platform must:

  • Offer good UI and be easy to navigate through 
  • Have a good website loading speed 
  • Offer lots of customization features, pre-made themes, and templates 
  • Offer website & course builder for further customization of business website 
  • Have live functionality and integrations 
  • Offer automation and marketing features 

Well, what platform offers all of these and even more? One of the best platforms you will come across is Uteach. 

Uteach offers all the features you need to start your online fitness coaching business and further expand it. All you need is to register, choose a plan, and get started with your business website building. Moreover, Uteach offers features such as:

  • White labeling 
  • Built-in SEO 
  • Blogs
  • Local payment gateway 
  • Many others. 

Simply put, it gives you each and every feature necessary for success.

Step 5 - Build a Website 

When you are clear on the platform, it is time that you build a website. Now, for branding, we recommend you pick from 3 to 5 colors and stick to them. Colors are powerful to set you apart from your competitors and create associations. 

As a fitness coach, you can choose contrasting and bright colors. However, make sure that they suit one another. If you are unsure, you can consult a graphic or web designer. To save some time, instead of building a website from scratch, you can choose a theme and customize it further. 

A few tips for building a high-quality website are:

  • Compress visual materials such as images and videos (make sure to maintain high quality while doing so) to ensure good loading speed of your website 
  • Include white spaces and choose solid fonts to make the website content readable 
  • Make sure your website is responsive for various screen sizes 
  • Have a proper SEO strategy not just for the blog but for the whole website and any content you put in it.

These are simple tips that will help you to build a better fitness coaching business website. 

Step 6 - Start Sales 

Well, it is finally time you actually start sales. 

Incorporate the best tactics from your marketing strategy in real life and build your client base. Make sure you provide safe and efficient coaching for your clients. 

Needed skills for fitness coaching

Fitness coaches must have certain skills in order to be able to host efficient sessions that will benefit the clients. 

Hard Skills

First of all, let’s review the hard skills that you must have as a fitness coach. 

  • Industry-specific knowledge, in this case, in science, nutrition, muscle growth, etc. 
  • Ability to develop programs well-suited for individuals
  • Good understanding of exercise equipment
  • Ability to facilitate proper and effective online fitness coaching sessions
  • Time management skills 

Soft Skills

Well, now it is time to move to the list of soft skills you must have as a fitness coach to provide the best possible experiences for your clients. 

  • Strong communication skills 
  • High emotional intelligence 
  • Adaptability and flexibility 

FAQ about fitness coaching

Throughout this session of the article, you will be able to find out answers to the most common questions related to fitness coaching.

So, if you are ready, let’s dive into it. 

Can I start fitness coaching with minimum investments?

Yes, it is possible to start online fitness coaching with minimum investments. Key areas of investment are a coaching platform and a marketing budget. 

Do I need certification for creating fitness coaching?

Yes. You must be an industry expert to be a valuable coach and make sure your clients benefit from your sessions. You also must be well-educated in nutrition. If you are already educated in these and have the expertise, then why not try a program with an examination and get a certificate? 

Certification will benefit you in many ways. First of all, those are proof of your skills that will help you to build trust with your audience. Also, you must complete training for coaches to get one, so you will level up your skills as a coach. 

How much does it cost to create fitness coaching?

The cost of creating a fitness coaching program varies. Usually, you will need around $100 up to $500. Also, keep in mind that most of the costs are recurring and require monthly investments. 

You will need a

  • Microphone (costs around $30) 
  • Platform ($30 to $250/mo)
  • Marketing budget ($100 to get started)

How much can I earn by selling fitness coaching?

Income potential depends on you and your time availability. Also, there are factors such as expertise and trust you built with your online presence. 

On average, fitness coaches earn anywhere near $3500 up to $15.000/mo. 

How to measure fitness coaching effectiveness?

The primary ways that will allow you to measure fitness coaching effectiveness include the following:

  • Ask for direct client feedback 
  • Measuring in metrics (e.g., increase in reps over time, increase in weights, improvements in training intensity, etc.)
  • Visual metrics. Ask your clients to take progress pics throughout their fitness journey. 

How long does it take to create fitness coaching?

The length of creating a fitness coaching program varies from coach to coach. Essentially it comes down to the availability of free time and dedication to your goals. If you commit, you can complete all the steps mentioned in the guide within a month. 

Break down the process into stages and work on them accordingly till the program and website are ready. Finally, hit the publish & go live buttons and implement your marketing tactics.

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