Your Detailed Guide To Start Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a process aimed at empowering individuals to maximize their potential in order to achieve their goals and desires. A life coach provides guidance throughout the self-awareness and self-improvement journey of an individual. 

Throughout past years demand for life coaching has kept increasing. More and more individuals want to dive into the industry of wellness and become the best versions of themselves. 

So, if you are inspired to help others reach their potential achieving happiness & self-fulfillment,life coaching may be just the right profession for you. Let’s learn more about this niche. 

Benefits of life coaching

The best start to the day is good news. So, let’s start off with the main benefits of life coaching for clients. 

  • Contributes to self-awareness levels
  • Guides clients through goal achievement process 
  • Contributes to higher motivation levels and less stress.

However, life coaching does not just provide clients with a multitude of benefits. It also gives the life coach many benefits, such as:

  • Personal growth & Development
  • Enhances communication skills and Emotional Intelligence 
  • Lots of career and business growth opportunities due to the niche being on-demand
  • Flexibility of location if coaching is online,
  • Making a positive income which contributes to higher levels of satisfaction and sense of fulfillment of one’s purpose 

The market of life coaching

Well, let’s overview market of life coaching. 

Market demand

Market demand for life coaching increases. If we take a look at U.S. statistics, the market size is expected to have around a 4.85% annual growth rate from 2023 to 2030.

These numbers in human language indicate that the industry keeps growing due to high demand. Thus employment and income opportunities for life coaches keep expanding. 

If we analyze the monthly searches for keywords such as:

  • Life Coaching - 100k-1M 
  • Life Coaching Program - 1k-10k
  • Online Life Coaching - 1k-10k, 

We can see the enormous amount of monthly searches for each. 


Let’s also revise the overall competition. It is vital to know the competition in your market in order to rank and drive results. 

We can see that the competition to rank for these keywords is medium. This gives you a good advantage. The industry enjoys demand, yet it does not require an enormous amount of effort to rank your program, just smart tactics. Also, the advertisement costs to rank are in a pretty reasonable range. 

So, you will indeed benefit from a good SEO strategy both for organic and paid marketing tactics. 

Life coaching market

Life coaching challenges

There are certain challenges you will face as a life coach. However, do not be discouraged; instead, be aware of those to overcome them. 

  • Maintaining boundaries. Life coaching is a caring profession where you listen and help the coachee out. However, it requires lots of energy and time, besides often can lead to a lack of personal boundaries. Just make sure that you are as comfortable during sessions as the client, and if they overstep a boundary, politely let them know. 
  • Financial aspect. Make sure to take the payment upfront or 50% at the beginning of the month and 50% after. This can often be an awkward topic of conversation throughout the sessions. Thus, just remind clients before or after the session. 
  • Making time for self-care. If you work with individuals, there will be very little time left for your self-care. Thus, you can start working with a few individuals, and as you progress in the profession, organize group life coaching programs. 

Keep in mind that with every single challenge, you will become more proficient. 

Can life coaching be online?

Yes, life coaching can absolutely be online. In fact, online life coaching will enjoy higher demand due to the better convenience and higher flexibility it offers. 

Main responsibilities

To succeed in life coaching, you must know what your responsibilities are. This will allow you to deliver a world-class experience and contribute to the best results. 

Well, let’s look at the life coach’s main responsibilities. 

  • Evaluating clients’ progress toward their goals 
  • Evaluation of clients’ behavioral and mindset changes 
  • Support and guidance on a continuous basis 
  • Encouraging and motivating clients toward progress 
  • Ability to follow ethical guidelines

8 steps to start online life coaching

Now, it is time to dive into the practical part of this article. So, let’s review the main steps you need to take to start life coaching. 

Step 1 - Develop an Offer 

What is the solution that you offer for the client?

It is not just a life coaching program; it is a program aimed at resolving X issues and allowing one to reach Y goals. So, dedicate some time to get more clear on what you offer. Creating a value proposition canvas and SWOT analysis may help you out. 

Step 2 - Define your ICP & Buyer Personas 

After you have a clear offer, it is time to conduct more in-depth market research to find your target audience. Based n data gathered on the target market, create Ideal Client Personas, along with sales strategies and how to reach their tactics. 

Then, segment your target market and create several buyer personas, e.g., 1-2 for each segment. Afterward, create strategies on how to reach them. 

