How to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 12 Jan 2021
10 min read
How to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

As e-teaching is very popular these days, creating online courses is the first thing that comes to those education providers’ minds, who tend to shift into the digital world.

Once you have already launched your personal teaching platform you get a chance to sell online courses from your own website and earn a profit from your efforts.

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Keep in mind, you may become a required online trainer only if you have proven knowledge and passion to share it with those who need it. I’m sure you have both. Then you are in the right place. Go on reading!

In the present article, I am going to introduce the most useful ways and impressive tactics to sell courses effectively.

Before You Start to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website

Do you guess what you need to do before checking out the selling points? Yeah, you should find the target audience of potential students, who may be interested in your knowledge share.

You should make research and find out whether or not your course topics are in demand in the market. If there are a considerable number of interested people then you may work on it. All you need is to learn about how required the topics are by making keyword research.

Check out the volume of words and expressions people search for in order to find online courses in your niche. You may do it with the help of different keyword research tools, such as Ubersuggest or Keyword Planner. If there is a number worthy to make efforts then make.


Before You Start to Sell Online Courses from Your Own Website


The next step is to create the required online course. It will help you convert one-time efforts into passive income. This means you create the course once but the students buy it many times and you earn the cost. If you haven’t still created your course then checking some tips about course creation will be beneficial. It will help you to overcome the challenges of online teaching.

Do not forget to take into consideration the course price. You should clearly imagine how much to charge for your online courses. Check out how much money do online teachers make from similar courses, analyze the market, and offer a price that is good for you and affordable for potential learners. Have a look at 

As you may have already learned, the quality knowledge material that doesn’t reach its students loses its value. So, you should know the ways to reach this audience who will become potential buyers. And I’m here to help you learn and choose the best methods to do it.

#1 SEO Friendly Pages

Selling online courses becomes easier when you have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly website. Thanks to it your online course pages appear on the results of search engines. Imagine, that the potential learners search for a course you offer, for instance, “Cooking courses online” and your cooking course appear on the top results. What may be even better? There is a great chance that they will visit your website and buy the course.

So, pay great attention to your website SEO, optimize the pages, and make sure there is no possibility of missing potential students. As for SEO optimization, you may do it yourself if you are flexible in digital tasks. This is not so complex.


SEO Friendly Pages


To implement the general SEO you need to provide the metadata such as:

Meta title - the title shown on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages),  
URL - it is shown below the title,  
Meta description - the short description displayed below the URL,  
Meta keywords - these are the words and expressions people search for when looking for the content you offer,  
Image tags - these are the title tag and the alt tag, every image should have it. These tags help to optimize images so that they may appear on the image results.

You should also avoid using large images that require a lot of time to load the page. The website speed should be fast. Jpeg format is more recommended in this regard.

Therefore, if you are not interested in spending time learning SEO, you don’t need to worry. Uteach team provides the technical SEO of your newly created website. And if you have any questions throughout the time, the support team immediately finds the best solution for you.  


Sell online courses from your own website


#2 Google Ads

Sometimes there are cases when we need to appear on the top pages of search engines, but we don’t have so much time to optimize the pages for SEO as it takes time. In such cases, you may start to run Google Ads. Thanks to this platform you may create search ads, display ads, and video ads.

Search ads are the same as people search for the service you offer and find your course page on the top results. It is easy to do it with a search ad. All you need is to write an attractive headline and description so that people want to visit your page. The most fantastic thing is that you do not pay until the searcher clicks and visits your website. You do not pay for impressions.

Display ads are a great way to attract people with visuals. You should advertise some images following the required sizes. Your target market will find these advertising images on different web pages they visit. Make sure your message is clear from the image. Clicking on the image, the person appears on your course page you advertise. Display ads may charge as for impressions as well as for clicks, depending on which way you choose.


