Stripe requires you to sign in to your account by following all the required steps. Here, everything is well explained.

To connect Stripe, follow the steps

  • Log in to your dashboard 
  • Head to Financial > Payment method 
  • From the list, click Stripe and start filling in all the required fields
Get started with Stripe


Before connecting Stripe account, please be sure your county is on the list of Stripe-supported countries.



We are thrilled to announce a new feature that makes your user's experience even more versatile. When they reach Stripe's checkout page, they can purchase a business.

Simply look for the "I am Purchasing as a Business" checkbox during checkout. This option is designed to cater to your business customers, making it easier to manage their needs efficiently.




Stripe's new announcement on account connections. Starting in July 2021, Stripe has implemented that only one Platform can be connected to a Stripe account at any one time. In this case, the users won’t be able to connect multiple platforms to the same account due to the single Platform connection policy. Instead, users that plan to use Stripe with multiple platforms can create individual accounts under the same Stripe user login to connect to different platforms. During the onboarding flow, Stripe automatically detects if a user has existing accounts that can be connected to the platform. We have the following guide that you may check.

 If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] or click the blue icon below to chat 😊