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Google Search Console

Please be aware that  Uteach support is not responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting issues within third-party tools. 

What is Google Search Console for? 

Google Search Console provides comprehensive tools and reports to help you understand how your site is performing in Google Search, diagnose issues, and improve its SEO. 

By connecting Google Search Console with Uteach, you can gain insights into search queries, track indexing status, and optimize your content for better search rankings.

You will also be able to

  • Monitor search queries, click-through rates, and rankings to understand how students find your website and courses.
  • Inspect specific URLs to check their status in the Google index and request indexing for new or updated pages.
  • Submit sitemaps to help Google crawl and index your content more efficiently.

What do you need for Google Search Console integration? 

You can connect your Uteach platform with Google Search Console in just a few steps. 

  • Create a Google Search Console account.
  • Get your verification tag.
  • Log in to your Uteach account.
  • Head to the Settings and Integrations section.
  • Find the Header script field.
  • Type  <script></script>and paste your code into the Header scripts box. 

How can I use Google Search Console? 

You can use Google Search Console as a personal coach for your online course website. It helps you understand how your site is performing and identify areas for improvement.

As you enter your account, you will see the Performance Report. This shows how your site is doing in terms of search results. You can see how many people saw your site, how many clicked on it, and what keywords they used to find you. From here, you can understand what’s working and where you can improve.

There is also the Indexing tab. This is where you can see how Google indexes your site’s pages and which pages are not indexed. Below, in the Sitemaps section, you can submit your sitemap to help Google discover your content more efficiently.

Next, the Experience tab focuses on how users interact with your site. The Core Web Vitals report gives you insights into your site’s loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability. 

Once you improve these metrics, your search ranking will more likely be boosted. 


Does Google have SEO tools? 

Yes, Google offers SEO tools. Google Search Console (GSC) helps monitor and improve your site's presence in search results. Google Analytics tracks site traffic and user behavior. Google Keyword Planner aids in finding relevant keywords. These tools help optimize your website for better search rankings.

How do I submit a website to Google Search Console? 

To submit a website to Google Search Console, sign in with your Google account, click "Add Property," and enter your website URL. Verify ownership by choosing a verification method like HTML file upload, HTML tag, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager. Once verified, go to the "Sitemaps" section, enter your sitemap URL, and click "Submit." This process helps Google index your site and provides you with performance insights.

What is the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics? 

Google Search Console and Google Analytics serve different purposes. Google Search Console focuses on monitoring and maintaining your site's presence in Google search results. It provides insights into how Google indexes your site, highlights search performance metrics like clicks, impressions, and search queries, and helps identify and fix issues like indexing errors or security problems.

On the other hand, Google Analytics tracks and reports on website traffic and user behavior. It provides detailed data on how visitors interact with your site, including page views, session duration, bounce rates, and conversion tracking. While Search Console helps optimize for search visibility, Analytics helps understand and improve user engagement and website performance.

Google Search Console resources 

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