Top 10 Online Course Topic Ideas in Trending Niches

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 01 Feb 2021
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Top 10 Online Course Topic Ideas in Trending Niches

Are you interested in creating online training videos people will be happy to engage in? You may have some ideas about founding your online teaching business, but you still hesitate to generate the online course topic ideas to go for. 

If you are at this point, then you don’t have to worry any longer. I’m going to present online course trends so that you may follow and offer future learning courses for your audience.

But before, let's discuss some points related to starting online coaching.

Why You Should Start eLearning?

The global online learning market is constantly growing. Currently, it costs billions of dollars and will still grow significantly in the future times.

Many creators (teachers, tutors, mentors, and coaches, or any kind of education providers) come to the online learning industry to reach maximum of their potential success.

These days, many creators have already started their online schools and share knowledge through online channels. This school is a website with advanced e-learning features that makes the process easier than ever. You are also recommended to join the competition inorder not to miss prospectives.


Top 10 Online Course Topic Ideas in Trending Niches


What Kind of Online Course Topic Ideas to Focus on

As there are various fields you may be mastered in; I will categorize the trending topic ideas according to different industries. Below you may find the most required and common industries in online coaching

1. Business   
2. Marketing   
3. Technology   
4. Career   
5. Self-development   
6. Home & Lifestyle   
7. Health & Wellness   
8. Art, Design, and Creativity   
9. Personal Finances   
10. Family and Relationship (Parenting)


Online Course Topic Ideas on Business


Online Course Topic Ideas on Business


These days everybody has at least a secret desire to found a business. People tend to start even a small shop to make their living or have additional income along with their regular job. 

You may become a business coach who guides them and helps them to start a business that is going to be successful. Now, let’s go on and get familiar with the top 10 online course ideas in the business industry.

1. How to Find a Good Business Idea   
2. Start your beauty shop (food, retail, flower, design, bakery, travel, etc.) business today   
3. Business Plan Development   
4. Project Management   
5. Founding a Company: Financial, legal, and Tax Issues   
6. Step-by-step Guide on Creating a Sales Funnel   
7. Growth Hacking Methods for Business   
8. Freelancing andConsulting   
9. Idea Validation: From Idea to Paying Customers   
10. Online Business Growth (i.e draw up a Shopify eBay multichannel selling)

Online course headings are also a very important point. Always remember, your attractive heading may become a popular topic among people. Introduce a description and the plan of the course. Potential learners need to know what they are going to learn in your course.


Online Course Ideas on Marketing


Online Course Ideas on Marketing


You may be an online marketing consultant or just a digital marketing specialist who is professional in the sphere and like to share knowledge, experience, and skills with those who need it. 

Digital marketing is a very popular industry for online courses as there is a great requirement for it. These days people like to learn different directions of digital marketing and help businesses grow or even prompt their own business. 

At least, they may find a freelance job and make income working with different companies.

1. Digital Marketing Guide (A to Z)   
2. Build a Personal Brand   
3. Social Media Presence   
4. Facebook Marketing & Ads    
5. Create Marketing Copies that Sell   
6. Copywriting Secrets   
7. Beginner to Advanced SEO Training   
8. Convert Traffic into Buying Customers   
9. Affiliate Marketing   
10. Monetize YouTube

As a person who is specialized in marketing, you know how required these courses are. And the greatest thing is that the industry is wide. You may share experience no matter you are experienced in working with the SMM channels, content creation, email marketing, branding, video marketing, etc.


Online Course Ideas on Technology


Online Course Ideas on Technology


Currently, when our lives depend on technologies, we always need technological help. As this is a fastly growing industry, you can share your skills. People need it and want to learn in order to be competitive in the future market.

1. Web Development: Beginners Guide   
2. Web Design   
3. Get Started with Photoshop (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, or any other tool)   
4. 3D Modeling and Printing   
5. Create a WordPress Website   
6. Programming for Children   
7. Get Started with JS (Python, PHP, etc., anything you are specialized in)   
8. Software Development: Beginners Guide   
9. It Help: Desk Professional   
10. QA: Become a Software Tester


Online Course Ideas on Career


Online Course Ideas on Career


People are different. Some of them prefer to start their own business; others like to work with a world-famous brand and become a valuable team member. 

