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Please be aware that  Uteach support is not responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting issues within third-party tools.

What is Stripe for? 

Stripe is an online payment processing service. It enables accepting payments over the Internet securely. You can connect it to various payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers. Stripe also offers tools for managing subscriptions and invoices. 

The Stripe integration allows Uteach users to easily manage payments for their online courses. By connecting your Stripe account, you can offer a secure payment experience to your students, enabling them to pay using one of the world's most flexible and developer-friendly payment systems.

Generally, you can use Stripe to: 

  1. Ensure all transactions are secure with Stripe’s advanced encryption and receive your payments
  2.  Accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, and other popular payment methods.
  3.  Automate your recurring payments. 

What do you need for Stripe integration? 

Follow these steps to set up the Stripe integration with Uteach.

  • Log in to your Uteach account.
  • Navigate to the Financial tab and Payment Gateway section.
  • Click on Stripe
  • Go on filling in the required information and set up your Stripe account.

For detailed information about how you can integrate Stripe with Uteach, check out our article: Stripe

How to use Stripe with Uteach? 

Receiving payments

Before connecting your Stripe account, ensure your county is on the list of Stripe-supported countries. To see whether this payment method supports your country, check out the Stripe page. 

As you set Stripe as your main payment gateway, you will also need to choose the currency in which you want to receive payments. At the moment, Uteach enables you to receive payments in only one currency. 

Once set, you will see a success message at the top of the page. Afterward, you will be ready to receive payments. 

Managing refunds 

If you want to provide a refund to a particular student, you can do that directly from your Uteach dashboard. Refunds can occur regardless of the payment gateway you choose. 

To do so:

  • Log in to your Uteach account.
  • Navigate to the Financial tab and My Profit section.
  • Click on the refund icon in the Action section. 
  • Choose whether you want to make a partial or full refund. 
  • Mention the refund amount and click Refund


What if my Stripe account is not linking properly? 

Ensure that your Stripe account is active and that you are using the correct login credentials. If the problem persists, contact our support team at [email protected]

What if my students are unable to pay? 

Ensure that Stripe is selected as an active payment method from your Uteach school dashboard and that there are no restrictions on your Stripe account.

How does Stripe handle chargebacks? 

According to Stripe documentation, when processing a chargeback, the issuer starts a formal dispute within the card network, which immediately reverses the payment. This action pulls the payment funds and one or more network dispute fees from Stripe. Afterward, Stripe deducts the payment amount and dispute fee from your balance.

Stripe Resources  

If you want to find our more about Stripe or looking to resolve an issue, here is a list of resources you can consider. 

Disable Stripe 

You can disable Stripe integration if you do not want to receive payments using this method.  To do so:

  • Navigate to the Financial tab Payment Gateway from your dashboard.
  • Find Stripe in the list, and click the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  • Click the Delete button.