Display ads


Video ads are the next way that will work great if you want to sell online courses from your own website. Imagine that people who may be interested in learning from you find your attractive video ad when watching a YouTube video. This will be very influential. You may choose some parts of your course and form an attractive advertising video people cannot ignore.

Do not worry about paying for ads. The amount you pay will be doubled, tripled, become more and more every time, and come back to you. 

#3 Social Media Channels

If you have an online teaching business then you are highly recommended to have social media channels for this business. You Should choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever you like your students may be found more.

Having business pages on social media, you go one step closer to your potential learners. Today people spent a lot of time there and it will be easier to reach them. T

hose who are interested in your teaching courses will like and follow your page. So, when you post about an upcoming course or sales packages, they will be the first to learn.

In this way, you may also keep in touch with the audience and clearly understand their requirements. Accordingly, you will introduce in-demand content that will surely be appreciated.

#4 Facebook Ads

If your page is new and you don’t have a considerable amount of followers then you may rely on advertisements. Facebook ads are a great solution in this regard. You should introduce advertising posts and reach those people who may be interested in your courses but aren’t aware of your high-quality content.


 Facebook Ads


You may have some special offers and come up with sales to gather a great number of potential students. Once they learn you share valuable knowledge in your courses, they will recommend this content to interested people. Accordingly, the number of your students will gradually increase.

If your Facebook and Instagram pages are connected, the Facebook ads will appear on Instagram as well. In this way, you increase the target market and reach even more people.

Thanks to Facebook ads you reach the target market more easily. All you need is to present the interests and geographical location of the audience and come up with an attractive offer. The rest is implemented by the system.

#5 Groups and Forums

These days people, especially the younger generation, are included in various forums and groups. This may refer to social media groups as well as different platforms created for discussions.

For instance, there are various groups on Facebook. I’m sure your industry is not an exception and you will find at least several groups that are related.

From time to time you may write posts or start discussions on an interesting topic in your niche. It is also accepted to inform the community about your new services and upcoming courses, sales, or special offers.

Also, be involved in others’ discussions. Make people feel you care. And besides, sometimes people ask for what you offer. You should be there to help them make the right choice.


Groups and Forums


Today there are also many forums, subreddits, quora questions, and similar platforms where people start public discussions. Make sure you take part in such discussions to introduce your courses, ask questions, and provide answers. In such a way, you become a part of the community. People know you and even if they are not interested in your courses today, they may become tomorrow. In that time they will remember and contact you, or if a friend asks they know who to recommend. 

#6 Cooperate with Related Niches

You should always be open to cooperation. Perhaps you present English courses and a friend of yours teaches German, or you create hairdressing courses and you know someone who starts make-up classes. Doesn’t this sound fantastic? You may work together and recommend to students the courses that the other trainer offers.

Within your partnership, you may even provide a special space on your websites to present the other’s course. It may be a banner or some lines of text. However, make sure to display it in the right place in order not to mislead the visitor and immediately direct them to the other website. This information may be shown only when the person has already bought your course.


Cooperate with Related Niches


It is also a good way to bring people to your course page from blog articles on different related websites. This is possible to do within the cooperation. 

It will be good for your website SEO as well as for increasing your page traffic and the number of potential learners. Mutual benefit is a worthy way to prompt businesses forward, teach the generation, and make them stronger.

To Sum Up

We came to the point that it is not very difficult to sell online courses from your own website. If you have the burning desire then you will always find your way.

The majority of interested people worry about website price, hosting, features, etc. Uteach solves these issues for you. You create a website within minutes, get all your required features to teach online, and there is no need to think about hosting. It is free.

Do not waste your time. Develop your website today,  create video courses, come up with live lessons, and start to earn money thanks to your valuable knowledge. Check out our subscription plans and features, choose the best one taking into account your teaching needs and requirements.

And do not forget that Uteach always has special offers and sales for the users. You will also be provided with immediate support so that your students will get the best knowledge. In the end, it's their satisfaction that matters.

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