People who belong to the second group are interested in finding the best subjects to learn in order to become a required specialist giant companies will pay for. In this regard, you may become a coach and guide them on their career.

1. Career Guide for Teenagers   
2. Required Specialist for the Future   
3. How to Get Your First Job as a Full-stack Developer (UI/UX Designer, or any other field)   
4. How to Work Effectively as a Freelancer   
5. Successful Job Interview Tips   
6. Create Your Professional Resume, Portfolio, Cover Letter   
7. Interesting Subject to Study: New Required Specialties   
8. Business Etiquette (Behavior at Workplace)   
9. Unconscious Mistakes that Damage Your Career   
10. Leadership: Essentials for Career Development


Online Course Ideas on Self-Development


Online Course Ideas on Self-Development


Today people are self-oriented. They use any opportunity to grow, develop their skills, become more talented, and make use of all their potential to achieve new heights of success. 

In this way, they will always need to learn new ways of growing and going forward. Self-development courses are meant to help people discover real goals and motivation to reach them. Such pieces of training tend to unlock growth.

1. Emotional Intelligence: Master Anxiety, Fear, and Emotions   
2. Reduce Stress and Work on Your Full Potential   
3. How to Focus on the Most Important Goals   
4. Increase Core Confidence and Self-Esteem in Record Time   
5. Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence   
6. Goals Achieved: Goal Setting Success Made Simple   
7. Complete Goal Achievement Course   
8. Productivity and Time Management   
9. Develop your Self-Awareness and Be More Successful   
10. Motivation Mastery: How to Get Motivated Fast


Online Course Ideas on Home & Lifestyle


These types of courses are very common for people who want to make life easier at the same time having fun. Lifestyle courses may cover wide aspects of life. 

This type of content help people find a favorite hobby, learn to do things in daily life, discover something new about themselves, and so on.

1. Work-Life Balance for Productivity and Personal Happiness   
2. Life Mastery - Happiness, Health, and Success   
3. Everything Small Home Design   
4. Cooking, Healthy Food, and Diet   
5. Gardening: Growing House Plants   
6. Find Your Style in Clothes   
7. Complete Makeup Course - Become a Makeup Artist   
8. Travel The World Cheaply: Solo Travel Mastery (family trips, hiking, discovering new, etc.)   
9. Take Care of Your Pets   
10. Herbalism: Growing Top Medicinal Plants

Some people think such courses are only for joy. But in some cases, learners come to the point that it is very interesting, for instance, to get certified and become a makeup artist or hairdresser. 

So, this is not something just fun. You may share skills, whatever it may be related to. Maybe you will become a world-famous master.


Online Course Ideas on Health & Wellness


Online Course Ideas on Health & Wellness


These days people are very interested in healthy food and lifestyle. Some prefer to become vegan others like any kind of tasty and healthy food. 

They go to various conferences, attend specific classes, and want to learn more about a healthy lifestyle. 

So, if you are specialized in this sphere and can help people to get knowledge and learn what kind of exercises to do for gaining weight or muscles, or losing weight, what kind of food to eat and similar matters, then you have all the right to record online courses. 

I’m sure there is a big requirement in the market, and your valuable knowledge will be appreciated by the people.

1. Fitness and Healthy Body    
2. Yoga Training Course for Beginners   
3. Become an Online Yoga Teacher: Training Certificate Course   
4. Gym Workouts & Bodybuilding   
5. Home Workout for Muscle Gain (weight gain, weight loss, etc.)   
6. Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate Deeply and Quickly   
7. Practical Mindfulness - Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation   
8. Different Types of Dance (hip-hop, Latino, ballet, etc.)   
9. Health Masterclass: How to Transform Your Health & Life   
10. Vegan Nutrition Health Coaching


Online Course Ideas on Art, Design, and Creativity


Online Course Ideas on Art, Design, and Creativity


Creativity is the most required feature in today’s world. 

This is also a very wide industry and may include various people from different directions, including web, graphic, UI, UX design; interior or exterior design; decoration, photography, drawing, illustration, filming, theatre, clay pottery, abstract arts, music, and so on. 