That will allow you to develop more personalized offers that interest various segments and increase sales. 

Step 3 - Establish an Online Presence 

Choose an LMS platform, create a website, and if you have time, open a blog to publish articles, educational materials, and case studies showing your expertise. The blog is a great way to do organic marketing. 

Your website or blog posts will rank higher with a proper SEO strategy. Thus when users with search intents such as “life coach,” “life coaching program,” and others will find your program. 

However,r make sure also to establish an online presence on different social media platforms. For instance, Instagram is a popular platform among wellness bloggers and coaches. Also, you can consider a YouTube channel. 

Step 4 - Choosing a Platform

Well, we talked about online presence, but how hard can it be to choose an LMS platform? Pretty hard, actually. Our top picks are Uteach, Thinkific, and Mighty networks to save you time on research. 

More full-featured options are Uteach and Thinkific. More affordable yet feature-rich is - Uteach. It comes in handy with:

  • Drag & Drop website & course builders 
  • Live functionality 
  • Integrations 
  • Marketing & Automation features to save your time and make sales
  • Built-in SEO 

Step 5 - Choose Appropriate Tools

As a life coach, you must incorporate many practical assessments and activities that contribute to one’s self-awareness into the program. 

So, do your research, and be flexible to add or remove certain tools depending on the client and their intent. 

Step 6 - Start Reaching Your Clients 

It is finally time to start proper marketing. 

Make sure your barn stands out, looks modern, and that your services provide solutions clients need. 

Also, keep in mind that this is your journal of self-development as well. It is alright to make mistakes or fail. Just get up and keep making improvements. 

Needed skills for life coaching

Life coaches must be equipped with certain skills to provide efficient coaching and help clients archive results. Well, let’s review the skills you must have as a life coach. 

  • Excellent skills in effective communication
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Active listening skills in order to be able to understand the client their needs and guide them better 
  • Questioning skills. These are one of the most important skills a life coach must possess. Why? As many details about the client will be revealed through questions, and coaching sessions are essential questions that allow one to better understand oneself

FAQ about life coaching

After thorough research, we gathered the most frequently asked questions related to life coaching. So, throughout this section, you will be able to find out the answers to the most common questions beginners ask. 

Can I start the life coaching with minimum investments?

Yes, it is possible to start life coaching with minimum investments. 

Offline this will be difficult to achieve, as there are costs of physical space, equipment, etc. 

However, suppose you want to be an online life coach. In that case, investments you need are essentially an LMS platform, a microphone, a camera (if your phone is not compatible),and design/editing tools (many free ones are available). 

Do I need certification for creating life coaching?

Yes, and no. Now, let us elaborate. 

Technically you can start an online life coaching business without certification. However, are you sure you are able to provide the value that a certified specialist does? Being passionate about a certain area does not make you an expert in it. 

So, if you have time to invest in your education as a life coach, we recommend you take certified courses (aim for internationally accredited certifications). 

Certifications will benefit you in multiple ways. For instance, you will have to learn various modules and methodologies for working with clients and stay up to date with the latest trends. You will be more efficient as a coach and trustworthy. Plus, as a beginner who does not have past clients, reviews, or testimonials, displaying a certificate on your webpage will increase the trust factor toward you. 

How much does it cost to create life coaching?

Creating a life coaching program may vary in cost. However, here are the general expenses that you will face. 

How much can I earn by selling life coaching?

Income may vary from coach to coach. On average, life coaches make anywhere near $5000 to $15.000/mo. 

The usual price per hour of life coaching is anywhere from $75 to $200. Meanwhile, monthly packages or a wholesome program range from $200 to $3000 per individual. 

As a beginner, you can start with a monthly price of $350. Thus, gathering the first 15 clients during the first month will give you $5250. 

How to measure life coaching effectiveness?

There are multiple ways to measure effectiveness. However, life coaching is aimed at behavioral changes which will show results in the long term. 

There are 360-degree feedback programs and client satisfaction surveys that will allow you and the client to get measurable data on the effectiveness of the caching program. 

How long does it take to create life coaching?

The creation of a coaching program can greatly vary depending on an individual and your time-management skills. As you are going to work with individuals who have their own goals, expectations, etc., you must consider creating a program with several stages and modules that are flexible and adjustable to clients. 

Creating a general program with stages and modules and a website to start your business with will take 1 to 3 months. 

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