LMS in School Role, Importance, Advantages

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 19 Feb 2021
10 min read
LMS in School Role, Importance, Advantages

Today when people more than ever value their time they tend to use online services that automate processes and make everything easier. 

I will not open a secret if I say that online education is one of the fast-growing and developing industries that is implemented effectively and provides satisfying results.

When considering the overall teaching process, online educational platforms, management systems, LMS schools have a lot of benefits and are worthy to give a try.

What is LMS in Education?

Wonder what is LMS?

This abbreviation stands for Learning Management System.

But, what is a Learning Management System?

LMS is an online educational system that covers a vast amount of advanced features and functions required to support the educational process and activities from classroom learning up to remote education.

The Power of LMS in School

Any education center increases its productivity and efficiency by relying on an LMS platform. The reasons or advantages (as you like to consider) are various and different. I have made detailed research and now I am going to present a list of points that will highlight the power of LMS in schools.

The main focus will be on discussing the role, importance, and advantages of the learning management system. So, let’s go on and check out the points.


#1 Save Time and Money


LMS platforms automate the educational activities and help us save our time as well as budget. While creating, managing, and carrying out the process we spend a lot of time. Yet, using LMS systems, we save at least several business hours that may be spent on something important.


Save Time and Money


Let’s consider how you conduct live lessons. Probably you rely on Zoom, Skype, or a similar platform. You get in touch with the students and decide on the date and time of the class, then you create a meeting and send them the link or organize a group call and conduct your lesson.

LMS systems make the process more than easier. You schedule a class in advance. Set a date and time, and you may even invite the students just to type their email addresses in the special field. 

If your online lessons are to be continual you may create the whole plan and schedule all the classes. The students get access to this data and know all the details.

Such classes may be both free and paid. In the case of paid lessons, you have a payment system. Students have to pay the required amount online in order to have access to the call. This is done very easily. 

They just need to provide their card details and the amount is automatically charged. While choosing such a platform, be careful that the system is very secure. I’m sure, you don’t want to risk your students’ data.

Such automation helps you save a lot of hours, as well as budget. You don’t have to spend money on printed material.


#2 Efficiency in Management


Learning management systems help to organize and control the overall teaching process. You get all the insight into the students and their behavior on your platform. Accordingly, you find out the drawbacks and do your best to improve the results, meeting the expectations of the audience.

In this way, the teacher-to-student contact becomes immediate, fast, and comfortable. There are various forms of easy contact such as a live chat. Besides, the online invitations as I told automate the process. Students may “book their seat” on a live lesson without getting in touch with the teacher.


Efficiency in Management


Another effective solution is the automated certification system. Students acquire knowledge then check it through tests and quizzes. Those who gain good results automatically get certificates of completion. The teacher just organizes the tests, sets the right answers and the rest is implemented by the system.


#3 Easy Accessibility to the Educational Material


The best LMS for schools offers an organized educational material that is accessible for potential students. Imagine, in a traditional teaching environment, the teacher presents a topic, explains, brings examples, and so on. However, in case the students don’t get the idea, the teacher has to repeat, spend additional time and energy.

Online LMS platforms solve this problem. The teacher gets a chance to record the overall duration of the lesson and in case even a single student doesn’t understand any points, they may get the recording and watch again and again.

Online video courses are another accessible form of knowledge material. Once created and published courses are always available for students. Of course, if we speak about paid content, the students should pay the required amount to get access.

Another feature of LMS websites is blog writing. You may present some tips or any topic of educational material, attach photos or videos from YouTube, and so on. Students will always have access to these blog articles. 

Besides they have a positive influence on your page visibility. Searching for topics you have introduced, interested people may reach your content.


#4 Personalization is a Key Factor


Learning platforms help educational institutions as well as individual education providers to personalize their services and meet specific needs. They have a specific mission, their target audience, and try to offer custom solutions to satisfy the students and meet their requirements.


Personalization is a Key Factor


In this way, the teachers not only provide a personalized way of education tailored to the student's expectations but also shape an individual approach, and even build a brand - an educational platform with unique design, features, and functionality.

