How To Become a Career Coach & Sell Your Coaching in 2023

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Published 19 Jul 2022
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How To Become a Career Coach & Sell Your Coaching in 2023

This is officially the most career-minded generation. However, that is not the only reason to become a career coach.  

First of all, we all understand the vitality of professional success as part of our well-being and self-fulfillment. But, most are stuck in the same positions for years, and now they want to change. The career coaching market has more demand than supply, and it is time for you to step in. 


So, if you are ready to know more, let’s start! 

What is a career coach?

First of all, let’s get clear on the definitions. A career coach is someone who helps individuals reach their professional/career goals. Coach believes that the coachee is an expert in their lives, and they know and can achieve whatever they desire. 


The role of the coach is to guide the client by asking the right questions and giving them tools to come up with the solutions to the quandaries that stand in the way. 

What does a career coach do?

Now the question is, what does a career coach even do? We briefly covered that in the previous paragraph; however, let’s take a look at a wider range of responsibilities of a career coach: 

  • Gains insights into the client, considering their needs, backgrounds, and lifestyles.
  • Conducts psychometric assessments before planning the further process to understand what method and speed will fit the client best. 
  • Identifies the goals or works with the client to come up with a few
  • Identifies the best aspects of the client’s expertise and comes up with a plan on how to market those efficiently. 
  • Implements various motivational techniques to keep the client going
  • Does professional career planning.


So, basically, a career coach collects information about the client especially related to the present and plans how all of their activities and the current job can lead them to the desired goal/result. 


Step-by-step growth concept with planning

What skills does a career coach need?

Career coaches need to have a certain set of skills to succeed and help clients to achieve the desired results. Let’s take a look at the primary skills any career coach must have: 

  • Keeping up with the industry trends. First and foremost, yes, this is a skill and an essential one. As a career coach who aims to bring clients desired results, you must be aware of the ten latest industry trends. 
  • Analysis. A good career coach needs excellent analyzing and evaluation skills because if you want to plan a whole career and development strategy for the client, you have to analyze and be aware of all the current resources you can use. 
  • Listening is the number one skill one needs to succeed. 
  • Planning & Marketing
  • Asking questions is a skill any coach needs because the questions that coaches ask are called “guiding questions.” They help clients come up with the answers to what is holding them back and how they can overcome it. 
  • The ability to encourage and motivate others

Career coaching business model

To create an efficient career coaching business model, make sure to complete all these steps beforehand: 

  • Plan your business & choose the legal entity type you want
  • Register the business for taxes as well
  • Get an insurance 
  • Do the branding & Choose the platform to host your website on 
  • Start marketing your services  

Besides offering 1:1 sessions as a career coach, you can also create and sell pre-recorded courses related to career advancement and organize group coaching sessions. Pricing for everything, of course, is different. For example, the pre-recorded courses are supposed to be the cheapest ones, and the group coaching sessions are also cheaper than 1:1.  

Usually, pricing for 1:1 career coaching varies between $100 to $500 per hour, depending on the level of expertise and past experience of the coach. To set higher prices, get professional internationally accredited certifications & past clients’ testimonials and display them on your website. Those will instantly increase the trust factor towards you. 

The differences between

Also, it is vital to comprehend the differences between career coaching and counseling and between career coaching and executive coaching. Those are different concepts that people tend to confuse, so let’s look at the differences to have a clearer understanding of them. 

Career coaching and career counseling

Career coaching focuses on the present moment and present resources to help & guide the client towards achieving their own professional goals related to their careers. Meanwhile, career counseling is when the professional analyzes the past/professional background of the client to suggest working solutions. 

Career coaching and executive coaching

Both are aimed to improve performance, but with a huge difference. Career coaching focuses on individuals and on fulfilling goals based on individual needs. Meanwhile, executive coaching is supposed to benefit the organization by training employees to be more efficient. This may involve creating an employee development plan.


Comparing coaching types

Can career coaching be online?

Absolutely yes. In this digital era, authing can be online, especially if it is somehow connected to learning, education, or self-development. Career coaching can be online and still bring the same efficient results. Plus, online coaching resolves transportation, additional costs, and time issues for both the client and the coach. And most importantly, if you are an online career coach, anyone in the world can be your coachee; there are no location limits. 

How to become a career coach and sell your services

In order to become a career coach, you have to get certain qualifications. For example, a career counselor or career coach has almost the same requirements. A bachelor’s or master’s degree will be quite useful, as people seek professionals with the “proof” of their knowledge. Besides the degree, if you are new and want people to trust you, you will need certification as a career coach. In order to get one, you can look through international coach programs and choose the one that best fits you.  

The requirements mentioned above are technical; in reality, you can become a career coach even without those. However, remember that you have to be a professional. Therefore you need to be aware of everything the programs teach you, even if you decide not to take them. 

Here are some areas that you have to be an expert in order to be a good career coach: 

  • Psychometric theories
  • Expertise in the “nowadays” career options, job requirements, and job market in general
  • Various coaching methodologies to find an individualistic approach for each client  

How to sell your services as an online career coach? 

Now, let’s talk about how to sell your services as an Online Career Coach? 

Step 1 - A platform

Well, first of all, you will need a website. One of the best platforms you can easily build a website on and start sales right away is Uteach. Afterward, make sure to publish all the additional materials if you offer them,e such as e-books or podcasts 

Pro Tip: Make sure your website is easy to navigate through and has a menu. Also, ensure that your website has different pages to display various products or services you offer. 

Step 2 - Competition 

Research your competitors, see their marketing approaches, and identify three main ways they generate leads through their landing pages, paid Google ads, and organic traffic. E.g., they may be using lead-generating paragraphs throughout the article or having a paid ad in Google that redirects the customer to a specific landing page 

Learn from your competitors; it will help you to grow and develop your unique selling point. 

Step 3 - Market Yourself

Make sure to market yourself well. You can sell anything to anyone if only you are aware of the right techniques to use. So, take a course or two on marketing to develop your skills. 



Will you start your online career coaching now?

If you plan on becoming a Successful Career Coach, then it is time to take action right now! 


First of all, find a platform to host your business on. An excellent choice would be Uteach.  

With Uteach, you will be able to create a full-featured website in less than 2 minutes. Uteach is automation that also offers an all-in-one platform, drag & drops visual website builder, and everything for SEO optimization to drive high organic traffic to your website. 


With Uteach, you will be able to start and expand your online career coaching business easily. So, stop wasting your time, and get to it right now!  

Uteach, with you all the way towards success. 


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