Having an online teaching platform, you may provide knowledge material and help people to get involved in creative learning. This is a very popular industry of learning online as people like similar activities for their leisure time or just as a hobby. 

But in some cases, this even becomes a full-time job for them.

1. UI and UX Design Essentials   
2. The Art and Science of Drawing: Basic Skills   
3. Complete Character Drawing Course   
4. Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography   
5. Pottery Techniques and Projects; Handmade   
6. Complete Guitar Lessons System - Beginner to Advanced   
7. Creating Abstract Face – Techniques in Abstract Art Painting   
8. Learn the Violin - Scales and Fundamentals   
9. Filming: Basics of Shooting Video Correctly   
10. Learn to Storyboard for Film or Animation


Online Course Ideas on Personal Finances


Online Course Ideas on Personal Finances


Everybody wants to become more prosperous, don’t they? 

We want to fulfill all our needs, wear new branding clothes, use the latest technological devices, visit cafes and restaurants, travel all over the world, and so on. 

However, everything depends on money and how you get that money. In order to become prosperous, we have three options: earn more, spend less, or both of them. Yet, there are specific ways to make this work. Some people do it better; others tend to learn.

1. Creating a Family Business Plan   
2. Learn to Manage Your Personal Investments   
3. How to Save Money (for instance, on Taxes)   
4. Personal Finance for Children   
5. Get Rid of Consumerism Behavior   
6. Earn Additional Income, Creating Online Courses   
7. Side Hustle for writers, designers, marketers, programmers, etc.   
8. How to Monetize Your Blog and Earn Additional Income   
9. Become an Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok (any other social media channel) blogger   
10. Make Use of Affiliate Marketing


Online Course Ideas on Family and Relationship (Parenting)


Online Course Ideas on Family and Relationship (Parenting)


In daily life, we are always connected to other people. And it is pleasant when we have a good relationship with these people no matter they are our parents, friends, siblings, co-workers, or children. 

As people always need a company, they should be aware of how to get well with those who really mean a lot to them. Another important aspect is parenting. Being a good parent is not so easy. 

There is a lot to know, teach, bear, care for, and go on. Generations come and go, yet, not everybody manages to a better person for surrounding people.

1. Building Healthy Relationships: Learn the Relationship Essentials   
2. Relationship Psychology: How to Analyse People You Date   
3. Preparing for Marriage - Create A Marriage That Last   
4. Effective Communication (family counseling, managing conflicts, etc.)   
5. Child and Educational Psychology   
6. Early Child Development and Education   
7. Parenting Skill (10 Positive Things to Say to Your Children)   
8. Introduction to Child Psychology: Child Development   
9. Self-Care: Find Time for Yourself   
10. Time Management for Moms, Dads, Parents, and Siblings

Start Your Online Course Today

It does not matter which of the above topics you have chosen - Business Plan Development, Child and Educational Psychology, or 3D Modeling and Printing. It does not even matter what you do now- you create kitchen masterpieces, educate the generation, you are a hairdresser or make-up artist, you can turn your skills and ideas into business.   

Thousands of video courses are sold every day in the world. You do not want to miss your chance, do you? Make the right investment at the right time to enjoy the results in the future. After all, do not forget, the 21st century belongs to online learning. The ideas are so diverse that it is impossible to even list them. All you have to do is trust in your strengths, never stop learning and teaching. The finest business ideas will instill a sense of urgency and drive in you, urging you to go on.  

Just a few tips to make the process go a lot smoother and give you more reliable results.  

- Don't be afraid to make mistakes at first.

- In the beginning, no one is professional in their work.

- Don't give priority to money (at least in the beginning).

- Don't stop learning and becoming more skilled in your field, often updating your knowledge.

- Don't be upset or disappointed by the small number of students.

- Any ideas, even ideas that seem impossible, can work in business.

- Trust yourself and time.


If you haven’t still created your own online teaching platform with Uteach, then you are one step back to your competitors who already make money with their courses. 

Uteach gives you a chance to create your personal website and start your educational business. It is very easy, you just need to register, fill in some information and create your site within minutes. 

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