Such an approach helps to shape a brand image and deliver it to the target market. Various elements and features will be according to the brand requirements, image, and preferences. 

The platform may have a language choice, be multilingual or monolingual.


#5 Comfort in Organizing the Educational Activities All in One Platform


Education providers face the problem of going through different platforms to organize the teaching process. In this way, they conduct live lessons on Zoom or Skype, sell online courses on different platforms, create tests on Google forms, get in touch with the students through various messengers, and so on.

Such a variety of platforms take a lot of time and energy, decreasing efficiency. On the other hand, organizing the process in a single platform increases productivity and helps to manage the process on time and in high quality.

All the live lessons are scheduled, online video courses are published to sell, quizzes are ready for checking the acquired knowledge, there is additional educational material in the form of blog articles, and everything is implemented automatically with a few clicks.

As a teacher, you just need to prepare and organize the material and follow its flow. In case students have questions or concerns, they may easily get in touch with you through live chat. 

You don’t have to contact or inform them about the upcoming lessons as you invite the interested members and they automatically get emails.

So, everything is done on one platform. And there is no need to jump from this platform to that in order to organize the process.


#6 Easy Tracking of the User Behavior


When you have an LMS platform, it gives you an opportunity to track the user behavior on your website. It is done by integrating analytical tools and checking them. Google Analytics is one of the most popular in this regard. It will help you to see the number of monthly visitors to your platform, the most visited pages, the time people spend on each page, and the actions they make on your website.


Easy Tracking of the User Behavior


Having all this data, you may analyze it and decide how useful your pages are for the users. Maybe there are some pages that make people leave the site. Identifying these pages you check out and find the inappropriate points, maybe expressions that confuse people and rise the level of misunderstanding.

Besides, you may also create goals. For example, your goal may be the click on the “Buy” button on any course page. You will get all the insight about how many people clicked and how many times you achieved your goal.

Analytics will help you track the source pages your audience come from. It may be from the organic results on search engine result pages, social media channels, referring domains, etc.


#7 Student Data Collection


Imagine how useful it may be for you to have your students’ data on your LMS platform. Every person who registers on your platform provides at least an email address, name, sometimes even a mobile number, and some other fields that help you shape an image of who your users are. 

Accordingly, you may organize the process to meet their expectations and provide full satisfaction.

On the other hand, these data may be used for marketing purposes. You may engage the users and increase their interest in the field. For instance, you may start an email campaign and send the users letters related to different forms of useful content, such as tips and tricks, how-to lists, useful tools, and techniques, upcoming online courses, live lessons, and webinars, and so on.

This way you increase your brand awareness, motivate the potential and active learners to make a step forward and get a desire to learn more. 

So, people who are interested in learning especially from you or learning the topic you present, become aware of the upcoming opportunity they may take.


#8 Unlimited Opportunities


One of the greatest powers of LMS systems is the unlimited opportunities it offers. Here you may organize as many lessons as you want, sell as many video courses as you manage to create, publish as much content as you prefer, and get as many students as possible.


Student Data Collection


There is no limitation of distance which especially has a positive influence on reaching a wider audience. Learners may join lessons and buy your video courses from any part of the world. 

As for the video courses, one doesn’t need to consider even the time. All these factors break the limitations and help to reach unlimited opportunities.


#9 Effective Time Management


If traditional teaching requires fixed time to learn and many people do not manage to take part in classes because of inconvenient time, LMS software help to manage the time effectively.

The decision-maker is usually the teacher. They create lessons, of course, taking into consideration the preferences of potential learners.

Online video courses provide even better time management opportunities. Students may buy the course and watch the videos whenever they find the time, during the work break, on their way to home, etc.


#10 Quick and Comfortable Communication


The options of getting in touch with learners and page visitors are various while using an LMS platform. It may be both in message form as well as through live stream discussions, forums, etc.


Quick and Comfortable Communication


LMS platforms facilitate the level of communication and make collaboration easier between people. And no matter we speak about teachers, students, interested learners, or simple visitors. The users of this platform are provided with a permanently open channel of communication: individual emails, various forms of messages, chatbots, live chats, forums, and agendas.


Ready to Choose a Good LMS?


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